Majority of Americans would support nationwide law recognizing marriage equality.

Thanks to Gallup, we now know that 52% of Americans would vote for a law that legalized gay marriage across the United States. W00t!  The people serving as a fleshy anchor to progress are the same people you’d expect: those who attend church weekly, Republicans, etc.  There is one surprise though: 60% of self-proclaimed Catholics [Read More...]

Pope Francis reached out to gays kinda sorta not really.

The internet is abuzz with a quote from Pope Francis: “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” Francis asked. And I can’t figure out why secular folk are celebrating.  Maybe we’re so used to complete and utter loathing of homosexuals by the Catholic [Read More...]

Montgomery Co., PA’s Novel Approach to Same-Sex Marriage

After the Doma and Prop 8 cases were handed down last month, lawyers all over the country and civil rights organizations like the ACLU got busy. Challenges to state constitutional amendments, and to laws denying recognition of same sex marriages performed elsewhere, have already been filed in many places, and petitions are circling to get measures [Read More...]

Can’t let a gay couple stay at his bed and breakfast. His would-be mistress on the other hand…

Last year a British couple who own a bed and breakfast refused to rent a room to a gay couple.  The gay couple sued and Mike Wilkinson and his wife, the owners of the B&B, lost the case despite what they surely thought was a compelling reason for denying the gay couple: “For us, sex [Read More...]

Lesbians in Canada receive threatening letters.

So this is happening: TWO vicious anonymous  letters, written “in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, our savior”, have been received by a lesbian couple in Kingston, Ontario, ordering them to leave town or be used as target practice. The group behind the threats – addressed to “lesbian bitches” – claim their head office [Read More...]

Violence against gays in Russia as told through pictures.

There will be a link below.  Don’t click it if… 1.  You are at work or at a shared computer. 2.  You have a weak stomach. There are ugly truths in the world such as the permanence of inescapable death.  Some people run from those truths, preferring the bliss of ignorance rather than the courage [Read More...]

Gay rights meme of the day.

My father upon reading my article about an elderly gay couple’s marriage getting recognized by the state of Ohio: It isn’t that the religious and the conservative are unable to envision the consequences of their legislative homophobia, it is that they do not have the empathy and the humanity to care. Yup.  I once thought [Read More...]

The first recognized gay marriage in Ohio.

Good morning!  I’d like to start you off today with a happy story.  It centers around two men in Ohio, where I still live for another week, who love each other very much. James Obergefell is now married to John Arthur, who has an advanced form of sclerosis that is expected to take his life [Read More...]

England and Wales decide equality for gays is worth offending conservatives.

It doesn’t take omnipotence to realize that love has more to do with character of one’s partner than what’s between their legs.  England is about to become the most recent nation to announce, however indirectly, that any god who decreed that gays should not be full, equal citizens was wrong – just as wrong as [Read More...]

Pennsylvania won’t defend gay marriage ban.

Pennsylvania was one of the many states that voted in a gay marriage ban with the influx of the Tea Party.  However, following in the footsteps of California with Proposition 8, it’s now likely they won’t defend it against a suit filed by the ACLU. Attorney General Kathleen Kane is expected to announce Thursday that [Read More...]