Jesus in the Hobby Lobby bible.

It’s been a while since I read the bible, but I don’t remember this part… [Read more...]

City of Rowlett denying atheists chance to give invocation.

After the SCOTUS ruled in Town of Greece v. Galloway that invocations before government meetings were constitutional provided they don’t discriminate, the Freedom From Religion Foundation announced an award for which atheist signed up and gave the best one.  The Metroplex Atheists in Texas signed up to give a secular invocation in the city of [Read More...]

The Hobby Lobby ruling gets worse and worse.

Immediately after the SCOTUS ruling on Hobby Lobby other religious organizations decided to see what laws they could get exempt from on religious grounds.  First up is non-discrimination laws: Fourteen prominent faith leaders — including some of President Obama’s closest advisers — want the White House to create a religious exemption from his planned executive [Read More...]

Pope Fluffy: if you don’t have kids you’ll be bitter and lonely.

I’ve never wanted kids.  Michaelyn has had to beg and give hours upon hours of the pleading wife eyes to get me to consent to having one.  I feel no guilt about not wanting to have a child.  After all, plenty of studies have shown that people without children are happier.  The most recent study [Read More...]

Why I Feel Left Out in My Own Party

My name is Daniel Moran. I am the stepfather of an eleven-year-old girl who just celebrated her birthday yesterday. I am a student at the University of North Texas, majoring in Political Science, specializing in Constitutional Law, and currently enrolled in the Pre-Law program. I am the founder of the Secular Student Alliance at UNT [Read More...]

Louisiana sheriff organizing rally to oppose church-state separation.

Just add in enough Jesus and you can have a sheriff who couldn’t care less about the law. According to the Shreveport Times, Sheriff Julian Whittington and his supporters are holding a rally on Friday, July 4 to celebrate the Christian faith in “food, music, fun and prayer.” This will be the second “In God [Read More...]

John Oliver on anti-homosexual laws in Uganda.

Oliver continues to kick ass. [Read more...]

Newly wed couple in Pakistan beheaded in honor killing.

Note to self: don’t honeymoon in Pakistan. If you think killing your children is honorable, then they were right to ignore your moral pronouncements on marriage.  You clearly have no concept of what honor means. [Read more...]

Another one bites the dust: Indiana’s gay marriage ban struck down.

I’m terrible at keeping promises, apparently.  I keep saying I won’t blog until I’ve tied the knot, but then awesome stuff keep popping up and I can’t resist.  Thankfully I have a fiancee who understands. Today a federal judge (the 18th in a row) ruled that Indiana’s gay marriage ban was unconstitutional: “Same-sex couples, who [Read More...]

The runaway blogger

If you’re an atheist from Christianity, Mormonism, Hinduism or any other religion than Islam, you put yourself at the risk of getting excommunicated – from your society, may be from your own family. That’s the maximum risk you take. But lo, if you’re an atheist from a Muslim background, you’re simply doomed. You put yourself [Read More...]