Father dissects dissenting judge’s opinion in Virginia gay marriage case.

We were all excited when the U.S. Fourth Circuit of Appeals struck down Virginia’s gay marriage ban (and, in doing so, struck down gay marriage bans in four other states).  But did you know that it was a 2-1 decision?  My father recently had the opportunity to dissect the dissenting opinion for a new facebook [Read More...]

The gay agenda is about kicking out everybody who won’t have sex with everyone else. Thanks Pat Robertson!

Oh, you thought they were anti-discrimination laws implemented only to make sure minorities aren’t treated like shit by the majority?  Well think again!  They’re actually laws set up specifically to make society dangerous and to set it up for the judgment of god.  These laws aren’t just saying “If you want to discriminate, you need [Read More...]

BREAKING: North Carolina won’t defend its gay marriage ban.

North Carolina has said it will not defend its gay marriage ban in the wake of the Fourth Circuit Court’s ruling: At a news conference Monday afternoon, Atty. Gen. Roy Cooper said he had made the decision because the appeals court ruling “predicts our law will be struck down.” “Simply put, it is time to [Read More...]

Ed Brayton nails Todd Starnes on right to fire hypocrisy.

This made me smile. So Bob Eschliman was the editor of a small newspaper in Iowa who wrote on his blog that the “Gaystapo” and Satan are trying to destroy pretty much everything.  The paper saw this as their editor airing discrimination, thought it would be detrimental to the paper, and fired him.  Todd Starnes [Read More...]

BREAKING: Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals rules Virginia’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional!

About a half hour ago the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Virginia’s same-sex marriage ban violates the Constitution.  How many consecutive federal court victories now?  I lose track it’s so many.  That’s a lot of…*ahem*…activist judges. Anyway, Virginia’s gay marriage ban is history.  No word yet on if a stay will be [Read More...]

BREAKING: Alaska Supreme Court rules same-sex partners entitled to survivor benefits.

Because of the ban on same-sex marriage in Alaska, the surviving partner in same-sex couples were not entitled to survivor benefits.  The state’s Supreme Court just ruled unanimously that this is unconstitutional: The Alaska Supreme Court today ruled unanimously that the same-sex partner of a person killed on the job should have access to the [Read More...]

Sandy Rios: FBI agents dressed in drag are coming.

Man, thank god for Sandy Rios.  While you may have thought that Obama’s executive order forbidding the federal government from employing companies that discriminate was all about equality, think again!  It was subtle, which is probably why nobody noticed, but it also set the stage for drag-wearing FBI agents to come for the Christians. Sandy [Read More...]

Christian group fasting to stop gay marriage: participants can eat.

Apparently prayer alone wasn’t enough, a Virginia anti-gay group has decided to add fasting to its list of activities that don’t change anything to be performed while boasting of changing the world: The Virginia-based Family Foundation announced a coordinated fast earlier this month, in order to influence the US Supreme Court into rejecting same-sex marriage [Read More...]

Father on why young people, specifically, are rejecting religion.

Father linked to a good article this morning from, of all places, my conservative hometown paper.  The article discusses the implication for a society that is less religious than ever, and only becoming more so: The decline in religiosity is especially telling. When one considers how theistic beliefs typically are passed down from generation to [Read More...]

Head of NOM doesn’t like Obama’s executive order either.

Brian Brown, the head of the National Organization for Marriage (a hate group), doesn’t care for Obama’s executive order either, and he’s got all kinds of doom-sayin’ ready to go, almost all of which has no bearing on the actual executive order.  But it sure sounds scary.  Booooooooo!  (H/T to Joe My God): “The fact [Read More...]