Mom goes to town on anti-atheist article shared by the Freedom From Atheism “Foundation”.

The Freedom from Atheism Foundation is a “foundation” in the sense that One Million Moms is actually a group of one million moms.  They’re a facebook group with a bunch of ranty right-wingers…not so much a foundation.  Anyway, they just posted an article by Wisconsin state rep Joel Kleefisch who doesn’t like the FFRF.  One [Read More...]

Oklahoma politician says cities should be able to decide whether or not to kill gay people.

Last post for the day, gang.  Michaelyn heading back home has put me in a crappy mood that only video games can solve. Scott Esk is running for Congress in Oklahoma and believes that cities should be able to decide on an individual basis if they want to stone people to death for being gay. [Read More...]

In Maldives Islamic group abducts atheist activists and forces them to convert under threat of death.

The first amendment…you are a beautiful thing.  Otherwise shit like this can happen: Maldives: Muslims kidnap atheists, force them to accept Islam.  They also forced them to turn over their passwords to their online group calling for tolerance, and filled the page with warnings about their “blasphemy.” The  Qur’an says that “there is no compulsion [Read More...]

Part of the SS soldier’s oath in Nazi Germany was to say “atheists are not one of us.”

A friend alerted me to an excerpt from a book written by Heinrich Himmler in 1937 that described the oath SS soldiers were made to take in Nazi Germany.  Heinrich Himmler, of course, was notorious as the SS’s Reichsführer, which was the SS’s highest rank.  The book was Heinrich Himmler: Die Schutzstaffel (SS) als antibolschewistische Kampforganisation, [Read More...]

Watch Mat Staver squirm while testifying in defense of turn-away-the-gays legislation.

Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel found himself before Congress today trying to convince members of the House that discrimination is ok if you do it for religious reasons. Testifying before a House committee today about supposed threats to religious freedom in the U.S., Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver struggled to defend his support for allowing [Read More...]

Prayer doesn’t work, at least for sick babies.

It seems to be kind of a slow news day, so I might post some more funny stuff.  I’m ok with this, honestly.  Michaelyn just left for ten days to do her bachelorette party and visit her mom to do more wedding prep, so I’m a sad panda and might just take it easy today. [Read More...]

New bible course in Oklahoma public school presents Adam and Eve as historical characters.

Who said that religion, specifically Christianity, has a tendency to make people more ignorant than they otherwise would be and keep them ignorant?  Oh, right, it was me, because it does.  The President of Hobby Lobby decided to design an elective course that high schools could theoretically pick up (theoretically, until they were sued back [Read More...]

Archbishop didn’t know it was a crime to rape children.

Sometimes I read something so egregious that no comment needs to really be made.  This is one of those times.  If you want some irony, I mean if you are the type of irony junkie who’s looking for the closest syringe so you can overdose on pure, uncut irony, here it is: Archbishop Robert J. [Read More...]

Joshua Feuerstein (or whatever apologetics website he last read) “destroys” evolution in 3 minutes.

Everybody and their grandma is sending me this clip of some random guy in a facebook video who claims to destroy almost the entire field of biology in three minutes.  No studies, no experiments, no peer review, no degree (undergrad or otherwise) in biology, just chillin’ in the back of a car taking a selfie. [Read More...]

Website of aspiring cheaters reports that Christians are far and away the most likely to be unfaithful.

Ashley Madison is a sort-of dating website.  It’s a site where people go to find someone with whom to cheat on their spouses (the site’s tag line is “Life is short.  Have an affair.”).  It’s like going to a bar looking to cheat but without wasting the money on gas or sexy outfits.  Score!  (Solution: [Read More...]