FAITH & GAY RIGHTS: Preacher delivers epic, discriminatory rant to Birmingham City Council.

Meet Cedric Hatcher, a Birmingham Preacher who went before city council to complain that marriage equality infringes upon his rights.  It is a rant so detached from reality, so overflowing with pouting and hate, and so over-the-top that even some of the councilman can’t help but crack up: Hoo boy.  God looked at all the citizens [Read More...]

Device to help vagina-havers do Kegels

Let’s throw in some sexiness to spice up the blog this Friday evening! There’s a Kickstarter going for the next 38 days to fund a device intended to help people with vaginas strengthen their pelvic floor muscles via Kegel exercises. It’s pretty nifty! They’re calling it the kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer, and they’ve currently received [Read More...]

How “Thinspo” negatively effects self-esteem and self-perception

Christina here… Remember me! Sorry I don’t post here much anymore. I haven’t for reasons, but I’m posting now. Something on social media sites has been bugging me for awhile – Thinspo, or Thinspiration. So I made a video about it using my own body to highlight how easy it is to distort one’s appearance [Read More...]

How many second generation atheists out there?

I heard atheists accused of indoctrinating people this morning and it got me thinking.  Could we even do that?  When I’m giving a talk and I ask “How many of you used to be religious?” usually almost every hand goes up, suggesting that by and large atheists escaped indoctrination of religious parents, not the other [Read More...]

Yearbook pics at Utah high school edited to add more clothing, because shoulders are evil.

Oh Utah… What really kills me is this statement: “We only apologize in the sense that we want to be more consistent with what we`re trying to do in that sense we can help kids better prepare for their future by knowing how to dress appropriately for things,” said Terry E. Shoemaker, who is the [Read More...]

Smartest 12 year-old on earth.

I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the translation, but if it’s even close to correct this kid is pretty spectacular. “That’s not discipline, it’s abuse and insanity.”  Of course, when religion’s involved, it’s depressing how brilliant one can appear merely by stating the obvious. [Read more...]

Answering emails about dark alleys.

I got this email the other day (name changed for the anonymity of the author). JT, I’m a student at Rose-Hulman, and I’d like to say first that I loved your talk this past Saturday. It was super-comprehensive and it has spurred a lot of discussion here on campus. During the Q&A, I was to [Read More...]

My new desk.

Behold: my office/bedroom as it presently stand How flipping awesome is my life? Yes, two bruises and a bleeding cut on my hand later, that is my new desk (“some assembly required,” shit I guess. so). It’s right beside my sitting desk so I can put in a few miles in the morning, rest for [Read More...]

Amphetamines in a bottle

Despite finally getting some sleep last night, I’m still having some physiological effects from my present struggles with mental illness. Good things: I’m still able to eat and am not hallucinating.  Both generally happen when I’m struggling.  Take that, malfunctioning brain. Shitty things:  Difficulty sleeping and inability to finish my workouts.  I’ve thrown up during [Read More...]

Zombies, run!

I’m more of a weight-lifter than a runner, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to download this and start doing some mild running. [Read more...]