American Medical Association: gay people should be able to donate blood.

Let’s face it.  Find someone in the United States who is opposed to gay rights and who among us (Christians included) if forced to bet our life savings on guessing their religion wouldn’t say “Christian?”  Sure, no all Christians oppose gay rights.  But of those who oppose gay rights they are almost universally religious.  And [Read More...]

Exodus International closes, apologized to LGBT people.

Holy shit!  “Pray away the gay” group Exodus International has not only closed up shop, but they’ve actually apologized to LGBT people! The closure comes less than a day after Exodus released a statement apologizing to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community for years of undue judgment, by the organization and from the Christian Church as [Read More...]

Pew: pro-marriage equality stories far outnumber anti-equality stories.

It’s pretty common knowledge that the public opinion on same-sex marriage has shifted greatly in the last four years.  This has produced a happy case of schadenfreude with the Republican party, which not very long ago made gay marriage a primary issue to win elections by appealing to Evangelicals.  Now it’s becoming clear that you [Read More...]

Using legislation to defeat reality in Russia.

In Russia it’s about to become illegal to tell your children about homosexuality. A bill that stigmatizes gay people and bans giving children any information about homosexuality won overwhelming approval Tuesday in Russia’s lower house of parliament. Hours before the State Duma passed the Kremlin-backed law in a 436-0 vote with one abstention, more than [Read More...]

Mike Huckabee’s right to not see gay people is being breached!

Mike Huckabee was talking on his show the other day about how all the things the anti-gay crowd had feared are starting to come true.  They feared the loss of rights for good, wholesome Christians and now it’s actually happening. His example?  If Huckabee turns to particular channels of his own accord, he can see [Read More...]

Study Debunks Claim that Kids of Same-Sex Parents Do Less Well

Anne here… The Southern Poverty Law Center alerts us to a new study out of Australia about children growing up in households led by same-sex parents: In the latest blow to anti-gay forces, a major study conducted at the University of Melbourne in Australia has found that children of same-sex parents do as well or [Read More...]

Macklemore gets more aweseome: joins the voices of AU.

Macklemore (the guy responsible for that god damned thrift store song that only leaves your head a few minutes before you hear it on the radio again) was already a pretty rad supporter of gay rights.  Now he’s even more rad. Right on!  What a happy story to read first thing in the morning. [Read more...]

College Republican National Committee: the problem with our LGBT image is that not enough people believe a lie.

The College Republican National Committee has made recommendations to the GOP on how to stop getting pummeled so drastically at the polls by young voters.  Not surprisingly, the CRNC identified gay marriage as one of the problem areas for the Republican Party: With the culture shifting away from the party’s policies, here’s what they recommend: [Read More...]

No gay marriage, no gay rights groups, and 14 years in prison for violators. Faith in Nigeria at work.

I knew the good news couldn’t last forever.  In Nigeria, where about 50% of the population is Christian and about 47% of the population is Muslim, they’ve passed a law that represents some of the vast amount of common ground between the two faiths. Lawmakers in Nigeria passed a bill Thursday banning same-sex marriage and [Read More...]

First Muslim lesbian couple married in the UK. Now they fear for their lives.

Few things confuse me more than gay people that still consider themselves Christian or Muslim.  Why would you pledge allegiance to a god and a people who so clearly despise you? Anyway, a lesbian Muslim couple recently became the first such couple to wed in the UK. Rehana Kausar, 34, and Sobia Kamar, 29, from [Read More...]