Nigerian teen caged for 30 months by her parents…because she’s a witch.

At least they didn’t burn her. The grubby dungeon, located in front of her family apartment, was built with carton board and roofing sheets ostensibly to ward off the elements and gave it the semblance of a dwelling place. The less than four feet high structure could be mistaken for cage for dog. Sadly, this [Read More...]

How can Christians support insanity plea in case of woman murdering her children?

In reading more about the woman who recently killed her children to exorcise demons from them, I came across this little bit and it made me wonder: Avery was part of a dance troupe at a nearby Christian church where “her job was, as a lover of Christ, was that she was going to keep [Read More...]

The bible vs. Wikipedia.

This image made me smile.  People who write things in the 21st century are more enlightened about morality and science than writers from a particularly ignorant part of the world 2,000 years ago.  Who knew?  And if you insist that god inspired the contents of the bible, you’re just painting your all-knowing, all-wise god as [Read More...]

Pastor gets 25 years for molesting teens (and younger) on a mission trip.

So this happened: Larry Michael Bollinger, 68, of Gastonia, has been in federal custody since his arrest in May 2012. He pleaded guilty in January 2013 to molesting four Haitian girls between the ages of 11 and 16. One of the victims said Bollinger offered to pay her in food and money in exchange for [Read More...]

Repairs underway after lightning damages Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer statue.

We’ve all seen pictures of the Jesus wants a hug statue in Brazil. It turns out that recently god has been trying to send a message regarding the statue. The right thumb of the statue was damaged during a violent storm last week, and its right middle finger and part of its head were hit [Read More...]

Church found liable after recommending employee it had fired for indecent behavior with kids to a daycare.

I know, I know…god’s justice is so much greater than man’s – but when you fire someone a couple of times for inappropriate behavior with children at a church, it might be time to stop placing him around kids (and even call the terrestrial authorities).  What you definitely don’t do is recommend them to a [Read More...]

Courthouse where County Judge told atheists “no banners” now sporting a banner.

Remember when a group of atheists wanted to put a Happy Winter Solstice banner beside the nativity scene on the Baxter County courthouse lawn and were denied?  Then, when pressed, County Judge Mickey Pendergrass said that atheists could have their own display if they went through the proper legal channels (which they had done) but [Read More...]

Rick Saccone says atheists support his “In God We Trust” bill. Turns out that’s not true.

Hemant already covered this better than I could.  I’ll just try to contribute all the bluntness and snark that Hemant left out. So Rep. Rick Saccone has introduced a bill that would put the words “In God We Trust” on every public school in the state.  This is apparently more important than introducing bills that [Read More...]

God doesn’t get out much…

Saw this image and it made me smile. Now, any sensible person might see this and think “Hrm, this makes sense: those holy books were written by people inside the circle, so they wrote about the area of which they knew.” Of course, if you’re determined to believe that the god of that little circle [Read More...]

New study: conservative protestants more likely to get divorced.

How are those family values working out in the deep South? Demographers Jennifer Glass at the University of Texas and Philip Levchak at the University of Iowa looked county-by-county at divorces for a study to be published later this month in the American Journal of Sociology. Their study controlled for the effect of poverty, which [Read More...]