GAY RIGHTS & POLITICS: Indiana hasn’t come very far in 90 years.

Progress appears to be on ice in Indiana. I honestly doubt you’ll see any of these signs around. The Christians who discriminate against gays through their business stop being so proud once word leaks out. They want to be able to quietly refuse service. You’ll seldom find one proud enough to hang a sign announcing [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS & POLITICS: Indiana bill allowing businesses to discriminate against LGBT people about to become law.

It looks like legalized discrimination is coming to Indiana in the form of a “conscience bill.”  These bills allow religious business owners to discriminate so long as they do it for religious reasons.  It’s odd calling bills that allow for behavior that nobody with a conscience would engage in “conscience bills.” A controversial Indiana bill that [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS & POLITICS: Idaho House Republicans want the federal government to impeach judges who rule in favor of marriage equality.

Forty-four Republicans in the Idaho House want the federal government to impeach any judge that rules in favor of marriage equality: Forty-four of Idaho’s Republican lawmakers oppose same-sex marriage so much that they are out for blood — or at least jobs. The Idaho House voted 44-25 Friday on a non-binding memorial (resolution) urging Congress to impeach [Read More...]

FAITH & GAY RIGHTS: Presbyterian Church (finally) allows gay marriage.

The Presbyterian Church has acknowledged in their constitution that gay marriage is acceptable: After three decades of debate over its stance on homosexuality, members of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) voted on Tuesday to change the definition of marriage in the church’s constitution to include same-sex marriage. The final approval by a majority of the church’s 171 [Read More...]

BREAKING: Federal judge denies Alabama probate judge’s request for a stay on gay rights decision.

Judge Don Davis is a probate judge in Mobile County, Alabama.  He was the only judge in a high-population portion of the state that initially defied Federal Judge Granade’s order to begin issuing same-sex marriage licenses after the state’s gay marriage ban was ruled to be unconstitutional. A lawsuit was filed and the judge who heard [Read More...]

POLITICS & GAY RIGHTS: American Thinker says Obama will strike down gay marriage bans to make us more Islamic.

American Thinker is a very ironically named conservative site, which makes it a lovely outlet for humor on occasion.  Today they have an article for Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison (both from the Family Research Council, which uses the word “research” as ironically as American Thinker uses “thinker”) suggesting that Obama plans to make America [Read More...]

FAITH, GAY RIGHTS, POLITICS, & LAW: Alabama House passes bill that would allow clerks/judges to refuse to perform ceremonies for gay couples.

Jesus Christ, Alabama is backwards.  The Republican-dominated House just passed a bill that would allow judges and government clerks to refuse to give marriage licenses to LGBT people: After nearly four hours of debate, the Alabama House on Thursday passed a bill that gives judges, ministers and other officiants the right to refuse to perform [Read More...]

FAITH, GAY RIGHTS, & POLITICS: Oklahoma passes a bill that would give marriage to clergy.

Todd Russ, a GOP lawmaker in Oklahoma, previously introduced a bill that would get the state out of issuing marriage licenses and, instead, leave it to the clergy to issue marriage certificates.  That bill has passed the Oklahoma House: Sparked by controversy over same-sex marriages, the Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a bill Tuesday that would [Read More...]

BREAKING: Utah passes anti-discrimination bill with exemptions for religious organizations.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a step: After seven years of debate and a historic compromise, the Utah House of Representatives on Wednesday (March 11) voted final passage of a bill to enact the state’s first statewide nondiscrimination protections for the gay and transgender community, while providing safeguards for religious liberty. The 65-10 vote was the [Read More...]

POLITICS & GAY RIGHTS: Colorado legislative committee kills right-to-discriminate bills.

A couple bills in Colorado that would allow business owners to discriminate against gay customers as long as they do it for religious reasons have been rejected: One proposal would have prohibited penalties in discrimination cases if the punishment — such as an order to serve gay couples — violated the beliefs of the accused. [Read More...]