Fix the family: six ways to say a woman needs to be at home making babies.

Here is an article from Fix the Family, a Catholic organization, on the six reasons you shouldn’t send your daughter to college.  It’s long and must really be read to be believed.  My favorite comment on the article was this one, which pretty much sums up the whole piece: So, please, what is an 18yo [Read More...]

If religion made people more moral, there would be no child-beating sects of this kind.

A Christian sect in Bavaria (with branches in other countries) where members consistently beat their children has been infiltrated and raided by police, with 40 kids being taken away for their own safety. The little blond-haired boy is about four years old. He simpers as a middle aged woman drags him downstairs into a dimly-lit [Read More...]

Discovery Institute isn’t happy that Ball State won’t be teaching creationism.

One of the teachers at Ball State, a public university, was about to teach a course with creationist overtones (if not overt creationism).  The FFRF caught wind of this and stepped in, and eventually Ball State’s president said that no such course would be offered because creationism is religious and has been deemed so by [Read More...]

Sudanese woman faces flogging for not wearing a hijab.

A woman in Sudan, Amira Osman Hamed, is about to go on trial for the crime of not wearing a hijab.  Should she be convicted she will likely be flogged, literally beaten, for not putting a piece of cloth on her head at the arbitrarily appointed times – as if the crime of beating someone [Read More...]

Creationists on Texas board of education shoot themselves in the foot.

It used to be that creationists were sneaky.  They knew teaching creationism was against the law, so they tried to dress it up as science, or as teaching the “strengths and weaknesses” of evolution.  It wasn’t exactly crafty, and it certainly wasn’t honest. And the reason they weren’t honest is because playing fairly would result [Read More...]

Björn Ulvaeus credits godlessness for why Swedish musicians are more creative.

Nobody can really question Björn Ulvaeus’ skill as a songwriter.  In that capacity he has always pushed the envelope of what is meta for songwriters at the time (no more so, I think, than with the musical Chess, which he co-composed with fellow ABBA veteran Benny Anderson).  In speaking about why Swedish composers tend to [Read More...]

Religiosity continues to decline in Britain.

It’s declining in the United States too…just not as swiftly as across the pond. The number of Britons who are religious has declined significantly in the last 30 years and the number of adherents to the established Church of England has halved, a survey revealed on Tuesday. Just 52 percent of people said they belong [Read More...]

No thanks, Dana Perino, atheists will stay right here in America and protect it from you.

This story about Dana Perino at Fox News saying that if people don’t like the presence of exclusionary language in the pledge of allegiance for a nation that presumably values equality, that they can go live in another country. “I’m tired of them,” Perino complained on Wedneday. “I remember working at the Justice Department years [Read More...]

Pastor caught having sex with young boys claims he was curing them of homosexuality.

A former Iowa youth pastor has been indicted on four counts of sexual exploitation of minors.  But it’s ok, because by having gay sex with underage boys he was helping them to achieve sexual and moral purity.  This is a bit like breaking into someone’s house to protect them from intruders. Brent Girouex was arrested [Read More...]

Bachmann: this time, for sure, will be the one where god comes through.

In an interview with Jan Markell about the 2016 elections and the increasingly likelihood that Hillary Clinton will be elected president, Bachmann brought out the GOP’s secret weapon: god. Bachmann pushed back on Markell’s fera that Hillary Clinton will be elected president: “I don’t at all because I look at the story of David and [Read More...]