KY church hires sex offender because “Jesus forgave him.” Shocked when he rapes 14 year-old boy in congregation.

So…a church in Kentucky received an application for a pastor, Roy Neal Yoakem, knowing full well that he was a registered sex offender for violently raping an eight year-old boy in 2005.  If they hired him, it would put him in a position of trust around lots of children.  This apparently seemed like a swell [Read More...]

Poll: lots of Americans love Jesus, but consciously think Jesus would disagree with them politically.

Well this is interesting, though not surprising: For many Americans the answer to WWJTD is “The opposite of what I’d do, but he was still pretty rad.” This is what kills me about religion: most people know better about morality than their holy books, but still treat their holy books as the sources of superhuman [Read More...]

Matt Barber twitter two-fer part 2: Scientists prove atheists don’t exist.

Talking snakes?  Guy walking on water?  Guy rising from the dead?  All sounds legit. People who aren’t convinced of those things?  Scientifically impossible. *touches self*  I feel like I exist… Even if this were true (we’ll get to that in a minute), somebody should remind Matt that science also says the earth is way more [Read More...]

Matt Barber twitter two-fer part 1: Public School Pornogogues.

Oh man, my special twitter list is paying some pretty hefty blog dividends.  Got two from Matt “they’re outlawing Christianity” Barber. First up is this gem: Flee from Public School Pornogogues Pronto: Public school pornogogues?  I feel like if that were the case that kids wouldn’t be so pouty about going to school in the [Read More...]

Pope: “1 in 50 priests/bishops/cardinals is a pedophile.”

So Pope Fluffy has put a number on the number of pedophiles in the high ranks of the Catholic Church: it’s about 1 in 50 according to ol’ Frankie.  And, given the Catholic Church’s past practice of PR above all else (which has been kicked into overdrive with the new pope), I’m sure there’s no [Read More...]

This week’s edition of “Be careful what you wish for,” brought to you by the FFRF.

When I read the first sentence of this release I was ready to be all sad: Judge Kendall Sharp of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida has dismissed FFRF’s free speech case against the Orange County School District… God dammit!  Why? …because the district has agreed to let FFRF distribute all [Read More...]

Author of “Freedom From Homosexuality” arrested for A) Winning at life? B) Molesting a teenage boy?

Is the Ted Haggard Award a thing?  I feel like it should be a thing, and I feel like Pastor Duane Youngblood, author of the book Freedom From Homosexuality: No Longer Living the Lie should be its most recent recipient. A Pittsburgh pastor has been accused of sexuality assaulting a teeneger. Duane Youngblood with the [Read More...]

Arizona public charter school using books that say slavery was beneficial to African-Americans.

There is apparently a public school in Arizona giving its history students propaganda rather than textbooks: The nonprofit Americans United for Separation of Church and State is calling out one of the oldest public charter schools in Arizona for using two books from crank and Glenn Beck favorite Cleon Skousen that promote racism and a [Read More...]

Matt Barber: “the left moves to outlaw Christianity.”

Thanks again, special twitter list, for this: Holy shit!  We’re outlawing Christianity?  Like, if you believe in Jesus you’d be arrested, fined, and/or thrown in jail?  That’s horrible!  Horrible…and unlikely in a nation run by Christians in which the majority are Christian.  What, did a bunch of Christians just up and say “You know who [Read More...]

County Commissionar in Maryland defies judge, plays martyr at the thought of going to jail.

Back in April both Hemant and I wrote pieces about Carroll County (Maryland) Commissioner Robin Bartlett Frazier.  Frazier opened city meetings with sectarian prayers to Jesus.  Some members of the community felt it was inappropriate (including a local Catholic) and the American Humanist Association filed a lawsuit on their behalf, which they won.  Frazier twice [Read More...]