Tennessee judge issues injunction against same-sex marriage ban on behalf of three couples.

Good morning all. Sorry about only posting one thing yesterday.  In the most recent saga of Michaelyn and my inability to be well at the same time, I am pretty sure I spent yesterday enjoying the first migraine headache of my life…at 32 years-old.  God hates me.  It’s ok, I’ve earned it.  Anyway, today I [Read More...]

Queen Elizabeth signs Scotland’s same-sex marriage bill into law!

It’s strange.  I blog on terrible things all the time.  You’d think a gamer being scammed and trying to commit suicide wouldn’t depress me more than anything else.  But it has.  Maybe because I’m a suicide attempt survivor myself?  I don’t know.  Anyway, I’m going to try and pick out more uplifting stories today. Like [Read More...]

Kentucky churches withhold $7 million in promised donations to children’s home to coerce anti-gay policies.

If there’s one thing Jesus abides less than homeless children, it’s children in a home with two loving parents feeding them, clothing them, taking them to school, all while being the same gender. Sunrise Children’s Services is working to recover from a massive budget shortfall after Kentucky churches withheld $7 million because the children’s home [Read More...]

Michele Bachmann is tired of gay people bullying everybody.

Being fed up with gay people bullying everybody makes about as much sense as lamenting how Sarah Palin is just so much smarter than everybody else.  All the same, Bachmann is fed up with gay people not just rolling over when their rights are contested. The Minnesota congresswoman told talk show host Lars Larson in an [Read More...]

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s office helped write the LGBT discrimination bill she vetoed.

Oh politics…you are a fickle beast.  It turns out that the bill Gov. Brewer vetoed for being “too broadly worded” had wording contributed by her office. Before it attracted any national attention, advisers to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) offered guidance on the anti-gay legislation that she eventually vetoed at the end of February — [Read More...]

Debate over Arizona’s anti-gay bill prompts state congressman to come out of the closet.

Moved by the debate over Arizona’s gay discrimination bill, state senator Steve Gallardo has announced that he is gay. Gallardo said debate over the bill caused him to reflect and speak out about his sexuality. “After I stood up on the floor and argued against 1062, as I’ve done on many bills before, I sat [Read More...]

Support for same-sex marriage and opposition to LGBT bigotry reaches new highs.

Back in 2004 a post-ABC poll measured the public opinion toward marriage equality: Support for same-sex marriage has changed more rapidly than almost any social issue in the past decade. In a Post-ABC poll in March 2004, 38 percent said same-sex marriage should be legal, while 59 percent said it should not, the same percentage now in [Read More...]

Church sign warns black women that a white homo may steal their man.

A church in Harlem has put up a sign that combines the paranoia of fundamentalist Christianity and Republican politics into a singularity of irrational fear: Yes, because the President saying he’s changed his mind on gay marriage totally changes the amount of gay people in the world and what they do in their spare time. [Read More...]

Catholic school withdraws from a St. Patrick’s Day Parade and complains about how put upon they are.

A Catholic school is making a big stink about how oppressed they are because they elected to not participate in South Boston’s Saint Patty’s Day Parade…because gay people who fought for their rights were being allowed to march as well: A Catholic school has announced they will not be in the South Boston Saint Patrick’s Day [Read More...]

Nations pulling funding from Uganda in the wake of harsh anti-gay laws.

Make no mistake: Uganda President Museveni knew this was going to happen.  He even pre-empted it as he signed the bill.  But he did it anyway, and now nations that don’t want their money going to support a government culpable for such startling inhumanity are withdrawing funds. At least three European countries announced the withdrawal [Read More...]