Anti-gay baker ordered by judge to serve gay customers and report for anti-discrimination training.

Had to post this before hitting the road.  Consider it a kind of morning happiness.  In Colorado, at least, they’re not giving people exemptions to discrimination laws because Jesus makes them moral enough.  Jack Philips is a baker who refused to serve a gay couple getting married (in Massachusetts, the reception was in CO).  They [Read More...]

SC pastor blackmails foreign students at Cathedral Bible College into slavery-like conditions.

There’s quite a bit of research showing that people are more likely to trust a Christian in the United States.  Many odious people, many of them Christian, have figured out they can capitalize on this: The president of a South Carolina Bible college was charged last week with essentially treating foreign students as slaves by [Read More...]

Never mind…apparently *I* am responsible for Elliot Rodger’s massacre.

Did I say that mental illness was responsible for Elliot Rodger’s rampage?  I’m sorry.  What I should’ve said was that atheism and its activists are responsible, at least according to a piece published today on the Charisma website, Tom Snyder and Ted Baehr of Movieguide: Where did this young murderer get his narcissistic views about [Read More...]

Spreading the gospel one illusion at a time.

The irony is off the charts… [Read more...]

Son of preacher who died handling poisonous snakes bitten while handling poisonous snakes.

Back in February a snake-handling pastor by the name of Jamie Coots, who believed that Christian faith protected against snake bites (as promised in Mark 16:18), died from being bitten by a poisonous snake he was purposefully handling.  At that time I wrote: It is not generally good form to report on a person’s death [Read More...]

Six year-old locked in tiny room and abused because he was possessed.

So…this happened: The Canadian County Sheriff’s Office removed a child from a home in El Reno after they learned he was locked in a small room and abused. Edward Everett, 28, and Krystal D. Everette, 32, face child abuse and child neglect charges. Authorities went to their home on Thursday after they received a call [Read More...]

Andrew Seidel goes on conservative show to discuss Shepherd’s Garden Park and owns host Faith Goldy.

Last week I wrote about the Christian park being built in Iowa that received a $140,000 grant from the state government and how the FFRF was intervening.  This week Andrew Seidel of the FFRF went on the SUN Network (the Canadian equivalent of FOX News) to talk about the situation with (this is really her [Read More...]

Geneticist thinks Christianity will re-emerge because Christians make more babies.

I’ve heard this idea before, but Steve Jones is one of the first people who I’ve seen covered in major media espousing it: Professor Jones said history had proven that religion grows rapidly during large population booms, particularly in poorer countries. He argued that rapid growth in Africa could spark a new resurgence of major [Read More...]

Vatican back in front of the UN for failing to adequately deal with child-raping priests.

Remember when the Vatican said they were going to crack down on child-raping priests (but would be fighting any police efforts to crack down on them unless legally forced to do so), and then the UN said they were failing at it, and then the Vatican responded by essentially saying they were only going to [Read More...]

Church leaders blame drag queen for flooding in the Balkans.

It was the cynical Rahm Emanuel who once said “Never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”  Nobody heeded his call to use the crisis of others to empower yourselves like religious leaders in the wake [Read More...]