Church sign warns black women that a white homo may steal their man.

A church in Harlem has put up a sign that combines the paranoia of fundamentalist Christianity and Republican politics into a singularity of irrational fear: Yes, because the President saying he’s changed his mind on gay marriage totally changes the amount of gay people in the world and what they do in their spare time. [Read More...]

Catholic school withdraws from a St. Patrick’s Day Parade and complains about how put upon they are.

A Catholic school is making a big stink about how oppressed they are because they elected to not participate in South Boston’s Saint Patty’s Day Parade…because gay people who fought for their rights were being allowed to march as well: A Catholic school has announced they will not be in the South Boston Saint Patrick’s Day [Read More...]

Nations pulling funding from Uganda in the wake of harsh anti-gay laws.

Make no mistake: Uganda President Museveni knew this was going to happen.  He even pre-empted it as he signed the bill.  But he did it anyway, and now nations that don’t want their money going to support a government culpable for such startling inhumanity are withdrawing funds. At least three European countries announced the withdrawal [Read More...]

Arizona’s anti-gay bill is dead, but the wailing of the “oppressed” lives on.

I fucking hate political language.  I wish people would just speak clearly, but that might alienate some voters who realize your exact position. Anyway, the good news is that Arizona’s anti-gay bill is dead.  Governor Jan Brewer slapped it with a veto: Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a bill Wednesday that would have allowed businesses [Read More...]

Jon Stewart on Al Melvin and “religious persecution” in Arizona.

Boom goes the dynamite. The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook [Read more...]

Texas judge strikes down gay marriage ban.

Since I already got my roflmao on, I’ll reserve this blog post for just discussing the particulars.  First, it happened.  A judge in the comically conservative state of Texas has struck down the state’s ban on gay marriage with some gloriously concise wording: Texas on Wednesday became the latest state to have a federal judge [Read More...]

Uganda’s anti-gay bill signed into law. President Museveni says same-sex kissing can give you worms.

Look, it’s not because President Yoweri Museveni is an Evangelical Christian leading a fundamentalist Christian nation (with some sprinkling of Islam thrown in for the anti-gay cherry on top) that he just signed a bill into law that means life imprisonment for gay people and anybody who doesn’t report them.  It’s that science shows us [Read More...]

Al Melvin goes on Anderson Cooper to defend anti-gay bill in Arizona. Rehearsed talking points ensue.

I don’t think Al Melvin is qualified to make french fries, but he’s running for governor of Arizona. The man can’t answer (or won’t answer) Cooper’s questions, lies about the impetus for the bill, embarrasses himself by not getting that his bill would apply to religions other than his, and then sits there with a [Read More...]

Dad’s email to the Arizona Chamber of Commerce.

Father sent this email to the Arizona Chamber of Commerce this morning. Please pass this along to your governor. We are planning a trip West this fall. If your governor signs the “discriminate against gays” bill currently on her desk, we will drive around Arizona, no matter how many miles it may add to the [Read More...]

A good day for gay acceptance in sports.

Before I crawl back to bed, I’ll leave you all with some feel good stories from the world of sports.  First, Jason Collins has become the first openly gay person to compete in America’s four major sports.  He has been signed to the Brooklyn Nets: The Brooklyn Nets on Feb. 23 signed Jason Collins to a 10-day [Read More...]