Scalia and Texas Supreme Court Justice make scary quotes about religion and government.

I wonder when Kayla Moore will be asking a couple of Justices to recuse themselves from any decisions involving religious liberty.  The first is Texas Supreme Court Justice John Devine, who thinks the church has gone to sleep and let progressives into positions of power, which is not what the Founding Fathers would’ve wanted: “How do [Read More...]

Joel Osteen: sometimes you just have to turn off your mind.

Saw this tweet by Joel Osteen last night and couldn’t help but share. It really captures the reason religion is such a horrible thing: the idea that you should stop thinking, and that it’s a good thing if you do.  If a real god exists who loves/respects you, the last way he’d want to reach [Read More...]

5th Circuit issues ruling that will close all but eight abortion clinics in Texas.

The law in question would “require all abortions to take place in ambulatory surgical centers, or expensive mini-hospitals that cost over $1 million to construct.”  Because conservative lawmakers in Texas just want abortions to be safe.  Next they’ll pass a law requiring all gun ranges/gun stores to have admitting privileges to a hospital on the [Read More...]

Anti-gay baker breaks the law, cries persecution when there are consequences.

The Value Voters Summit was last weekend.  I love how the name of the event implies that people who aren’t sniffing god’s prostate on a daily basis don’t have values. One of the speakers was Melissa Klein, the baker from Oregon who refused to sell a wedding cake to a lesbian couple.  It turns out [Read More...]

LaBarbera thinks he’s like a Jew in Nazi Germany and LGBT rights advocates are the Nazis.

What is it with wingers this week comparing themselves to a group that was the victim of genocide?  Seriously, it’s everywhere.  Today’s oh-so-persecuted Christian is Peter LaBarbera: While discussing the Human Rights Campaign’s “Export of Hate” report and what he claims are Right Wing Watch’s misrepresentations of his remarks, LaBarbera said of gay rights supporters: [Read More...]

Official storms out of pagan invocation. The price of dishonesty.

Ed Brayton reported recently on a County Commissioner who stormed out of an invocation delivered by a local pagain: A Florida pagan, who has been thwarted in his attempts to deliver the invocation before the Escambia County School Board, was given the opportunity to appear before the Escambia County Board of County Commissioners only to [Read More...]

On his first day new state senator in Texas compares Christians to Jews in Nazi Germany.

After state Sen. Robert Duncan (R) left office to become the chancellor at Texas Tech a special election was held for his replacement.  The winner of that election was Charles Perry who, by all accounts, is order of magnitude more theocratic and inane than the other Perry in Texas politics. Need proof?  In his first [Read More...]

Neal Larson can’t find real examples of discrimination in order to gripe about militant atheists.

I’m not sure what it is, but whether it’s Joshua Feuerstein or whoever else, I generally get inundated with articles and videos when they’re particularly crappier than the average.  Why do articles with extremely bad arguments go viral among the faithful? Anyway, the one I’m getting a lot right now is by Neal Larson titled [Read More...]

CBS rejects FFRF ad on separation of church and state.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation created an ad this year featuring Ron Reagan, son of the former President.  In the ad Ron calls for the separation of church and state and for people to support the FFRF.  The ad has run on youtube and Comedy Central. Recently the FFRF approached CBS about airing the ad. [Read More...]

Founder of Domino’s Pizza has created a town in Florida without democracy.

I knew that Tom Monaghan, the founder of Domino’s Pizza, was a bit a religious loon, but I had no idea to the extent.  This man built an entire town just so he could, among other things, deny birth control of any sort within its borders: One aspect the Town of Ave Maria, Florida and [Read More...]