Blasphemy: safe haven for faith across the world.

There are some atheists who, in their desire to co-exist with irrational people, allow themselves to fall into the trap of attempting to co-exist with irrationality itself.  We are told that we can all have our beliefs and get along. Of course, I think that’s ridiculous.  Religion does not survive by co-existing – it survives [Read More...]

Agatha defends the Salvation Army.

Agatha (real name changed) studied at a theological seminary and did not care for what my dad said to the Salvation Army bell-ringer the other day.  She came onto my facebook to let me know. Sad. Bell ringers are low income paid employees or volunteers. I hope that man who feels so good about saying [Read More...]

New chaplaincy program to be intertwined with Chicago police.

Religion doesn’t propagate itself by being reasonable, but instead on getting people when they are the least capable of being reasonable.  They try to get people on their death beds and at other times when they are emotionally distraught.  They also go after the very young, whose critical faculties are not fully developed.  In arenas [Read More...]

Santa putting the Christ back in Christmas.

DarkMatter2525 has a new video out.  I really love this guy’s stuff. [Read more...]

An angel doesn’t get its wings.

Father was walking out of a store earlier today when the following conversation ensued with the Salvation Army bell-ringer. BELL-RINGER:  Merry Christmas! DAD:  Happy holidays! BELL-RINGER:  I’ll make you a deal.  Make a donation and I’ll let you stand here and ring the bell.  Y’know, I’ve been doing this since before you were this tall, [Read More...]

Bill Donahue: the gift that keeps on crying.

The new American Atheists billboard has drawn the ire of Bill Donahue, which means it has achieved a score of at least .00000001 on the offensiveness scale. Hanukkah is currently being celebrated, but fortunately for Jews they are not being attacked by David Silverman. No, like other haters in the atheist community, the president of [Read More...]

North Carolina could stop the anti-abortion license plate bleeding, but they won’t.

In 2011, North Carolina passed a bill that would allow its citizens to get vanity anti-abortion license plates. Immediately, the ACLU filed a case against it.  It was an open and shut case in which the plates were deemed unconstitutional. “This is a great victory for the free speech rights of all North Carolinians, regardless [Read More...]

Dad throws down on the Charlie Brown case.

The story about the production of A Charlie Brown Christmas has reached our state newspaper.  This letter made it into the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. It’s freedom of choice It seems the freethinkers are raising a stink about some primary-school kids going to see A Charlie Brown Christmas as a school field trip. The person being [Read More...]

Marco Rubio defers to science…kind of.

Marco Rubio has gotten a little more specific about the age of the Earth. Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida attempted to clear up Wednesday his controversial answer to a question about the Earth’s age last month. “Science says (the Earth) is about 4.5 billion years old. My faith teaches that’s not inconsistent,” Rubio said [Read More...]

The rod was not spared.

A couple in Las Vegas has beaten their seven year-old child to death for not reading the bible. Police say Palmer later admitted that he beat Roderick with numerous household items, including a belt, a spatula and a wooden paddle, as well as with his hands. Dina Palmer, who initially denied involvement in the beatings, [Read More...]