GAY RIGHTS & SCIENCE: Study about transgender identity in kids is flawed, but a good step.

I was extremely happy to see this study.  It’s the first of its kind, the first to tackle the issue of transgender identity in children.  It found that… …the gender identity of these children is deeply held and is not the result of confusion about gender identity or pretense. The study, led by psychological scientist [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS & POLITICS: Idaho bill that would’ve added LGBT to non-discrimination laws is dead.

In a 13-4 vote along party lines the Republican party in Idaho killed a bill that would’ve create anti-discrimination protections for the LGBT population of the state: After more than 20 hours of public testimony, the Idaho House State Affairs Committee decided to kill the “Add the Words” bill that would ban discrimination against lesbian, gay, [Read More...]

Mormon Church is not endorsing anti-LGBT protections, they’re wanting to keep their power to discriminate.

Word is spreading far and wide that the Mormon Church is now willing to support non-discrimination ordinances that protect LGBT people.  This is simply not true, as Camille Beredjick points out at the Friendly Atheist: The Mormon church will support nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people in matters of housing, employment, and public services, one elder said, as [Read More...]

Pastor James David Manning is at it again: “Islamists are right to kill homosexuals.”

For those unfamiliar with Harlem’s Pastor Manning, you can see some of his greatest hits here. Now he’s at it again, saying that homosexuals deserve to die. As Hemant says, he doesn’t get paid to be right.  He gets paid to be confident. He’s 100% right when he passes the blame to scripture.  It’s right [Read More...]

I’m torn over Alabama lawmaker who has vowed to expose the affairs of “family values” colleagues.

Everybody’s cheering Rep. Patricia Todd, a gay lawmaker in Alabama.  She has said that she will expose the extramarital affairs of some of her anti-gay peers who simultaneously tout “family values” to prevent equal status for LGBT citizens. “I will not stand by and allow legislators to talk about ‘family values’ when they have affairs, [Read More...]

Virginia Senate approve anti-discrimination bill that includes LGBT.

The Virginia Senate just passed an anti-discrimination bill that includes LGBT people.  The bill will all-but-certainly be signed into law. The Virginia Senate General Laws and Technology Committee on Monday approved a measure that would ban anti-LGBT discrimination against state and local government employees. State Sen. A. Donald McEachin (D-Henrico County) introduced Senate Bill 785 [Read More...]

When Christians say “we can’t redefine marriage”…

“Although [polygamy] was lawful among the ancient fathers: whether it be lawful now also, I would not hastily pronounce.” ~ St. Augustine, The Good of Marriage Redefining marriage is what Christianity has done throughout the ages.  Indeed, even Martin Luther, the catalyst for the Protestant Reformation (though 53% of Protestants are unaware of that fact), wrote “I [Read More...]

Sally Kern’s trifecta of anti-gay bills ignores science and promotes children-harming practices.

You all remember Sally Kern, right? State Rep. Sally Kern (R) is leading that charge. She infamously insists that homosexuality is “more dangerous” than terrorism, and has attempted to make a martyr of herself over the backlash for saying so. Last week, she filed three separate bills designed to circumvent equality for the LGBT community by either licensing discrimination [Read More...]

Not a good morning for Matt Barber.

As many of you know, I have a whole column in my twitter app dedicated to bad people.  This morning it was filled by Matt Barber who apparently isn’t too happy after Alabama’s gay marriage ban fell last night. The Gay Gestapo?  Yeah, because that was the Gestapo’s message: you do whatever you want, just [Read More...]

BREAKING: Federal judge strikes down Alabama’s gay marriage ban.

All of you people betting that Alabama would be the last hold out just lost your money (I’m still counting on you, Mississippi!).  And boy, did Judge Callie Granade have some good things to say: “There has been no evidence presented that these marriage laws have any effect on the choices of couples to have [Read More...]