Near Fayetteville, AR and want to get same-sex married? This lady will help you get it before the stay.

Got this message on facebook last night: So Laura Phillips is going to be at the Washington County courthouse to marry people. Arkansas can legally marry same sex couples now (although for how long this will last is unsure), and she wants to make sure that someone is there to help people complete the legal [Read More...]

I’m so tired of this lifestyle choice being shoved down society’s throat.

This is made of win: Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go drink away the fact that I will never make a point so powerfully even on my most eloquent days. [Read more...]

Arkansas Gets Gay-Friendly

Anne here… Arkansas is now added to the list of states that permits same sex marriage. Judge Chris Piazza’s decision did not come with an automatic stay, and the Pulaski County Clerk (the county where Little Rock is located) says that starting Monday morning, his office will be able to issue gender-neutral marriage licenses. The decision strikes [Read More...]

Japan’s first lady takes part in pride parade.

You go, guuuuuuuuurl! On Sunday, Japan’s first lady Akie Abe – wife of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe – chose to show her support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities of Japan by taking part in the third annual Tokyo Rainbow Pride event. The 51-year-old wife of the highly conservative premier stood in all white on [Read More...]

Benham brothers wouldn’t know hate if it was punching them.

Backstory: HGTV was going to run a show about flipping homes to benefit the poor featuring a pair of twins, the Benham brothers.  RightWingWatch recently published an article detailing some of the brothers’ work in opposition to gay rights: Flip’s son, David Benham, led a prayer rally — Charlotte 7:14 — outside of the Democratic National Convention [Read More...]

Omaha man convicted on two counts of child neglect running for office to stop same-sex couples getting benefits.

Meet Levi Lippincott, the 29 year-old chairman of the Sarpy County GOP who is running for Congress because the incumbent Republican isn’t anti-gay enough. Lippincott is challenging Republican incumbent Jim Thompson in a race that some say shows a split in the local Republican Party. Lippincott said he is running, in part, because of Thompson’s [Read More...]

Group of clergy sue North Carolina for religious freedom…to marry gay couples!

Well this is unexpected (and kind of awesome): In a twist on the conservative argument over the separation of church and state, a group of clergymen filed suit in North Carolina today challenging state laws that make it illegal for them to perform wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples within their congregations. The clergymen, representing the [Read More...]

Gay weddings back to being invalidated in Tennessee.

Last month I wrote with excitement about the judge in Tennessee who ruled that the marriages of three gay couples that moved to TN from other states must be recognized.  Sadly, TN’s attorney general has won a stay in the ruling: Three same-sex Tennessee couples’ marriages — granted recognition last month by a Nashville federal [Read More...]

Oregon attorney general won’t defend gay marriage ban.

W00t!  A couple in Oregon is suing the state on the grounds of its gay marriage ban.  The attorney general in Oregon has said she won’t defend the ban as there appears to be no legal justification for it.  But that’s just because she’s all hung up with the United States Constitution instead of god’s [Read More...]

Matt Barber has caught us trying to destroy free speech, criminalize Christianity, and opposing natural sexuality.

I had no idea how dastardly I, as part of the political left, actually was.  But then I came across this article from Matt Barber on, a bastion of even-handed analysis, and discovered just how big a threat I and my ilk are to the very concept of freedom. Just look at how the [Read More...]