Grandfather stands up for his gay grandson.

I came across a story today that left me a little perplexed on how to feel.  The story starts with a familiar tragedy: a son tells his mother he’s gay and the mother boots him out of the house.  The twist comes when the boy’s grandfather penned a letter to the mother disowning her for [Read More...]

Garfunkel and Oates: the Loophole.

When I came on board at Patheos I agreed to one small bit of control over my writing: no swear words in the title.  This is because the title of my post could show up in the reader of someone who subscribes to all of Patheos and some of them may not care for the [Read More...]

Saudi government can’t have women driving cars.

Saudi officials have blocked access to a particular web site that threatens the very fabric of society. Saudi authorities have blocked access within the country to the, which supports Saudi women’s right to drive, in a move considered by the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) to be a continuation of a repressive [Read More...]

Racism alive and well (and affecting education) in Alabama.

In Daphne, AL the local high school had its French teacher retire.  Fortunately for them they had a teacher who used to be a University professor in Arabic, so they decided to offer a course in the language. Little did they know that by teaching their kids a particular foreign language that the administration of [Read More...]

People drafting the Arab blasphemy law think prohibitions are not prohibitions.

It’s so hard sometimes to tell if someone is stupid and lying or if they’re just plain stupid. So member states of the Arab League are drafting a blasphemy law.  Here is how one official described the law: “The main feature of the draft is that it gives every state the right to put on [Read More...]

Iran passes a bill allowing men to marry their adopted daughters.

…so long as they’ve reached the ripe marrying age of 13 years-old. Lawmakers in Iran have passed a bill allowing a man to marry his adopted daughter while she is as young as 13. Human rights activists and others are outraged, claiming the law “legalizes pedophilia.” The Guardian reports Parliamentarians in Iran passed a bill [Read More...]

Craig James fired for being an anti-gay bigot, not for being a Christian.

Former ESPN commentator Craig James was fired after one week with FOX Sports.  He claims it was because he is religious: “I was shocked that my personal religious beliefs were not only the reason for Fox Sports firing me but I was completely floored when I read stories quoting Fox Sports representatives essentially saying that [Read More...]

Christians accuse god of caring less about others.

The initial title for this piece was “Christians say god saves them from gunman”, but I changed it for purposes of accuracy.  A guy went to rob a McDonalds and his gun malfunctioned.  And because guns never malfunction (which makes a person wonder why our soldiers, who are presumably in possession of high-quality firearms, receive [Read More...]

Who said low-hanging fruit can’t be delicious?

“Coach” Dave Daubenmire is a hoot.  Don’t remember him?  He’s the guy who is sick of “being sodomized by the left”.  He’s got a new video out in which he talks about the Westboro Baptist Church asking who we are to judge them.  After all, god might really have told them to do the horrible [Read More...]

No jail time for pastor who raped young boys to cure them of homosexuality.

Earlier this month I wrote about Brent Girouex.  Girouex is a pastor who would rape boys in his congregation, as he tells it, to purge them of sexual impurity.  This sounds like binge eating to lose weight to me… Turns out he won’t be serving a day of jail time unless he breaks probation: Girouex [Read More...]