Women and gay-friendly mosque to open. You can guess the reaction to that…

A mosque built in the interest of tolerance is being constructed in South Africa: Taj Hargey, director of the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford, a group of “forward thinking” Muslims, said his Open Mosque will welcome all genders, religions and sexual orientations when it opens in Wynberg, a Cape Town suburb, on Friday. “You enter [Read More...]

Hirsi Ali speaks at Yale despite protests from the Yale Humanists.

Controversy has swirled around an appearance by Ayaan Hirsi Ali which took place Monday night on the Yale campus.  Hirsi Ali is a vocal critic of Islam, so one can only expect there would be resistance from the Muslim Student Association at Yale: [The MSA] criticized Yale’s William F. Buckley Jr. Program for inviting her to [Read More...]

[UPDATED] One of four finalists to be FSU’s next president doesn’t believe in evolution or climate change.

One might think that having a president who, in his time as a state senator, has undermined what is taught in your colleges science classes might be a bit of a hindrance.  This would be like a vegetarian wanting to be president of Outback Steak House. But that’s exactly what John Thresher wants.  The man [Read More...]

Man attempts to murder his wife, tells police Islam grants him that right.

In Arizona a man by the name of Ansar Muhammad has attempted to kill his wife.  Ordinarily murder might conflict with a person’s morality, but Ansar’s conscience was assuaged with the knowledge that his religion said that killing his wife was ok. In Arizona, a 43-year-old man named Ansar Muhammad is facing an array of [Read More...]

Courts say Utah man doesn’t have to testify about possible child labor violations because Mormonism.

Under suspicion that an FLDS church (think Mormons who think god wasn’t joking about polygamy) in Utah was violating child labor laws the police sought testimony from a man named Vernon Steed.  Steed refused saying that the workings of the church were sacred matters and due to the Hobby Lobby decision he should be exempt [Read More...]

Candidate for Congress: government is outlawing Christianity.

Gordon Klingenschmitt is running for Congress in Colorado.  He recently heard of a wedding business in New York that was fined $13,000 for refusing gay customers.  At first glance this might seem like a standard protection against discrimination – saying businesses can’t refuse gay people seems hardly different from saying a business can’t segregate their [Read More...]

Picture from my home town (and maybe yours)?

This made me chuckle when I saw it, so I thought i’d pass it along. [Read more...]

Megachurch pastors in the poorest areas (the South) are the highest paid.

From the Department of Things That Aren’t Surprising: Despite tending some of the poorest flocks, pastors at large churches across the American South are among North America’s highest paid, a new survey shows. The study, conducted by a Dallas-based church think tank called Leadership Network, surveyed a total of 727 churches in North America with [Read More...]

Matt Dillahunty’s Atheist Debates – Argument from Design part 1: Order and Purpose.

This summer Matt Dillahunty founded the Atheist Debates Patreon project.  It was so successful that Matt is now making videos on debating apologists for a living, which is great for atheism.  Matt is, in my eyes, one of our most skilled debaters and perhaps the best communicator in the business. The first video produced for [Read More...]

Pastor behind bars for noisy services.

I know, I know…you read that title and think “What???  Shouldn’t they have given him a warning first?”  Well, the police did.  They warned him and fined him for two years. Columbia Police officers have been called to the church more than 50 times for noise complaints. Neighbors said the noise coming from the musical [Read More...]