Arguments against Gay Marriage via Children

I thought we had some interesting (if not frustrating) debate about why the LGBT community generally shouldn’t be allowed to marry. Instead of allowing those discussions to be lost in the endless noise of the Disqus universe, I thought I’d catalog those arguments here (and their rebuttals) in a slightly less endless-noise realm of a [Read More...]

BREAKING: Colorado’s gay marriage ban is gone.

In my last post I wrote that one state per week is a good pace.  It allows us to drink in the shadenfreude of conservative tears. This week’s state is apparently Colorado: A judge in Colorado has struck down the state’s gay marriage ban. District Court Judge C. Scott Crabtree on Wednesday ruled the 2006 [Read More...]

Conversation: Utah appealing gay marriage ruling to the Supreme Court.

It’s just been announced that Utah will appeal its gay marriage defeat to the Supreme Court.  I’m excited and trepidatious.  The SCOTUS ruled in favor of equality for gays in striking down Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  Kennedy has shown he’s willing to throw in with gays in terms of equality, but after the Hobby Lobby [Read More...]

More evidence that kids raised by gay couples do just as well, if not better, than those raised by straight couples.

Probably the most frequently used argument for prohibiting same-sex marriage is that gay people suck at raising kids (this was the primary argument used in the challenge to Kentucky’s gay marriage ban in which the Judge who ruled against the state said “these are not the arguments of serious people.”).  However, the largest study of [Read More...]

The Hobby Lobby ruling gets worse and worse.

Immediately after the SCOTUS ruling on Hobby Lobby other religious organizations decided to see what laws they could get exempt from on religious grounds.  First up is non-discrimination laws: Fourteen prominent faith leaders — including some of President Obama’s closest advisers — want the White House to create a religious exemption from his planned executive [Read More...]

Why I Feel Left Out in My Own Party

My name is Daniel Moran. I am the stepfather of an eleven-year-old girl who just celebrated her birthday yesterday. I am a student at the University of North Texas, majoring in Political Science, specializing in Constitutional Law, and currently enrolled in the Pre-Law program. I am the founder of the Secular Student Alliance at UNT [Read More...]

BREAKING: Kentucky’s gay marriage ban struck down.

Do gay people have no heart?  No compassion?  My marriage is two days old and already they’re back at it, trying to tear down my sacred union with the consenting adult I love by wanting the right to form their own sacred union with the consenting adult they love.  How does that even sound like [Read More...]

John Oliver on anti-homosexual laws in Uganda.

Oliver continues to kick ass. [Read more...]

Rare Vintage Photos

Ever since its creation and widespread public availability, photography has preserved our most precious memories. These particular photographs from so many years ago tell a much bigger story, though, because of what they meant. The love you can see in them is just as real as those of heterosexual couples, and I’m proud to live [Read More...]

Another one bites the dust: Indiana’s gay marriage ban struck down.

I’m terrible at keeping promises, apparently.  I keep saying I won’t blog until I’ve tied the knot, but then awesome stuff keep popping up and I can’t resist.  Thankfully I have a fiancee who understands. Today a federal judge (the 18th in a row) ruled that Indiana’s gay marriage ban was unconstitutional: “Same-sex couples, who [Read More...]