Liberal Oregon allows students to skip school to go to church.

I saw this over on Hemant’s blog and I couldn’t believe it.  There is a law in Oregon that allows students, with parental permission, to skip out during school hours up to two hours each week (five hours for high school students) to receive “instruction in religion.” To Banks Elementary School “instruction” is taken to [Read More...]

Rust Cohle on McConaughey’s Oscar speech.

You’ve probably heard about Matthew McConaughey’s Oscar speech by now.  I finally watched it to see what all the chatter was about.  Seems McConaughey’s biggest sin was just displaying normal Christian arrogance – he thanks god for providing him with opportunities, implying how great god is, when that same god apparently created the opportunity for [Read More...]

Video of the Brummit vs. Eberhard debate.

Here’s a video of the debate.  If you guys want, I’ll go through and rebut all of Brummit’s stuff in the Q&A. You know, I thought this debate went pretty well for me.  Any time your opponent is in his second rebuttal round saying he’s going to get around to providing evidence for his position [Read More...]

New legislation in Iraq would allow for marrying nine year-old girls.

I have posted before of Islamic societies that allow for the marriage of nine year-old girls in emulation of Muhammad.  There is always someone, who doesn’t keep up to date with what several Islamic governments are doing, who accuses me of picking out a few bad apples – that on the large scale Muslims would [Read More...]

Dad on “Not perfect, just forgiven.”

Father had someone drop the “We’re not perfect, just forgiven” trope on him the other day.  Father was apparently not in the mood. “We’re not perfect, just forgiven.” How often we hear this. We usually hear it from Christians who have been caught doing something despicable. Usually said with smug superiority, it is a cheap [Read More...]

Pastor: women should not wear underwear so they can receive the spirit of Christ.

Look, it’s not Rev. Njohi being a pervert and coercing women into not wearing undies, he’s just trying to make sure they receive the spirit of Christ…which is somehow hampered by underwear.  The good lord can bypass blue jeans just fine, but when it comes to thin fabric that can’t even manage to completely stop [Read More...]

Texas lawmakers fall victim to Noah’s ark Ponzi scheme.

All con men are searching for people who are more gullible than most.  With Christians eager to believe and already sold on a tale of a man rising from the dead and willing to toss their money at someone promising them eternal life only after they die…well, it’s a bit like being a mosquito in [Read More...]

Church sign warns black women that a white homo may steal their man.

A church in Harlem has put up a sign that combines the paranoia of fundamentalist Christianity and Republican politics into a singularity of irrational fear: Yes, because the President saying he’s changed his mind on gay marriage totally changes the amount of gay people in the world and what they do in their spare time. [Read More...]

Catholic school withdraws from a St. Patrick’s Day Parade and complains about how put upon they are.

A Catholic school is making a big stink about how oppressed they are because they elected to not participate in South Boston’s Saint Patty’s Day Parade…because gay people who fought for their rights were being allowed to march as well: A Catholic school has announced they will not be in the South Boston Saint Patrick’s Day [Read More...]

The worth of knowing the bible.

Saw this bumper sticker this morning: I’ll wager that even the owner of this truck doesn’t put “thorough knowledge of the BIBLE” on job applications.  Perhaps they should try turning in identical applications to a job, the only difference being that on one in the place where they put their academic achievements on the other [Read More...]