League of Legends highlight: going hero mode to save Caitlyn.

Was playing my ranked game in yolo queue the other day.  Our top lane took Galio so I needed to take a bruiser jungler rather than a full on tank.  So I took Aatrox. Later in the game our Cait got caught out as our team was retreating.  The standard smart play would’ve been to [Read More...]

Michaelyn streaming her first ranked games!

Oh snap!  Michaelyn’s now level 30 on League of Legends and will be streaming her first games!  Check it out: [Read more...]

All-female League of Legends team has faces you may recognize.

No Dice Gaming has realized a problem in gaming: there aren’t that many women.  They’re attempting to do something about it as a gaming company by sponsoring the only current all-woman team.  That means sending their team to gaming conferences like E3 and ComicCon to play other competitive teams. I think this is a spectacular [Read More...]

Cheer up post: bro gaming.

I’ve been saving these two to post over at the Secular View, but today’s posting has been really depressing so I’m going to drop them off here to lighten the mood. First, bro team is one of my favorite (satirical) online game review channels.  Here’s their review of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.  (Beware, [Read More...]

Skyrim: Falskaar. This is how to apply for a job in the gaming industry like a boss.

In a new article at the Secular View I write about the 19 year-old who decided to apply for a job with Bethesda in the most epic way: by spending a full year making one of the greatest mods of all time. Aside from the voice acted characters and the new dungeon, the mod includes [Read More...]

LCS game to watch today: TSM vs. Cloud 9.

I have a new article up over at the Secular View (where I am a gaming columnist) about how important today’s first game is for Team Solomid.  While TSM, a team that convincingly won the spring split, has struggled in the summer with the exact same lineup.  In the article I recall the very first [Read More...]

My League of Legends curse continues.

It is common knowledge among those I with whom I play League of Legends that I am cursed.  I attract the absolute worst players at the game.  Like, not just bad players, but people who have to be playing with their feet.  It’s uncanny.  This has been verified by others around me, so it’s not [Read More...]

Streaming dat LoL.

It’s been a slow news day, so it’s time for video games.  To watch and comment head over to my stream at The Secular View. [Read more...]

My debut at the Secular View: Why You Should Play League of Legends and How to Ease Into It as a New Player.

I recently got picked up as a gaming columnist for the Secular View.  My gaming stream is now housed over there and today my first post went up about League of Legends.  I talk about why I find the game appealing, some of the mechanics, how new players can get involved, as well as why [Read More...]

Playing Guild Wars 2 today.

I think I’m going to take the day off and play Guild Wars 2 all day with my brother.  :)  If you all want to join in, we’re on the Gates of Madness server.  My player ID is tsukmeibols.3740…because I’m mature. [Read more...]