Why I Feel Left Out in My Own Party

My name is Daniel Moran. I am the stepfather of an eleven-year-old girl who just celebrated her birthday yesterday. I am a student at the University of North Texas, majoring in Political Science, specializing in Constitutional Law, and currently enrolled in the Pre-Law program. I am the founder of the Secular Student Alliance at UNT [Read More...]

BREAKING: Kentucky’s gay marriage ban struck down.

Do gay people have no heart?  No compassion?  My marriage is two days old and already they’re back at it, trying to tear down my sacred union with the consenting adult I love by wanting the right to form their own sacred union with the consenting adult they love.  How does that even sound like [Read More...]

John Oliver on anti-homosexual laws in Uganda.

Oliver continues to kick ass. [Read more...]

Rare Vintage Photos

Ever since its creation and widespread public availability, photography has preserved our most precious memories. These particular photographs from so many years ago tell a much bigger story, though, because of what they meant. The love you can see in them is just as real as those of heterosexual couples, and I’m proud to live [Read More...]

Another one bites the dust: Indiana’s gay marriage ban struck down.

I’m terrible at keeping promises, apparently.  I keep saying I won’t blog until I’ve tied the knot, but then awesome stuff keep popping up and I can’t resist.  Thankfully I have a fiancee who understands. Today a federal judge (the 18th in a row) ruled that Indiana’s gay marriage ban was unconstitutional: “Same-sex couples, who [Read More...]

Rick Santorum: gay marriage is bad for the economy.

In an interview with TownHall, Rick Santorum argued that marriage equality shouldn’t be allowed because it would be bad for the economy. “When we continue to see a decline in marriage and a redefinition of marriage, you get less marriage,” he said. “You get families that aren’t as strong, and as a result, society generally, [Read More...]

Arkansas legislators adopt statement condemning judge who struck down gay marriage ban.

State senator Jason Rapert is a real piece of…work. A resolution asking the Arkansas Supreme Court to uphold a voter-approved constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages, which a circuit judge recently overturned, won support from state lawmakers Friday. The non-binding measure, approved by the panel that represents the full Legislature between sessions, also condemns Pulaski County [Read More...]

Bryan Fischer: Discrimination is a good thing and it’s necessary.

The narrative from the anti-gay crowd has been either “We’re not discriminating by insisting gays shouldn’t be able to do what straight people can do!” or “It’s we who are being discriminated against when gay people are allowed to do what we do!”  In both cases, discrimination is being treated as the horrible thing everybody [Read More...]

National Organization for Marriage supporter threatens violence if marriage equality is realized.

The National Organization for Marriage held a rally in DC the other day which, admittedly, had better turnout than Operation American Spring (which isn’t saying much).  Mike Huckabee gave a talk, and so did NOM President Brian Brown who boldly stated that the meager assembly would continue to stand up for “the truth of marriage.” [Read More...]

Presbyterian Church decides gay marriage is ok. w00t!

This is a huge victory.  It speaks to the immense progress that the gay rights movement has made. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) voted at its General Assembly on Thursday to change its constitution’s definition of marriage from “a man and a woman” to “two people,” and to allow its ministers to perform same-sex marriages where [Read More...]