Why gay marriage must be stopped.

Think of the children. This, frankly, would’ve been a more compelling argument than what came out of Puerto Rico yesterday. [Read more...]

Why the district ruling in Puerto Rico, upholding their gay marriage ban, made absolutely no sense.

Judge Juan Pérez-Giménez, a district court judge in Puerto Rico, has ruled that Puerto Rico’s gay marriage ban is constitutional.  As you might expect, his ruling is full of bizarre lines of reasoning.  Forgive me if I just jump right in.  In his ruling  Pérez-Giménez said: The plaintiffs have brought this challenge alleging a violation [Read More...]

Pat Robertson: Gay rights advocates are “Terrorists, radicals, and extremists.”

Ol’ Pat is at it again: Except this time he’s using arguments a lot of Christians are using right now.  So let’s hit up some of them. It’s one thing to want to persuade somebody to believe like you do, that’s what Christianity is about, to bring the Gospel message and say this is good [Read More...]

They’ve been shown the Idaho ministers story is a lie, but that doesn’t seem to deter them.

This morning Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association (whose primary goal seems to be stopping loving families from forming) took to twitter to continue spreading this lie (which has been picked up and spread even by blogs here at Patheos): This is simply not true.  The city even responded to these allegations yesterday: On [Read More...]

My new response to “Two men together ain’t marriage!”

I happily have a new response anytime somebody says we can’t change the definition of marriage or that no matter what, two men/two women ain’t marriage.  Courtesy of Zack Ford on twitter: Beautiful.  And persist, we shall! [Read more...]

Rebecca Hamilton spreading the Idaho ministers lie as well.

Oh Rebecca Hamilton.  She’s like the go-to blog here at Patheos for opinions that are not the slightest bit researched.  But those are the type that tend to confirm god’s will, and that’s the real goal anyway, right? Anyway, she threw in with this lie about the Idaho business turning away gay people – that [Read More...]

Columbus County Board of Commissioners passes anti-gay resolution that means absolutely nothing.

The 10th Circuit’s ruling on the constitutionality of gay marriage bans (they’re not constitutional) affected several states, including North Carolina.  Nestled in NC is Columbus County which doesn’t care for it one bit.  Their Board of Commissioners passed a resolution opposing the 10th Circuit’s ruling: The Columbus County Board of Commissioners approved a resolution Monday night [Read More...]

When given the choice between lying or admitting you’re not persecuted, Jesus would want you to lie.

In Idaho the owners of a for-profit business which performs wedding ceremonies thinks the law shouldn’t apply to their business because they’re religious.  Pastors of churches in Idaho are going merrily along giving praise to discrimination against LGBT people and calling it the love of Jesus, but two business owners break business laws against discrimination [Read More...]

Full story on the wedding chapel in Idaho that refused to marry gay couples.

Dunno if you’ve been listening to Pat Robertson lately, but there are deadly consequences to same-sex marriage (literally, he used the word “deadly”).  Nowhere, apparently, is this more obvious than in Idaho: Onslaught of sexual behavior!  Personally, I have very happy dreams about being on the receiving end of an onslaught of sexual behavior, but [Read More...]

Daily Show on the failed Republican experiment in Kansas.

I’ve written a couple of times on how horribly fucked the state of Kansas is thanks to Gov. Brownback and a kowtowing GOP legislature letting him do whatever he wants.  But the Daily Show takes it to all new levels: The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video [Read More...]