BREAKING: Federal judge rules Louisiana gay marriage ban constitutional.

Ugh, here’s on to appeal.   U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman, a Reagan appointee, ruled that the ban on gay marriage in Louisiana is constitutional because same-sex marriage is a slippery slope that could lead to incest.  I’m not joking.  He wrote in his decision: For example, must the states permit or recognize a marriage between [Read More...]

Tennessee megachurch pastor won’t repent for opposing same-sex marriage.

Pastor Robby Gallaty of Brainerd Baptist Church in Tennessee just gave a lengthy sermon in which he pledged to not repent for opposing same-sex marriage. “God said that the sins of the people had infected the very land in which they live,” he explained. “So what happens to people who engage in this activity, this [Read More...]

Secretly recorded video of boy coming out to his parents.

For all the Christians who read this blog, this video should confirm to you why people like me think religion does more evil than good. Before you click play, know that there is pretty harsh abuse present.  Be ready for it.  This is also NSFW. All with constant assurances from the family that they love [Read More...]

No, that’s not descrimination

I was perusing my usual sites, and I came across an article posted on Fark. [Read more...]

7th circuit: anti-gay laws are based on hate.

Oh man, I wish I could just repost this entire assessment of yesterday’s oral arguments in the 7th circuit over Wisconsin and Indiana’s gay marriage bans.  But here are some highlights: During oral arguments Tuesday on the constitutionality of Indiana’s and Wisconsin’s bans on same-sex marriage, 7th Circuit Judge Richard Posner demanded that attorneys distinguish [Read More...]

Preacher thinks gays should be sentenced to 10 years in forced labor camps.

Christian love (and consistency) on full display.  I know what you’re thinking: this video sucks.  That’s what happens when you burn the whole budget on the special effects: Yes, gay people are unwilling to compromise with Christians like Wilson, when all those Christians want is to throw them into labor camps.  Geez, those homosexuals are [Read More...]

Bryan Fischer: everybody is instinctively repulsed by homosexuality.

It starts with god, according to Bryan Fischer.  When god sees two men/two women getting it on he recoils in disgust…and presumably that’s why two people who love each other shouldn’t be able to marry, because that’s sure to stop them from having sex: If god finds it so repulsive, why did he make me [Read More...]

BREAKING: Florida’s gay marriage ban ruled unconstitutional statewide!

Another win streak begins: A federal judge on ruled Florida’s gay-marriage ban unconstitutional and ordered the state to recognize marriages legally performed elsewhere. The judge, however, immediately stayed his order until after the appeals process is completed, the Tampa Bay Times reports. And like so many other judges ruling on this issue, this one is [Read More...]

Fayetteville, AR passes a non-discrimination resolution that includes LGBT!

Despite Arkansas being governed by those who channel their god into their lawmaking when they oppose LGBT rights at every opportunity, Fayetteville just passed a non-discrimination resolution that will ensure protections based on sexual orientation/identity: Following nearly 10 hours of debate, the City Council in Fayetteville, Arkansas voted to pass a controversial non-discrimination ordinance by [Read More...]


They’re coming…with groceries. h/t Joe My God. [Read more...]