Congresswoman Janice Hahn storms out of National Day of Prayer breakfast in protest.

Hemant has some great statements from various political leaders in support of National Day of Reason, but one person on Capitol Hill took it a step further when James Dobson decided to monopolize the prayer breakfast for his particular religion.  I know, who could’ve seen that one coming? “Before [Obama] was elected, he made it [Read More...]

Don’t worry tornado victims, Billy Graham Ministries is deploying people to pray for you.

I saw this press release today and it made me gag. CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 29, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ – Crisis-trained chaplains with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team are in Louisville, Miss., and Baxter Springs, Kan., as part of the organization’s response to the deadly and destructive series of tornadoes that cut through a large portion of [Read More...]

Brunei becomes the first east Asian country to adopt Sharia law on a national level.

How?  How???  In an age of unprecedented knowledge, in a world where our science has produced unimaginable insights, how can times of such complete and utter ignorance be clawing their way out of the grave to join us? What do I mean?  Well, it turns out Sharia law isn’t just for the Middle East anymore: [Read More...]

Saudi Arabia calls out Norway for their human rights record. Norway says “wtf?”

Saudi Arabia excels at a few things, two of which are having shitloads of oil and sucking massively at human rights.  This is a place where the worship of other gods is punishable with physical violence and death, a place where women are not allowed to walk around without a man with them (or drive), [Read More...]

Day of Prayer vs. Day of Reason.

Today has been the National Day of Prayer since 1952: The first Thursday in May is a peculiar day for many Americans as it’s a day set aside for government to intrude in their private religious practices. On May 1, the National Day of Prayer, government officials from city council to president ask citizens to [Read More...]

Levy County Florida has 10 commandments on courthouse lawn, continues to reject atheist bench.

Fucking Florida. In Levy County they’ve put a 10 commandments monument on the courthouse lawn.  So local atheists applied to have an atheist bench added to the courthouse lawn.  For the second time that application has been denied: The county commission has denied the request for the second time citing various parts of the application [Read More...]

Church hires a convicted scam artist and is surprised when he defrauds the church.

Barry Minkow is a scam artist who had twice been convicted of fraud before he was made the pastor of the San Diego Community Bible Church.  He has just been convicted of scamming $3,000,000 from the church: Convicted con man Barry Minkow received the maximum sentence Monday for defrauding a San Diego-area church in what the judge [Read More...]

Public school paints over bible verse on its walls after FFRF sent them a letter.

In a legal victory for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a public school in West Virginia has decided to paint over a bible verse on their gymnasium’s wall rather than face a lawsuit: “We asked them to take it down,” Pat Law, the superintendent of the Wood County School District, told reporters. “We have to [Read More...]

Article in Christianity Today: The Real Problem with Female Masturbation.

Ed Brayton blogged about this article that must be seen to be believed.  It starts out: It’s refreshing to finally hear women talking about female masturbation. Given the social stigma around the topic, it can be difficult just to bring it up. Yes, where could that stigma possibly come from?  Maybe…religious taboos?  Most atheists I [Read More...]

Group of clergy sue North Carolina for religious freedom…to marry gay couples!

Well this is unexpected (and kind of awesome): In a twist on the conservative argument over the separation of church and state, a group of clergymen filed suit in North Carolina today challenging state laws that make it illegal for them to perform wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples within their congregations. The clergymen, representing the [Read More...]