W. W. Bridal in Pennsylvania refuses service to lesbian couple.

In Pennsylvania a bridal shop, W. W. Bridal, has refused to sell a wedding dress to a lesbian couple for religious reasons. According to PAHomepage.com, the brides-to-be were informed that the W. W. Bridal Boutique “does not service same-sex couples” because to do so would be a violation of their “religious beliefs.” One of the [Read More...]

BREAKING: Marriage equality winning streak snapped, TN state judge rules marriage ban ok.

It had to happen eventually.  After a long string of victories from appointees from each recent President, conservative and liberal alike, one judge in Tennessee has placed his personal beliefs over clear legal precedent (and equality for that matter).  And he did it for about the dumbest conceivable reason (religion aside): Circuit Court Judge Russell [Read More...]

Because he was gay, Tampa church renegs on promise to bury a man.

A church scheduled to bury a gay man called his mother, literally at the wake, 24 hours before he was to be buried to say they couldn’t inter him because he was gay: Pastor T.W. Jenkins of Tampa, Florida’s New Hope Missionary Baptist Church called Julie Atwood less than 24 hours before her 42-year old son, [Read More...]

Liberia’s president and church leaders blame gays for Ebola outbreak.

While the CDC and all the world’s leading scientists have yet to track down the source of the Ebola outbreak, religious leaders in Liberia have apparently succeeded: the source is god, and we should keep worshiping him because he’s only killing people at random because somewhere in the world men are getting other men off. [Read More...]

Federal judge upholds lower court’s ruling: New Jersey can’t submit teens to ex-gay “therapy.”

This is a big win.  New Jersey remains the second state that prohibits religious people from abusing gay people (specifically teens in New Jersey) under the guise of trying to help them.  Judge Wolfson even referred to the practice as pseudoscience in his ruling: “Surely it is undisputed that a state has the power to [Read More...]

Pastor Rick Wiles: Ebola could solve atheism, homosexuality, promiscuity, porn, and abortion.

Man, it must be great to be a Christian and to be able to see the silver lining even in a tragedy like the more than 1,000 people killed by the Ebola outbreak.  Just ask Pastor Rick Wiles: Speaking on his radio show on Tuesday, Wiles said, “Now this Ebola epidemic can become a global [Read More...]

Fourth consecutive county judge in Florida rules state ban unconstitutional.

Unlike other states, many of Florida’s lawsuits challenging the state’s gay marriage ban were filed in county courts.  That means the decisions in some of those cases are only binding to the county until they’re appealed to the state.  The good news is that the pro-equality crowd has won every suit that’s been ruled on, [Read More...]

Good news and bad news out of Oklahoma

Steven here… You may recall us talking about Scott Esk, Republican candidate for state representative? If you don’t here’s a refresher. Yeah, that guy. The one who thinks that we should straight up murder people for being gay. Anyway, the primary results are in. Esk lost his primary, and he lost so hard. This gives [Read More...]

Peter LaBarbera: god’s wrath coming to Sears.

Sears recently participated in Chicago’s gay pride parade.  According to Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (an organization that spreads opinions that contradict those of every medical and psychological body in the developed world, so the name’s kind of ironic) this is going to move god to take a break from watching murderers, [Read More...]

UPDATE: Big gay marriage case to be decided in the 6th Circuit today.

The appeal of Michigan’s pro-marriage equality ruling will be decided today in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals today.  This ruling will hold jurisdiction over four states: Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio.  Tennessee and Kentucky won’t be happy if the legal winning streak of pro-equality advocates continues. On Wednesday, the historic civil rights case that [Read More...]