Game streaming event to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.

Hey gang.  Foundation Beyond Belief is doing their annual Light the Night event to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  They’ve asked me to organize a day of streaming to raise money for the event and I eagerly accepted.  I want every gamer who’s willing to help.  So here’s what’s gonna go down: [Read More...]

Klingenschmitt: government forcing Christians to participate in sodomy.

The amount of unhinged lately has gone well over 9,000. Trying to reason with people like this is like expecting a newborn to comprehend English.  All you can really do is boggle that people can be this detached from reality, mock them for their lack of effort to be accurate, and weep because they have [Read More...]

GAMING: My life in “ranked” play.

This is the story of my life in ranked play: winning/crushing lane but ultimately losing the game because I draw teams of the most inept players to ever hit the rift. How do people carry themselves out of Silver?  I just don’t see how it’s possible. [Read more...]

GAMING: I’m cursed. Ezreal ownage not enough.

I’m so cursed.  I outfarmed Draven by over 100 in lane.  Michaelyn played one of the best Sona games I’ve seen her play.  It wasn’t enough. [Read more...]

Game Theory Podcast Ep. 3: Girl Gamers.

Episode 3 featured my lovely fiancee, Michaelyn.  It’s over girl gamers and it’s my favorite episode so far. The Game Theory Podcast is described as such: “A clinical psychology grad student and a literary analyst talk and joke about video games, then provide in-depth analysis about a different topic every week. Enjoy!” One of the [Read More...]

GAMING: Vayne ownage and Heimer smash. Truly, I have gone mad with power.

Here are a few gaming vids from this weekend.  The first is a boring old ranked match where I carry hard as Vayne. The second is a little more exciting: I get Heimerdinger in an ARAM and proceed to go mad with power. [Read more...]

GAMING: Huge comeback, hard carrying out of the jungle as Amumu.

It’s not uncommon to have a game as a jungler where everything goes wrong: your team somehow manages to lose a 2v1 lane, your mid laner’s internet stops working, and your 1v2 lane gets shit on like you’d expect.  In those games you just do what you can, realizing you can’t be everywhere at the [Read More...]

GAMING: Game Theory Podcast episode 1.

David Drake and Jeremiah Beene are two good friends of mine.  Jeremiah is pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology while David has his masters in French literature.  They have started a podcast where they will apply their expertise to analyzing games and gaming news. I will likely eventually be a guest on the podcast.  Will [Read More...]

Gaming: solo queue highlights – grenade sniper.

It’s pretty much agreed upon that Heimerdinger is the worst champion in League of Legends – so of course I run him as my main at mid lane.  The worst ability on the worst champion is without a doubt his concussion grenade; it’s slow (making it hard to land), does miniscule damage, gives a very [Read More...]

Speaking of gaming posts: LoL support highlights from the last few days.

I’ve been playing a bit of support in my ranked games lately.  My curse has, sadly, been very much alive.  I’ve not been winning despite some fairly solid play for the most part.  Anyway, here are some Nami bubbles and some of dem pro flays with Thresh: Watch live video from jteberhard on TwitchTV Watch [Read More...]