North Carolina pastor loses it over gay marriage.

So good to be reading the news again.  It’s like shadenfreude forces my brain to release endorphins, which is why I love articles like this: A Baptist pastor is warning that God will escalate the Ebola crisis when North Carolina begins performing same-sex marriages. Would you believe that much of West Africa is largely Christian? [Read More...]

XKCD: same-sex marriage like interracial in the 60s? More like the 90s.

Due to my sleepiness today, rather than a full break down of anything you get this happy, happy image courtesy of XKCD: [Read more...]

Kansas, say hello to gay marriage – emphasis on the HELL.

Tomorrow when I step outside in the morning I’ll take a deep breath in to taste the freedom and the rage of people who’d forbid love in the name of a supposedly loving god.  Because as of this evening, same-sex marriage has come to Kansas: A Kansas state judge has ordered the Johnson County Clerk [Read More...]

Same-sex marriage licenses issued in South Carolina despite same-sex marriage ban.

I started seeing reports earlier today about clerks and courts (there was little consistency to the articles) dispensing same-sex marriage licenses despite an active ban in the state:  A South Carolina court has issued a marriage license to a same-sex couple despite the state’s constitutional ban against the practice and the attorney general’s pledge to [Read More...]

Temporary stay in Idaho decision is nothing to worry about.

Admittedly, I was a bit worried when Justice Kennedy issued a stay on the Idaho decision.  But then I contacted a friend who knows a thing or two about this stuff and this is the response I got back: It’s absolutely routine when one side in a case says they’re going to appeal it. People [Read More...]

Huckabee threatens to leave GOP over gay marriage.

Mike Huckabee went on the American Family Association’s radio show the other day with a message for the Republican party: if they don’t start breaking the law, he’s going to leave. Incensed by the decision, Huckabee declared that “I am utterly exasperated with Republicans and the so-called leadership of the Republicans who have abdicated on [Read More...]

BREAKING: Make that 32 states with gay marriage. 9th Circuit strikes down bans in Idaho and Nevada!

I said I was calling it a day, but I can’t help myself.  Did we report yesterday that 30 states now had same-sex marriage?  Make it 32!  The 9th Circuit just struck down gay marriage bans in Idaho and Nevada! Still no circuit split.  :P I know, I know…activist judges everywhere.  Universally religious, mostly Christian [Read More...]

Ted Cruz totally opposed to amending the Constitution, except when he’s for it.

Many of us saw yesterday that Ted Cruz vowed to pass legislation that will unmake all this gay marriage equality ickiness.  In my rebuttal to Tony Perkins I highlighted why this will never happen: 1.  This will never pass.  The nation favors same-sex marriage right now, which means that even if you got enough votes [Read More...]

Mormon Church upset about gay bar having Mormon night.

A Salt Lake City gay bar has started having Mormon nights once per week: According to KUTV, bar staff wore missionary nametags, while special Mormon-themed drinks called ‘sacrament shots’, ‘baptism by fireball’, ‘garment droppers’ and ‘151 missionary’ were put on the menu. A naked statue of the Mormon prophet Moroni was also erected on top [Read More...]

Governor of Oklahoma denounces the Supreme Court for failing to review same-sex marriage cases.

Wow.  Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma doesn’t like the situation with same-sex marriage, which will be a part of Oklahoma oh-so-soon.  Let’s get into her statement: The people of Oklahoma have the right to determine how marriage is defined. The people do not get that right if it infringes on the equality of American citizens. [Read More...]