What can motivate a person to think that love is a greater crime than torture?

Ok, don’t read this post if you have a weak stomach.  Seriously, trigger warning. Remind me again why I read the news…because every day it’s stuff like this. Three ‘gay and effeminate’ teens have died after being starved, tortured and killed at a camp that promised to turn them into ‘men’. A picture of Raymond [Read More...]

Washington lawmakers introduce religion-based discrimination bill.

God dammit, United States.  I go AWOL on the road traveling and you go and do shit like this. Legislation proposed in Washington state this week would allow businesses to deny service to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender population and others, based on religious differences. Under the terms of the bill, businesses in the [Read More...]

Baby killed by cult in Chile

Steven here… Four members of a cult in Chile have been arrested for immolating a child that they believed to be the anti-Christ. What can I possibly say about this? Atheist and believer alike should find this horrifying. I’m without words. These people murdered a newborn. Because they thought it was the anti-christ. A baby. [Read More...]

Proud and happy to blaspheme.

Catholicism is the official religion of the Malta, and they take it pretty seriously there. Maltese law prohibits vilification of or giving offense to the Roman Catholic Church, which is also Malta’s official religion. In Malta, it is a criminal offense to utter publicly any obscene or indecent words, make obscene acts or gestures or [Read More...]

Dependence on prayer kills again.

But this time, it’s particularly disgusting. A Philadelphia couple — serving 10 years’ probation for the 2009 death of their toddler after they turned to prayer instead of a doctor — has violated their probation now that another of their children has died. Want to know how to get probation instead of jail time for [Read More...]

Teacher fired at Catholic school for her gayness.

I guess I shouldn’t rag on Kansas too much.  Eventually I’ll have to head back to Columbus, OH where I live and where this happened: This week students found out about the firing of Carla Hale, a longtime teacher at Bishop Watterson High School in Columbus, Ohio, according to local news outlet Outlook Columbus. Two [Read More...]

Scientists continue to find things we’d expect in a godless universe.

Beneath the thousand stories about the Boston bombers, there was an article on CNN this morning about three new planets we’ve discovered that are among the most likely candidates for harboring life.  This part in particular stood out to me: “With all of these discoveries we’re finding, Earth is looking less and less like a [Read More...]

Doctors save teenage boy’s life against his will.

This is a conundrum to me: Doctors from Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick made an urgent application to the Supreme Court to help them save the boy, a devout Jehovah’s Witness, who is fighting Hodgkin’s disease. In a judgment handed down on March 28, Justice Ian Gzell immediately ordered a blood transfusion after doctors said [Read More...]

Another high school hero.

George Washington High School in West Virginia is, I assume, burdened with the same charge of all other public schools: teach children factually correct information.  And by virtue of teaching some facts, you must necessarily teach that some other claims are not true.  If George Washington was the first President, then it wasn’t Genghis Kahn.  [Read More...]

Reasonfest gets email.

Since I’ve been kicking it in Lawrence I’ve gotten to watch the organizers of Reasonfest doing their last week of organizing before the event (coming to Reasonfest?  Don’t forget to register at the link above and to declare your attendance on the facebook event page!).  One of the organizers sent an email out to all [Read More...]