On bigots becoming the minority.

My father accepted a facebook friend request from someone he knew in college.  Sadly, this person has become a bit of a jerk.  He rushed in to comment on a gay rights photo my father had shared, wishing that gay people would “stop their whining.”  We piled on and he soon unfriended my father and [Read More...]

Alan Keyes: pro-equality SCOTUS ruling would be a cause for war.

Alan Keyes writes in the World Nut Daily that if the SCOTUS does what almost every other court has done and decide that the promises of equality in the Constitution also apply to LGBT people, that it would constitute just cause for war. The United States Supreme Court may presently make a decision discarding marriage [Read More...]

Huckabee says SCOTUS can’t overrule god on same-sex marriage.

Mike Huckabee is at it again.  While not jerking off potential voters with talk of how much he loves the REAL America and the Constitution upon which its laws are based (including the formation of a Supreme Court), he’s apparently in the habit of saying he should get his way regardless of what the Constitution [Read More...]

London pro-equality bus ad scores points for brevity.

I appreciate a pithy message that still says all it needs to say: [Read more...]

Kenya’s highest court rules LGBT rights organization must be allowed to form.

LGBT peole don’t have a very easy time of it in Kenya.  Getting physical with someone of the same sex is against the law, but that’s just the start of it.  Being openly LGBT in that country is often enough to get you beaten in Jesus name. However, recently an organization attempted to form that [Read More...]

Republican lawmaker argues same-sex marriage is the root cause of Baltimore riots.

A person who has a hand in making US laws has argued that allowing same-sex marriage is the reason people are rioting in Baltimore: A Republican U.S. House Representative Bill Flores of Texas argued this week that violence in Baltimore could be linked to the legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States. I…what? On [Read More...]

Josh Duggar says it’s Christians opposing same-sex marriage who are the real victims of discrimination.

Josh Duggar recently told the Christian News Service that he’s a victim of discrimination at the hands of people who presently have fewer rights than he: Reality television star Josh Duggar believes Christians should enjoy a special right to discriminate against LGBT people or be made victims of discrimination themselves. The star of TLC’s “19 [Read More...]

Anti-gay side tells the SCOTUS we can’t alter the definition of marriage. We can, we should, and Clarence Thomas should know it.

Today the Supreme Court heard oral arguments for its first same-sex marriage case.  Justice Kennedy, widely believed to be the swing vote on this case, expressed reluctance to alter a definition that has been with us through millenia: Justice Anthony M. Kennedy said he was concerned about changing a conception of marriage that has persisted for [Read More...]

GoFundMe cancels campaign to help bakery pay their fine for discriminating against gay couple.

A bakery, Sweet Cakes By Melissa, famously refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple in Oregon, where LGBT are protected as part of the state’s discrimination laws.  In an open and shut case they lost their suit and were forced to pay a fine of $135,000.  Hoping to get a lucrative gift [Read More...]

March For Marriage: NOM wants pictures of the march. My brother helped out.

Earlier my brother sent me a screenshot comparing the online viewership of the march to a kid playing video games (an image he dubbed March4Fail): NOM wants people to send them their pictures of the rally.   My brother happily complied:   Sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy the little things in life. [Read more...]