Christians who freaked out when Cowboys signed Michael Sam noticeably silent when they sign an actual criminal.

When the Dallas Cowboys signed openly gay NFL rookie Michael Sam to their practice squad, many Christians (including NFL players) publicly and loudly lost their shit (including protests against the Cowboys).  In an effort expose the hysteria and moral confusion with which Christianity seems to imbue people, I want to introduce you to Josh Brent, [Read More...]

Texas Senator sponsors ‘license to discriminate’ constitutional amendment

A Texas lawmaker has sponsored an amendment to the Texas constitution that could make it completely legal to discriminate against the LGBTQ community under the guise of religious freedom. Sen. Donna Campbell (R-New Braunfels), a Tea Party darling, sponsored SJR 10, which would add one section to the Texas Constitution’s Bill of Rights. It reads: Government [Read More...]

BREAKING: Wave bye-bye to South Carolina’s gay marriage ban!

God dammit!  How is my own straight marriage surviving?  Not only is it surviving, I haven’t even noticed the slightest inconvenience from all these gay marriage bans falling.  It’s almost like people of the same sex getting married doesn’t make a single, solitary, god damn bit of difference. Add South Carolina to the mix: a [Read More...]

GOP State Rep sponsors bill to put Ten Commandments in Texas’ public schools

Texas State Rep. Dan Flynn (R-02), filed a bill on Monday, the first day legislators could for the upcoming 84th Legislative Session, to keep schools from following the Constitution. The bill, simply titled HB 138, is just a one sentence long addition to Chapter 11 of the Texas Education Code. It reads: The board of trustees of an [Read More...]

Mennonite pastor stripped of credentials after performing his son’s same-sex marriage.

Chester Wenger is a pastor with Mennonite Church USA who, many, many years ago had to watch his own church excommunicate his gay son: Wenger “grieved deeply” about the church’s decision to expel his child, but when same-sex marriage became legal in Pennsylvania in May, his son asked him to officiate his wedding to his partner of [Read More...]

Dallas overwhelmingly votes in non-discrimination measure with protections for LGBT!

Here’s some rare good news out of Texas: Dallas voters overwhelmingly added nondiscrimination protections for LGBT city employees to the City Charter on Tuesday. With all 430 precincts reporting, 77 percent of voters supported adding both “sexual orientation” and “gender identity and expression” to the City Charter, with only 23 percent opposed, according tounofficial election [Read More...]

Analysis of the 6th Circuit’s ruling.

This is going to be long so I’m just going to jump right in.  Jeffrey Sutton wrote the majority opinion in yesterday’s 6th Circuit ruling that upheld gay marriage bans in four states.  Early in his opinion he wrote: Through a mixture of common law decisions, statutes, and constitutional provisions, each State in the Sixth Circuit [Read More...]

BREAKING: 6th Circuit rules against marriage equality, sets the stage for SCOTUS decision.

Just saw via Zack Ford on Twitter that the 6th Circuit has ruled against marriage equality in a 2-1 decision.  This creates a circuit split that will effectively force the Supreme Court to take up the issue in its next session. The 6th Circuit is binding in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  Frankly, the decision [Read More...]

SC Christian files suit: same-sex marriage violates his freedom to worship.

They say with god anything is possible, and yet with god on their side same-sex marriage is chugging right along.  And if they can accomplish anything with god, why is there so much desperation in defending his causes?  I mean, in Kansas you have a couple calling their marriage property and asserting that letting LGBT [Read More...]

BREAKING: Missouri’s gay marriage ban is history!

Man, most of us could use some good news today.  How about mo’ equality?  How about MO equality!  (Get it?  I crack myself up).  Missouri’s gay marriage ban is no more! St. Louis Circuit Judge Rex Burlison issued the ruling Wednesday. He heard arguments in the case on Sept. 29. The city of St. Louis [Read More...]