Redefining truth.

I’m reading an article in the Huffington Post about a group of Islamic scholars attempting to reconcile their faith with evolution.  The most common argument by those types was present here. My own suggestion to Muslims grappling with such an issue is to recognize that when it comes to what we believe, science and religion address two [Read More...]

Liberty Counsel goons on gay scout masters.

Oh, those Liberty Counsel peeps.  They think that allowing gay scout masters in the BSA (mmmmMMMMmmm…masters) is akin to letting convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky be a scout master. As Staver said, “it makes no sense to have a Jerry Sandusky as your scout master and essentially that’s what this policy would open up the doors [Read More...]

Love yourself, hate the sinner.

I saw over on the Friendly Atheist that a group of students and parents are holding a makeshift prom at a local church because gays are allowed to go to the one at school. “We want to make the public see that we love the homosexuals, but we don’t think it’s right nor should it [Read More...]

Once again, Catholics were incompetent at just the right time.

Remember when that Catholic hospital argued in court that fetuses weren’t people (because they’re only moral absolutes until they’re inconvenient)?  I read on Ed Brayton’s blog this morning that now, after they’ve already won the case, the heads of that hospital are very sorry.  They didn’t know their lawyers were using such an immoral argument! [Read More...]

The Pope is resigning. Good.

The Pope is resigning.  Good riddance.  He is a positively evil man who has long been more concerned with the Church’s image than with protecting its youngest members from abuse by their spiritual leaders.  He has even more fiercely aligned the Catholic Church with hatred of those who love someone of which the Catholic Church [Read More...]

The Los Angeles diocese found some new funds.

Man, things just keep getting worse for the Los Angeles diocese – which is strange if god really has their back.  Unable to tap into the Pope’s sacred piggy bank, they keep needing to find money to pay the $660 million settlement with the families of the children their priests raped.  The fundraiser was a [Read More...]

Top 10 anti-Christian acts of 2012

Christina here… Every year, this website puts out a list of the “Top 10 Anti-Christian Acts” – 2012 is no different. I wonder what bad things have happened! Maybe they got billboards vandalized. Maybe prominent public figures blamed Christians for everything from the school shootings to hurricane Sandy. Maybe the army refused to let Christians hold [Read More...]

Comment roundup 2/8.

Sitting in Ohare airport (my favorite place on earth – thank you, TSA, for protecting the world from my mouthwash) on my way to the North Texas Secular Convention, I saw this comment. The Westboro Baptist Church is not affiliated with any known Baptist convention or associations but is part of Phelps-Chartered Co., the Phelps [Read More...]

Most insulting fundraiser ever.

The poor, poor Catholic Church.  The Los Angeles diocese is having a bit of trouble.  They have to pay out all this money for aiding and abetting child rapists, and they don’t know who to turn to. Amid continuing anger over the poor handling of sexual abuse cases by Catholic Church officials over several decades [Read More...]

Don’t Say Gay legislator: being gay is like shooting heroin.

A Tennessee lawmaker, Stacey Campfield, the man who re-introduced the Don’t Say Gay bill (now called, no shit, the Classroom Protection Act) is onto those sneaky gays.  They don’t just want to love who they please, they also want to keep people from getting sick. Tennessee state Sen. Stacey Campfield told TMZ that teaching people [Read More...]