How not to talk to your father.

My father posted this on facebook and I thought it was perfect.  May incorporate into future debates. God’s not winning father-of-the-year anytime soon until his children stop being so insecure.  If that is how your children speak to you, you have failed as a parent. The original artist can be found here.  :) [Read more...]

Worst translators ever.

The other day I made a facebook status which read: I dislike hearing religious people arguing over gay rights by debating what god really said about gay people, as if we should deny gay people rights if the bible really said we should. No, if the bible really says gay people are worthy of death [Read More...]

Why people selling me on how wonderful god’s forgiveness is make me want to be Christian even less.

One of the selling points of evangelizing Christians is how wonderful it is to be forgiven.  After all, they’re not better than anybody else, just forgiven (where “forgiven” is a euphemism for “better than you”).  Frankly, this line makes me loathe them a little more.  If, in a moment of poor judgment, I commit an [Read More...]

County official denies atheist couple the right to marry because they are atheists.

There are two reasons to be hyper pissed off about this story.  The first is at Bud Roth, the Franklin County official who refuses to marry anybody who doesn’t share his religious beliefs. The first official they called, Bud Roth, said he would not perform the ceremony at the courthouse, although he didn’t specify why, [Read More...]

My dad is in an online debate with Arkansas state sen. Jason Rapert right now…and making him look like a fool.

Ok, quick back story before we get to the good stuff. (If you already know about Jason Rapert and his opposition to marriage equality, or if you just want to read about my dad intellectually beating his ass to his face, you can skip down to the cut point…you’ll see it) Last month a judge [Read More...]

PA House passes bill that would allow for “In God We Trust” on public schools.

Ok, this sucks.  This bill has passed: The House on Monday passed a bill expressly allowing – but not requiring – school districts in Pennsylvania to post the words “In God We Trust” on school buildings. The bill, approved by a 172-24 vote, now goes to the state Senate for consideration. Erik Arneson, a spokesman [Read More...]

Christian youth group quotes Adolph Hitler on billboard.

Thanks to Hemant for posting this. Life Savers Ministries recently put up a billboard in Auburn: Take a moment to let the irony of a group calling themselves “life savers” quoting one of the greatest mass murderers in history sink in. But maybe they were just saying that bad people are out there looking to [Read More...]

Matt Dillahunty hands Sye Ten Bruggencate the beating for which he begged.

Ordinarily I don’t enjoy watching a professional in anything stomp the shit out of somebody of significantly lesser talent who only got a shot at the title because they made enough noise.  But because Sye Ten Bruggencate is such a loathsome person, I really enjoyed watching Matt Dillahunty slap him around: From his first argument [Read More...]

Anti-gay baker ordered by judge to serve gay customers and report for anti-discrimination training.

Had to post this before hitting the road.  Consider it a kind of morning happiness.  In Colorado, at least, they’re not giving people exemptions to discrimination laws because Jesus makes them moral enough.  Jack Philips is a baker who refused to serve a gay couple getting married (in Massachusetts, the reception was in CO).  They [Read More...]

SC pastor blackmails foreign students at Cathedral Bible College into slavery-like conditions.

There’s quite a bit of research showing that people are more likely to trust a Christian in the United States.  Many odious people, many of them Christian, have figured out they can capitalize on this: The president of a South Carolina Bible college was charged last week with essentially treating foreign students as slaves by [Read More...]