Fayetteville, AR passes a non-discrimination resolution that includes LGBT!

Despite Arkansas being governed by those who channel their god into their lawmaking when they oppose LGBT rights at every opportunity, Fayetteville just passed a non-discrimination resolution that will ensure protections based on sexual orientation/identity: Following nearly 10 hours of debate, the City Council in Fayetteville, Arkansas voted to pass a controversial non-discrimination ordinance by [Read More...]


They’re coming…with groceries. h/t Joe My God. [Read more...]

Louisiana Tea Party opposes common core math standards because they will turn students gay.

There’s a political battle raging in Louisiana right now over how to teach basic arithmetic.  Educators and Sen. David Vitter support the new common core standards (if you don’t know what they are, see Hemant’s write up).  Gov. Bobby Jindal opposes them for some strange reason that seems to have something to do with schools [Read More...]

LGBT continue to face violence and murder in Uganda. Many going into hiding.

Gays continue to be executed by the public in Uganda: Six LGBT persons have been stoned to death in rural Uganda, it has been revealed. The six, three gay men, two lesbians and a transperson, were reportedly stoned to death according to a press statement released this week by two organisations. “They were killed by [Read More...]

Bryan Fischer: gays responsible for Rick Perry’s indictment.

I wasn’t even done having a good ol’ fashioned chuckle at this whole situation when I saw this tweet from Bryan Fischer in my special feed: Funny story about your “credible information,” buddy: no District Attorney indicted Rick Perry.  Perry was indicted by a grand jury.  But that’s just how insidious these gays are!  They [Read More...]

Pennsylvania bakery refused to sell wedding cake to lesbian couple. Owner “knows” she’s doing right.

Pennsylvania is a bit weird with regards to the LGBT.  It allows same-sex marriage, but has no legal protections in place for LGBT people: Pennsylvania is the only state where it is legal for same-sex couples to marry, but where there are no legal protections whatsoever for sexual orientation and gender identity. Statewide, there is [Read More...]

James Dobson: I’ve never said anything disparaging about gay people in my life.

It’s not that he’s lying, it’s just that he’s confused disparaging untruths with love.  On his radio show “Family Talk” (where I can only imagine they talk about how to stop people from forming families) Dobson recently said he’s never said anything disparaging about gay people in his life: This obviously struck me as strange, [Read More...]

Matt Staver goes full Godwin on marriage equality.

Matt Staver is the head of Liberty Counsel and dean of the Liberty University School of Law, and he really doesn’t like the idea of marriage equality.  In a Radio America interview yesterday he said that Christians and Republicans who stay silent on the subject are just like those who gave their tacit consent in [Read More...]

Anti-equality advocate’s wife left him for another woman.

Look, I don’t believe in karma, but sometimes I’m tempted. Jonathan Saenz is part of the group Texas Values, which you should join if you value discrimination and disseminating loads of bullshit at an obsessive pace.  For instance, Saenz has been big on the message that gay people terrorize women and children and pave the [Read More...]

BREAKING: 4th Circuit denies stay in marriage equality ruling. Marriage equality could come to multiple states.

Hot damn!  This is great. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit today denied a request to delay implementation of its ruling striking down Virginia laws denying marriage to same-sex couples.  The court’s action means that, unless the Supreme Court intervenes, couples may begin marrying and having their out-of-state marriages recognized in Virginia [Read More...]