GAY RIGHTS & FAITH: South Carolina school trying to ban homosexuality after two gay athletes come out.

After two players on their volleyball team came out as gay, Erskine College is attempting to ban homosexuality.  Because that’s going to work about as well as banning pre-marital sex. The school’s “Statement on Human Sexuality,” issued late last week, said “We believe the Bible teaches that all sexual activity outside the covenant of marriage [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS: Arkansas’ other LGBT discrimination bill barely stopped.

So Arkansas’ bill that would prohibit towns from establishing civil rights ordinances that protect LGBT people is now law.  As he promised, Gov. Asa Hutchinson allowed it to become law without his signature (at least he can see the writing on the wall with gay rights, but he’s still spineless). Ed Brayton sums it up [Read More...]

FAITH & GAY RIGHTS: Scott Lively warns we can expect the anti-Christ if we let gay people marry.

Scott Lively has ascertained the date we can expect the anti-Christ to take over: September 23rd of this year if the United States lets gay people marry.  Just listen to his impartial, modest, and totally legitimate rationale: After weeks or months of global chaos, when the nations are sufficiently broken and the peoples of the [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS & LAW: Some Alabama probate judges still not issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Mobile County Probate Judge Don Davis was sued for refusing to abide by the federal court ruling eliminating Alabama’s gay marriage ban.  After a hearing in front of Callie Granade, the same federal judge who struck down the ban, Davis got the message and immediately started issuing licenses to same-sex couples. However, even though Granade [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS: Washington judge rules against florist who denied service to gay couple.

Lots of us remember the Dover trial over creationism in the classroom.  Creationists, including the Discovery Institute, talked a big game.  I remember getting countless emails from creationists assuring me that the pro-science side was legally screwed (and that I just needed to read the links they provided for proof).  Then, when it came time [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS & LAW: Texas Supreme Court issues order prohibiting judges from issuing same-sex marriage licenses.

In response to the ruling in Travis County, the Texas Supreme Court has just issued an order prohibiting county clerks and judges from issuing same-sex marriage licenses: The Texas Supreme Court stepped in this afternoon and blocked all state judges and county clerks from issuing marriage licenses to gay couples. The emergency action comes following [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS & LAW: Texas probate judge strikes down gay marriage ban, but didn’t a federal judge already do that?

Ok, so a few days ago a probate judge in Travis County, Texas ruled in a case about dispersing an estate that the Texas gay marriage ban is unconstitutional.  For myself and others this seemed like a weird thing to get excited about since last year a federal judge ruled the state’s ban unconstitutional but [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS & FAITH: Pope compares transgender people to nuclear weapons.

Man, Pope Sunshine and Unicorns has been kind of a jerk lately.  Did you know that transgender people are kind of like nuclear weapons? The head of the Catholic Church has claimed people who ‘manipulate’ their bodies are similar to ‘Herods’ that ‘destroy, that plot designs of death, that disfigure the face of man and [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS: Michigan doctor declines to treat the six day old baby because its parents are lesbians.

A Michigan lesbian couple who had just given birth to a child needed to take it to the doctor a week later.  They made an appointment with Dr. Vesna Roi who was happy to to see to the well being of a baby – or at least she was until she found out that its [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS & POLITICS: Oklahoma GOP puts forth a bill that would punish judges/clerks for issuing SSM licenes.

Sally Kern and the rest of the Republicans in Oklahoma don’t seem to know how the balance of power works.  If the courts invalidate a law, you can’t just pass the same law again and call it good. Yesterday, the Oklahoma House Judiciary Committee advanced legislation that would prohibit judges and clerks in the state from issuing [Read More...]