Thank god we’re right.

In response to the American Atheists billboard in Times Square, Answers in Genesis (a group aptly named if the question is “How do scientists not say the universe was created?”) put up one of their own.  Then Fox News uploaded it to their facebook. Who rejoices in that?  Who blesses the fates for a being [Read More...]

Russian actor who ran for president wants to put gays in oven.

Just read this story and it made me boggle at what religion can do to a mind: A Russian actor best known for announcing a run for his country’s presidency two years ago has stated that he would like to put all gay people “in the oven”. Ivan Okhlobystin, a popular star with fiercely conservative [Read More...]

A gift to William Lane Craig: the obvious.

William Lane Craig has an opinion article fittingly posted at Fox News.  It’s titled “A Christmas gift for atheists — five reasons why God exists.”  I read it.  If it is a gift, it’s the kind that’s worth less than the time it would take to return it for a refund. Let’s just dive right [Read More...]

Christopher Hitchens: “If you want to be awe inspired…”

I miss this man. [Read more...]

ESPN reverses decision, will air Christian ad.

In ESPN’s guidelines is a passage that reads: “ESPN does not accept advertising that consists of, in whole or in part, political or religious advocacy or issue-oriented advertising.” And written in invisible ink right afterward is the phrase “…unless Bill O’Reilly, Sarah Palin, and their ilk complain enough.”  ESPN initially rejected an ad for SSM [Read More...]

David Silverman vs. guy who can’t stay on point.

The original title for this post was “Who the fuck is this guy, and how did he get on TV?” which is what I exclaimed when watching the clip.  But I have an agreement with Patheos not to curse in the titles of my blog posts. David Silverman was on Fox News the other day [Read More...]

It’s hard being a white Christian in Kansas.

Michaelyn alerted me to a column in the Kansas State college newspaper by Laura Meyers that must be read to be believed.  It’s titled “Being Christian conservative in college has its ups, downs.”  It opens with: I am a minority. Not only am I left-handed and red-haired, but I am also a Christian conservative on [Read More...]

Breakdown of the David Silverman Festivus interview on Fox.

David Silverman went on Fox the other day and performed like a champ in the face of three opponents who were as confident as they were illogical (the panel included Bill Donahue who is equally despicable, but more on that shortly).  Here’s the clip: Regarding the placing of the Satanic monument, the Rabbi opens with: [Read More...]

Eric Hovind owned by an eleven year-old.

In this video the despicable Eric Hovind is pulling his presuppositionist bullshit.  His argument is that if you cannot claim absolute knowledge then you need revelation from someone who knows everything (*cough, god*) before you can claim to know anything.  It’s just simple equivocation on the word “know”.  When we say we know something, we’re [Read More...]

My take on the Oklahoma legislators who don’t want Satanists to have the same rights to a monument as Christians do.

Hemant wrote a post about the legislators in Oklahoma freaking out about the proposed Satanic monument.  Hemant’s response was spectacular, but I want my own crack at them. “This is a faith-based nation and a faith-based state,” said Rep. Earl Sears, R-Bartlesville. “I think it is very offensive they would contemplate or even have this [Read More...]