New bill would allow therapists to refuse to treat LGBT people.

How can our legislators, who are supposed to represent equality, decency, and every single American vote for something like this? The Christian Right’s latest attack on the state’s LGBT community zipped out of the Senate Education Committee yesterday by a 7-2 vote. Nashville Republican Sen. Steve Dickerson was among the yes votes. The bill bars [Read More...]

My religion says I must kick bigots square in the nuts.

This makes me sick. A pending bill in the Kentucky state legislature could pave the way for increased discrimination against LGBT people. Patheos notes that human rights groups are going to battle against a bill that would allow residents to sidestep anti-discrimination laws if they pointed to “sincerely” held “religious beliefs” that justify their actions. [Read More...]

The ultimate anti-gay marriage commercial.

Behold!  A commercial for how things would really look if marriage equality could really destroy the institution of marriage. [Read more...]

Obama asks the SCOTUS to strike down Prop 8.

This doesn’t earn him forgiveness for drone strikes, persecution of whistleblowers, or protecting torturers from the Bush years…but it’s a start. Throwing unprecedented political weight into legalizing same-sex marriage, the Obama administration on Thursday urged the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down California’s ban on gay nuptials. In a friend-of-the-court brief, the administration for the [Read More...]

Open letter to Matt Barber.

The Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber has an open letter to gay teens in the wnd.  Here’s my open letter to Matt Barber. Hi Matt.  I’m a straight guy.  To be perfectly honest, the thought of another guy’s penis repulses me only slightly less than your letter.  And yet, here I am, writing you this letter [Read More...]

Dave Sirus has a PhD in trolling for good.

Comedian Dave Sirus has a history of trolling the shit out of the WBC.  This is brilliant.  Just brilliant. Yeah, yeah, yeah…mocking religion makes us look like villains.  Bullshit, says I.  Heaping disrespect upon things that are detestable is precisely what we should do.  Treating them with the same respect we reserve for the charitable [Read More...]

Handful of Republicans sign brief in favor of gay marriage. This will be better than the Super Bowl.

We knew this was coming, and finally it has. Ever since it was ok to murder a woman for bumping hips with a guy before her wedding night, social standards have moved slowly, but steadily, toward liberty and equality.  Essentially, we’ve slowly ditched dogma for empathy.  The political party of resistance to this trend has [Read More...]

Texas lawmakers want to slash funding to public schools for having equality policies.

Forget public schools that would rather ban all clubs than let a Gay-Straight Alliance form, some Texas legislators are trying to slash funding to schools/universities with pro-equality statutes for students and employees.  This is in response to the Pflugerville School District recently became the first to offer benefits to the partners of LGBT teachers.  Pflugerville [Read More...]

Keith O’Brien: evil.

I was digging through the file labeled “Not Surprising at All” this morning and came across the story of Keith O’Brien, the Archbishop of St. Andrews and exceedingly high-ranking Cardinal.  It turns out that he spent his whole career ferociously opposing the rights of homosexuals and making advances on his male subordinates.  One of those [Read More...]

Turkish court rules that gay sex is natural.

Yup. An Istanbul court ruled on Monday that consensual sex between two men is natural. The landmark ruling contradicts rulings made in the past by the country’s Supreme Court, Gay Star News reports. Of course, it’s irrelevant.  It doesn’t matter if consensual sexy times between two people of the same gender is natural or not.  [Read More...]