Women being allowed to compete in Finnish Hearthstone tournament!

Here’s a bit of good news from the gaming world.  The Assembly Summer 2014 tournament is a pretty big deal in the gaming world, specifically for Blizzard’s new digital card game Hearthstone.  The winner earns a spot at the world championships in Korea.  But there’s a problem: women wouldn’t be allowed to compete. “Your information [Read More...]

The Bachelor Party: ‘Till Undeath Do We Part

David, one of the groomsmen, here. JT and Michaelyn are safely wed, though at great peril. JT had long told us that he wanted his bachelor party to be a low key affair, just him and his closest friends playing board games in a cabin rented for that purpose. And so it was, until an [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: I got mentioned on an NA LCS broadcast!

Every broadcast of the LCS they ask a question to everybody on twitter.  I submitted an answer and they mentioned it on air!  Just play the below video, it starts with the twitter answers. Phreak even pronounced my name right.  That’s it, I retire.  [Read more...]

Pro gamer who attempted suicide recovering and has realized he wants to live.

Back in March I wrote about one of the first major tragedies to hit professional gaming.  A young professional Korean team was essentially scammed out of their dreams and one of their players, identified by his gamer handle “Promise”, attempted to commit suicide by jumping from a twelve-story building. It’s two and a half months [Read More...]

WWJTD Fantasy LoL draft tonight at 7pm EST!

For everybody who got into the WWJTD fantasy LoL league, we’ll be doing our draft tonight at 7pm!  I’ll be online in the LoL client and will have a chat room running.  See you there!  :) [Read more...]

WWJTD Fantasy League of Legends…league.

You know how the NFL has fantasy football?  Well Riot has released a page that allows for the creation of fantasy League of Legends leagues (that sounds so redundant).  I finally got in and made one for any WWJTD fans who want to participate. Click here to join.  As of this writing there are six [Read More...]

My brother has a different approach to internet debate than my father.

With marriage equality coming to my home state of Arkansas newspapers across the state are being inundated with articles and columns about the subject.  My hometown paper ran an article about where in the state same sex couples could still tie the knot since stays started getting issued.  Of course a true god warrior, Vicki [Read More...]

League of Legends All-Star open thread.

Are you a League player watching the All-Star games in Paris?  Here’s a place where we can hang out and shoot the shit about the games. Already this morning Bjergsen made North America proud.  :D [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: sneaky play on Twitch.

Video games are coming to morning happiness.  I regret nothing! Last night I was playing a game on Twitch, a character who can periodically become invisible.  Toward the end of the game we were running away from the enemy team and I suspected the other team’s front line was too fixated on starting a fight [Read More...]

Stream highlights!

In my effort to be more participatory in the atheist gaming community, I’m going to try to stream a little bit every day.  I’ll also post any highlights from the stream on the following day.  Here are yesterdays fun moments from League of Legends. Playing URF Maokai Here I wanted to get out of spawn [Read More...]