MORNING HAPPINESS: One of my favorite gamers might not be a Christian.

Good morning, everybody!  I’m back home.  Happiness all around.  :) Your morning happiness is a League of Legends player I watch.  Yesterday he uploaded a video that makes me think he might not be a Christian (skip to 2:30 for the part that makes me think that). [Read more...]

Introducing an online community for atheist gamers.

I’ve decided to put some effort into making an online space for atheist gamers. It seems there are tons of atheist gamers of all stripes – pc gamers, console gamers, table toppers, LARPers – but nowhere they can all really hang out. I want to fix that. I’ve got a great team of admins, including [Read More...]

GAMING: God-tier game as Kalista.

I got some gaming time this weekend and decided to stream some League of Legends.  I had a really good game as Kalista and thought I’d share.  :) Kalista is a champion that requires a LOT of micromanagement.  For those who aren’t gamers that means she requires a lot of rapid, very precise movements and [Read More...]

GAMING: Heroes of the Storm solo queue as Nova.

This is pretty much how each of my Nova games feels. It wound up with me cleaning four people off of golem myself.  I waited for someone to get low and was lucky it was their healer.  I deleted him, then tried to juke Valla’s skills while I was invisible.  She caught me with her [Read More...]

GAMING: My brother and I holding the line by kiting forever.

For those unfamiliar with gaming vernacular, “kiting” refers to stringing someone along who’s trying to kill you by running just far enough away to avoid damage.  Here my brother and I were playing Heroes of the Storm with the hosts of the Game Theory Podcast.  We’re trying to hold one of the shrines on the [Read More...]

GAMING & GAY RIGHTS: League of Legends tournament that limited number of trans players reverses decision.

As many of you know I’m a huge proponent of getting women into gaming.  The day a woman breaks into the professional League of Legends scene I will have acquired one of my new favorite teams (unless she plays for Counter Logic Gaming, in which case they’ll just continue to be my favorite team). That’s [Read More...]

Gaming and Religion

Steven here… I follow the Did You Know Gaming? video game trivia feed because I am that kind of nerd. Their most recent video seemed of interest to atheists. It focuses on the religious objections to Pokemon. The whole thing is awesome because each religion is convinced that a game about cute monsters is a [Read More...]

Gaming post: god mode engaged.

I’ve gotten away from posting about gaming, but I made a play on stream the other night I was really proud of. I was playing Heroes of the Storm with Jeremiah from the Game Theory Podcast.  The first kill is a duel with a Janna where I burn my ultimate ability and am dropped to [Read More...]

Pat Robertson: Archeage and Dungeons and Dragons are an open invitation to demonic possession.

Thank god Pat is shining some light on this: I used to play D&D (and I’ve played Archeage) and look how I turned out.  Hell, I’ve even heard it can destroy the lives of tried and true Catholics like this guy: And who wants that?  You used to think the worst byproduct of playing D&D [Read More...]

Mouse Cursor Morality

Over the weekend I became aware of a little multiplayer game called “Cursors”  You move your mouse cursor around, and there’s other peoples’ cursors as well. [Read more...]