GAY RIGHTS & LAW: Texas Supreme Court issues order prohibiting judges from issuing same-sex marriage licenses.

In response to the ruling in Travis County, the Texas Supreme Court has just issued an order prohibiting county clerks and judges from issuing same-sex marriage licenses: The Texas Supreme Court stepped in this afternoon and blocked all state judges and county clerks from issuing marriage licenses to gay couples. The emergency action comes following [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS & LAW: Texas probate judge strikes down gay marriage ban, but didn’t a federal judge already do that?

Ok, so a few days ago a probate judge in Travis County, Texas ruled in a case about dispersing an estate that the Texas gay marriage ban is unconstitutional.  For myself and others this seemed like a weird thing to get excited about since last year a federal judge ruled the state’s ban unconstitutional but [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS & FAITH: Pope compares transgender people to nuclear weapons.

Man, Pope Sunshine and Unicorns has been kind of a jerk lately.  Did you know that transgender people are kind of like nuclear weapons? The head of the Catholic Church has claimed people who ‘manipulate’ their bodies are similar to ‘Herods’ that ‘destroy, that plot designs of death, that disfigure the face of man and [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS: Michigan doctor declines to treat the six day old baby because its parents are lesbians.

A Michigan lesbian couple who had just given birth to a child needed to take it to the doctor a week later.  They made an appointment with Dr. Vesna Roi who was happy to to see to the well being of a baby – or at least she was until she found out that its [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS & POLITICS: Oklahoma GOP puts forth a bill that would punish judges/clerks for issuing SSM licenes.

Sally Kern and the rest of the Republicans in Oklahoma don’t seem to know how the balance of power works.  If the courts invalidate a law, you can’t just pass the same law again and call it good. Yesterday, the Oklahoma House Judiciary Committee advanced legislation that would prohibit judges and clerks in the state from issuing [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS & LAW: Alabama Supreme Court Justice may eliminate all marriages if gays are allowed.

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Glenn Murdock (wasn’t he the bad guy in Rambo 2?) is displeased that gay people get equal rights in Alabama, and he’s so bent on keeping them from getting married he’s considering trying to wipe out marriage for everybody: Justice Murdock’s opinion is attached to a brief order from the state [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS: Cleveland man stabs his non-gender conforming son to death.

Kevin Golec is a man in Cleveland who had a non-gender conforming son.  At times “Brian” identified as “Bri” (were their evidence of consistency I’d refer to Brian as a trans woman).  Brian (how he’s being referred to in obituaries) was stabbed to death by his own father following a fight:  An Ohio man has [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS, LAW, & POLITICS: Arkansas House passes anti-gay bill, governor will let it become law.

I wrote last week about how the Arkansas Senate passed a bill that would prohibit all Arkansas towns from passing non-discrimination ordinances that include LGBT people.  Thankfully, the lone gay holdout in Arkansas scrambled to pass such an ordinance before the House could pass the measure, setting up a potential lawsuit. Well, now the Arkansas [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS & POLITICS: Oregon to get nation’s first bisexual governor.

Here’s a milestone! Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown (D) will become the first openly bisexual governor when Gov. John Kitzhaber (D) resigns from office next week, the Washington Post reports. … “Brown is married to husband Dan Little; she has publicly discussed her bisexuality in past campaigns. She is already arguably the highest-ranking bisexual [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS & LAW: The Alabama probate judge who was the first to get it right.

For all the probate judges in Alabama who got it wrong (here’s one example thanks to Jasper this morning), here’s a good story of one who got it right.  Probate Judge Steven Reed was the first such judge in Alabama to declare he’d be handing out same-sex marriage licenses last Monday.  When asked by ABC [Read More...]