Phil Burress: America will face revolt if Supreme Court rules in favor of marriage equality.

Phil Burress is the leader of an anti-gay group in Ohio who thinks America is in for a revolt if the Supreme Court makes a ruling favored by a majority of the population. Phil Burress, head of the Ohio-based Citizens for Community Values, thinks that the American people will revolt if the Supreme Court makes [Read More...]

BREAKING: 4th Circuit denies South Carolina’s request for a stay. Same sex marriages to commence soon.

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals has denied the request from South Carolina’s Attorney General for a stay on the South Carolina marriage ruling.  Same-sex marriages will begin shortly. In my layman’s opinion, it seems the 4th Circuit must believe the SCOTUS is going to rule in favor of marriage equality, otherwise it seems likely [Read More...]

Duggars invited married couples to post kissing pictures…then something really beautiful happened.

The Duggars have some pretty strict rules for their children’s dating lives.  Their most recent daughter to tie the knot was only allowed to side hug and hold hands with her partner (after they were engaged).  Their first kiss, it was decreed, could only happen at the altar. However, the couple decided, after they got [Read More...]

Got questions about transgender?

With all the attention on Danielle Muscato coming out of the closet as a transgender woman, it occurs to me that people might have questions.  If so, let’s get them answered.  I’ve acquired the help of Stephanie Guttormson, the Operations Director for the Richard Dawkins Foundation and a transgender woman herself.  If there are specific [Read More...]

Pope expressly condemns gay marriage.

An old man in a cape said a bunch of things about marriage and children that were sillier than his hat: Francis on Monday opened an interreligious conference on the “complementarity” of men and women in marriage and sex. He said marriage between a man and woman is a “fundamental pillar” of society and that children [Read More...]

Arizona wedding planner cites religious beliefs, denies service to lesbian couple.

In Arizona it’s perfectly legal to get married to someone of the same gender.  However, one for-profit wedding organizing company feels it can deny service to people for engaging in perfectly legal behavior. Latimer is a Christian-ordained minister, but her business does not appear to be run as such. She and the other ministers on staff provide [Read More...]

It’s all about the gays.

[Read more...]

SCOTUS votes 7-2 to lift stay on same-sex marriage in Kansas.

This is very interesting… The Supreme Court on Wednesday night lifted a stay on issuing same-sex marriage licenses in Kansas, making it the 33rd state in which gay unions are allowed. The decision indicated that the justices are content to allow the list of states where gay marriages are sanctioned to expand, even as it [Read More...]

Gay marriage ban in Mississippi likely to fall soon.

Wednesday a Federal judge heard the arguments in Campaign for Southern Equality v. Phil Bryant.  To say the least, it seems to have gone well for the side of equality.  Judge Carlton W. Reeves who, according to Joe Jervis, “is an Obama nominee and used to work for the ACLU of Mississippi” apparently grilled the [Read More...]

Federal judge rules Michigan’s ban on benefits for same-sex couples unconstitutional.

Well here’s some good news, though it may struggle to get past the 6th Circuit: The Sixth Circuit may have upheld Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriage, but some same-sex couples still have something to celebrate this week. A federal judge ruled Wednesday that the state’s law banning the same-sex partners of public employees from receiving benefits is unconstitutional. The [Read More...]