General Mills gets on board with Pride Month.

General Mills is announcing their awareness of how real family values operate: And with President Obama’s recent declaration to officially sanction June as “Pride month” in the United States, more companies than ever before are expected to jump on the big gay bandwagon this year. One of the first to the party is cereal powerhouse [Read More...]

Guess how many times the Florida AG defending the gay marriage ban on the grounds of familial stability has been divorced.

Florida is yet another state where a lawsuit is on the table challenging the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.  Not surprisingly, Florida’s Republican Attorney General Pam Bondi supports the ban.  She does so on the grounds that letting gay people marry would somehow harm the stability of straight marriages: Arguing against a lawsuit that says [Read More...]

NOM asks Supreme Court to block gay marriages in Oregon…Supreme Courts says NO!

Oh fuck the hell yes! The Supreme Court, in a one-sentence order without explanation, refused on Wednesday afternoon to stop same-sex marriages in Oregon.   The denial was by the full Court, after Justice Anthony M. Kennedy had submitted the plea to it. The request had come from a private group that is strongly opposed to same-sex marriage, [Read More...]

My dad is in an online debate with Arkansas state sen. Jason Rapert right now…and making him look like a fool.

Ok, quick back story before we get to the good stuff. (If you already know about Jason Rapert and his opposition to marriage equality, or if you just want to read about my dad intellectually beating his ass to his face, you can skip down to the cut point…you’ll see it) Last month a judge [Read More...]

Anti-gay baker ordered by judge to serve gay customers and report for anti-discrimination training.

Had to post this before hitting the road.  Consider it a kind of morning happiness.  In Colorado, at least, they’re not giving people exemptions to discrimination laws because Jesus makes them moral enough.  Jack Philips is a baker who refused to serve a gay couple getting married (in Massachusetts, the reception was in CO).  They [Read More...]

National Organization For Marriage receives record fine in Maine for election fraud.

The National Organization For Marriage (which is a strangely named organization since it seeks to prevent marriages) were naughty boys in Maine when they were trying to get a gay marriage ban on the ballot.  And now they will pay the hefty price for it: NOM contributed more than $2 million to the $3 million [Read More...]

Texas GOP convention excludes Log Cabin Republicans.

The Texas GOP has decided to exclude the Log Cabin Republicans from its convention, because apparently what they need once the presidential election rolls around is a clear example of how the party is still hardcore anti-gay: Two Republican gay rights groups said on Thursday they had been denied booths at the party’s upcoming Texas [Read More...]

Couple booted and banned from Texas restaurant because “We don’t like fags.”

Recall how Pastor Becky Riggle was attempting to convince the Houston city council that business owners should be allowed to break discrimination laws as long as they’re religious?  I’m happy to report she did not succeed: Houston became the latest Texas city to enact legal protections for LGBT citizens on Wednesday, joining Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and San [Read More...]

Church leaders blame drag queen for flooding in the Balkans.

It was the cynical Rahm Emanuel who once said “Never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”  Nobody heeded his call to use the crisis of others to empower yourselves like religious leaders in the wake [Read More...]

Same-sex marriage bans on shaky ground in all but two states.

You know times are good when days in which a same-sex ban in some state doesn’t come down feel like odd days out.  At the clip those bans have been coming down lately there’s hardly time to savor the over-the-top outrage of those claiming to be humanity’s moral bastions.  Some of us have worked damn [Read More...]