Iowa government giving financial assistance to the construction of a Christian park.

A Christian group in Iowa is constructing a Christian park and walkway on land they own.  It’s going to look about how you’d expect from a group whose sole purpose is to promote their religion: In response to the “rise of secular influence in our culture,” the park brochure states, Shepherd’s Garden seeks to create “a permanent Christian [Read More...]

Sandy Rios: Michael Sam’s kiss could brainwash kids.

It takes a tremendous lack of self-awareness for somebody who’s a huge fan of childhood indoctrination to complain about kids being brainwashed.  But that’s exactly what Sandy Rios did the other day: Sandy Rios of the American Family Association once again brought up Michael Sam’s kiss on her anti-gay radio show this week in order to warn [Read More...]

Pastor Becky Riggle: businesses have the right to refuse Jews for religious reasons.

Here’s a Houston preacher trying to convince the city council to enact a turn away the gays bill: Good on the councilwoman for calling her on her bullshit.  The look on her face at the end conveyed what she was thinking, which makes me wish she had vocalized what she was thinking. We don’t need [Read More...]

Malaysian Prime Minister: Islam being threatened by “human rightism, humanism, and secularism.”

Islamic countries making my job easy, if not wholly depressing, today. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Islam and its followers are now being tested by new threats under the guise of humanism, secularism, liberalism and human rights. He said this mindset appeared to be becoming a new form of religion which was [Read More...]

Iraq considers law that would allow men to marry girls as young as nine years-old.

Speaking of the influence of Islam on lawmaking… Most controversially, the law, proposed by former Justice Minister Hassan al-Shammari and passed by the Cabinet, would consider girls adults and thus ready for marriage at 9 years old. “We know that the state of women in Iraq is getting worse, despite the intellectual openness that women [Read More...]

Pregnant Sudanese woman to be given 100 lashes and THEN be hanged…for not being a Muslim.

Tell me again how Muslims who support the death penalty for apostates are a scant few.  How come we keep seeing stuff like this on the societal level in largely Islamic countries? An eight-month pregnant Sudanese woman was sentenced to death on Thursday, after she was convicted of “apostasy” for marrying a Christian man, according [Read More...]

This cartoon of Richard Dawkins sets the record for “most stupid in an image.”

I saw this on reddit the other day and it almost made me weep that people can be so fucking stupid. How do you cram so many shit arguments into 508×657 pixels?  It would be impressive if not in the service of rank ignorance. Ok, away we go.  We’ll start with what the kid is [Read More...]

My brother has a different approach to internet debate than my father.

With marriage equality coming to my home state of Arkansas newspapers across the state are being inundated with articles and columns about the subject.  My hometown paper ran an article about where in the state same sex couples could still tie the knot since stays started getting issued.  Of course a true god warrior, Vicki [Read More...]

Learn to debate: the power of tie-downs and how they could be used to make a corrupt mayor squirm.

One of my favorite tools in debates is the tie-down.  Here’s the deal: most of the objections you get in debates (especially about god’s existence, etc.) aren’t legit objections, they’re just rationalizations.  For instance, in my debate with Aaron Brummitt (which was over the question “Does God Exist?”) he railed against evolution non-stop.  Now, do [Read More...]

Ohio teacher at Catholic school refuses to sign contract that requires her to condemn her gay son.

This woman has more compassion than the men at the highest ranks of her church.  I wish she would renounce the Catholic Church, its policies, and their leaders.  Even if she still believes in god, she’s better than the Catholic Church by an incalculable degree. The controversial contract, introduced for all teachers by the Archdiocese [Read More...]