Family Research Council not happy with Obama’s anti-discrimination order.

I’ll just post the FRC’s press release about the executive order Obama signed today forbidding companies who work for the federal government from discriminating against LGBT people.  My thoughts, as I read the release are in red: Today, President Obama issued an Executive Order mandating that all federal contractors and subcontractors grant special treatment to [Read More...]

Michael Sam receives Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

Michael Sam, the Rams defensive end who made waves by coming out as gay while playing D1 college football at Mizzou, received the Arthur Ashe Courage Award a couple nights ago.  His speech definitely, most certainly, did not make me cry, for I am tough.  So tough. It makes me so happy when I get [Read More...]

BREAKING: Obama’s executive order protecting LGBT will NOT have religious exemptions!

Hell yes!  So Monday Obama will sign an executive order that forbids federal contracts going to companies that discriminate against LGBT people.  Religious groups, in the wake of the Hobby Lobby ruling, have been pressuring Obama to add an exemption for religious groups.  Essentially they want him to say organizations that work for the federal [Read More...]

SCOTUS reinstates stay in Utah marriage equality case.

When Utah asked the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals to stay its ruling pending appeal, the Court declined.  So Utah asked the SCOTUS to stay the ruling and it obliged: The Supreme Court has issued an order allowing the state of Utah to continue denying legal recognition to the same-sex couples who married during the [Read More...]

Bryan Fischer: stopping men from having sex will stop AIDS.

Oh special twitter list, sometimes you make me laugh.  And sometimes you make my cry that this much hate and this much stupidity can exist within the same human being: Yeah, Bryan Fischer just can’t stand it when people politicize a tragedy and a disease to suit their pet cause…like he’s doing with this tweet.  [Read More...]

BREAKING: Federal court rules Oklahoma’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional.

In January a district judge in Oklahoma ruled that Oklahoma’s gay marriage ban ran afoul of the Constitution (with a spectacularly worded ruling).  The state appealed, and yet another federal judge (what is this, 19 in a row?) has ruled that the state’s ban on gay marriage is incompatible with a Constitution that calls for [Read More...]

BREAKING: Florida’s gay marriage ban falls.

Yet another falls. A judge in the Florida Keys has overturned the state’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage after a legal challenge by six gay couples said it effectively made them second-class citizens. The ruling was issued Thursday by Circuit Judge Luis M. Garcia and applies only to Monroe County, which covers the Keys. The [Read More...]

Could gay marriage be coming to Kansas?

Something I failed to note yesterday when I talked about Utah appealing the gay marriage ruling (in favor of equality) to the Supreme Court is how far the 10th circuit court’s ruling applied: Besides Utah, the June 25 decision applies to Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Wyoming, but the circuit court put its ruling [Read More...]

Arguments against Gay Marriage via Children

I thought we had some interesting (if not frustrating) debate about why the LGBT community generally shouldn’t be allowed to marry. Instead of allowing those discussions to be lost in the endless noise of the Disqus universe, I thought I’d catalog those arguments here (and their rebuttals) in a slightly less endless-noise realm of a [Read More...]

BREAKING: Colorado’s gay marriage ban is gone.

In my last post I wrote that one state per week is a good pace.  It allows us to drink in the shadenfreude of conservative tears. This week’s state is apparently Colorado: A judge in Colorado has struck down the state’s gay marriage ban. District Court Judge C. Scott Crabtree on Wednesday ruled the 2006 [Read More...]