Religiosity continues to decline in Britain.

It’s declining in the United States too…just not as swiftly as across the pond. The number of Britons who are religious has declined significantly in the last 30 years and the number of adherents to the established Church of England has halved, a survey revealed on Tuesday. Just 52 percent of people said they belong [Read More...]

No thanks, Dana Perino, atheists will stay right here in America and protect it from you.

This story about Dana Perino at Fox News saying that if people don’t like the presence of exclusionary language in the pledge of allegiance for a nation that presumably values equality, that they can go live in another country. “I’m tired of them,” Perino complained on Wedneday. “I remember working at the Justice Department years [Read More...]

Pastor caught having sex with young boys claims he was curing them of homosexuality.

A former Iowa youth pastor has been indicted on four counts of sexual exploitation of minors.  But it’s ok, because by having gay sex with underage boys he was helping them to achieve sexual and moral purity.  This is a bit like breaking into someone’s house to protect them from intruders. Brent Girouex was arrested [Read More...]

Bachmann: this time, for sure, will be the one where god comes through.

In an interview with Jan Markell about the 2016 elections and the increasingly likelihood that Hillary Clinton will be elected president, Bachmann brought out the GOP’s secret weapon: god. Bachmann pushed back on Markell’s fera that Hillary Clinton will be elected president: “I don’t at all because I look at the story of David and [Read More...]

A child has her childhood ripped from her and dies as a result of forced marriage.

Warning: Do not read this article if you have a weak stomach or have great trouble reading about sexual injuries or rape. In Yemen the marriage of child brides, in emulation of Muhammad’s marriage to Aisha, is pretty commonplace (as it is in several societies dominated by fundamentalist Islam). Activists in the region want to [Read More...]

Bryan Fischer: white Christians are the last group against which you can safely discriminate.

Bryan Fischer, of the American (anti) Family Association, on how white Christians are the victims of discrimination: Really?  When was the last time a Christian was barred from marrying the person they love (unless that Christian loves somebody of the same gender)?  What restaurants are white Christians forbidden from entering? Fischer didn’t give any examples [Read More...]

No, humans were not created to be Christian.

The Christians who email me unwittingly make me very, very cynical.  It’s lots of articles that are heavy on base assertions but exceedingly light on evidence usually accompanied by assurance that this argument, after thousands of years of crap arguments, is the one that rock solidly defends Christianity (ironically, these people were all Christians before [Read More...]

Six year-old ordered to marry her rapist’s son.

I thought that sitting here in my Teemo hat reading the news that nothing could bring me down (because this hat is god damned amazing).  Sadly, I was wrong. The way religion preserves moral conclusions that make absolutely no sense in terms of compassion…it’s what makes religion so terrible.  In this case a man raped [Read More...]

Elections in Maldives postponed in response to the most insidious of vote-rigging plots.

Ever participated in an election while wondering if you were being controlled by black magic to vote a certain way?  Well, authorities and election officials in Maldives are onto that shit. A vote-rigging row has erupted in the Maldives ahead of Saturday’s presidential election amid suspicions that one party is using cursed coconuts imbued with [Read More...]

Documentary alleges that Pat Robertson made millions on a phantom charity.

A new documentary has been released which digs into Pat Robertson’s charity mission to the Congo: Operation Blessing.  While the operation allowed Robertson to raise millions of dollars, those who worked with it claim it hardly existed.  Here is an excerpt from an article about it all.  There’s so much more, so I encourage you [Read More...]