IN clerk fired for not doing her job/discrimination has filed a lawsuit claiming she was discriminated against.

Sometimes the dumb is thick enough to suffocate anybody in the immediate area.  That’s what’s going on here. An Indiana clerk refused to issue marriage licenses to certain people (same-sex couples) who are legally entitled to them (same-sex couples) and, not surprisingly, was fired for not doing her job.  Now she’s suing the county: Linda [Read More...]

Theodore Shoebat: we have to kill gay people before they brainwash our kids into Christian-killing Nazis.

Oh JT!  Stop it with your sensationalized blog titles.  Heh, I wish. Every day since the Obergefell ruling it seems religious leaders say increasingly more bizarre things about LGBT people.  Theodore Shoebat, who regularly appears in columns and documentaries beside top tier GOP lawmakers, has today’s biggest hit: I believe that the reason why the [Read More...]

EU Court of Human Rights rules same-sex partnerships are a human right.

Well this is interesting: Europe’s top human rights court on Tuesday ruled that existing human rights laws require governments to legally recognize same-sex partnerships. The ruling from The European Court of Human Rights was in response to a suit brought by three same-sex couples challenging the Italian government, the only government in Western Europe that [Read More...]

Rick Santorum doesn’t think public schools allow books celebrating moms, dads, or marriage.

Rick Santorum opened his mouth again and, as we all know, every time Rick Santorum opens his mouth an angel gets its wings and I get blog content: Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) said schools are only allowing books that foster acceptance of LGBT parents but not of “moms and dads and marriage” when he [Read More...]

Professor says “we should be hanging queers, not flags,” wants people to pray for his job.

A professor at a Canadian university is in a bit of hot water after posting to his facebook page that gay people should be hanged: A business professor at St. Lawrence College’s campus in Kingston, Ont. is the subject of a probe after he posted on Facebook that gay people should be hanged. Rick Coupland [Read More...]

Joshua Feuerstein urges Christians to fight marriage equality with guns.

This fucking guy.  If you’re not familiar with Feuerstein, he’s the preacher who’s acquired popularity by “destroying evolution in three minutes” in a selfie taken in his SUV (no labs, no degrees, just a lone dipshit with a backward hat on the road) and who said LGBT people getting to marry is the start of [Read More...]

A reminder: we work to make ourselves unnecessary.

I never thought a phrase like this would come out: hooray that the organization Freedom To Marry, which put in so much brilliant work fighting for same-sex marriage, is disbanding: Freedom to Marry in June scored the kind of epochal victory that advocacy groups dream of: A Supreme Court ruling declaring that same-sex couples have [Read More...]

Al Franken’s pro-LGBT anti-bullying bill fails to pass the Senate.

We have federal protection in place that protect minorities, and for good reason.  Many of those laws extend to protecting minorities who are the victims of bullying in public schools on account of their minority status and dictate explicit steps which must be taken to help the bully understand the virtues of equality and tolerance. [Read More...]

A decade after legalizing same-sex marriage, Canada still waiting on god’s judgment.

There is a lovely article up in, of all places, the Mormon Press about what Canada is like ten years after same-sex couples were permitted to wed there.  The short of it is…nothing happened, aside from gays being able to marry: June 20, 2015 marked the ten-year anniversary of marriage equality in Canada. Six days [Read More...]

BREAKING: The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission rules that lesbians, gays, and bisexuals have protection under employment law.

This is freaking awesome! After decades of fighting for protections against discrimination in the workplace, gay, lesbian, and bisexual employees are actually covered under federal law already, the EEOC has ruled this afternoon. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission finds GLB workers are protected under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The EEOC [Read More...]