Peace on earth and kill the gays.

Rebecca Kadaga, the speaker of the Ugandan parliament, has painted a psychotic picture of what Christmas means in that country. Merry Christmas? Ugandan Speaker of Parliament promises the draconian anti-gay (Kill the gays) bill will pass before the end of 2012, and will be a Christmas gift for Uganda’s Christian community. On Monday, November 12, [Read More...]

A father responds to his transgender child

Steven here… We see a lot of stories of parents that don’t know how to be compassionate. Kicking out and belittling their LBGT kids is sadly one of the more common things we see. One of my cousins is transgender. She recently made a post about how happy she was to be able to jettison [Read More...]

Guest post: Catholics being irrational about homosexuality. They also dress funny.

The following is a guest post from Amanda, one of the leaders of CASH, the SSA affiliate at the University of Minnesota. My name is Amanda.  In the fight for equality there are firebrands and there are diplomats, and I am definitely a diplomat.  I don’t want to fight with anyone, and I have found [Read More...]

Test of fire? Test of my gag reflex.

Mike Huckabee narrates a video that made me gag (and considering some of the porn Christina has shown me, a video that makes me gag has reached a very high bar of raunchiness). Oh holy hell.  Literally. This November, Christians across the nation will be put to the test. And an arduous test it will [Read More...]

First openly gay senator may be elected in November.

It’s so wonderful to be alive as the tides of history change. It’s three weeks before the election and Baldwin’s narrowly winning a race she was supposed to lose. The Wisconsin seat is being vacated by Democrat Herb Kohl, an elfin retail-store tycoon who funded his own campaigns with the slogan “Nobody’s Senator but Yours.” [Read More...]

Pastor tells it like it is!

Christina here… You really need to watch this video of a pastor from the Brentwood Christian Church in Missouri (my state, woo!) giving a bible-thumping speech about gay rights. TRUST ME. Watch it to the end. This guy was born and raised in Springfield, MO, home of Skepticon. Can somebody invite him to Skepticon? Or [Read More...]

And the award for most dihonest ad goes to…

The National Organization for Marriage! I was doing some reading over at The Nation and saw this. When did the President put that legislation forward?  Do I at least get to choose my husband when the Gaypocalypse comes down?  If so, I choose Dinesh D’Souza just so I can make his life miserable every day.  [Read More...]

Ann Coulter’s joke is her ideology’s downfall.

In an apparent bid for the inhumanity Olympics, on National Coming Out Day Ann Coulter tweeted… With Coulter, it’s virtually impossible to tell if she’s serious or joking.  Either way, this is something pretty horrible to say.  Aaron McQuade with GLAAD summed it up perfectly. “There was a time in our culture’s history when, if [Read More...]

The gay agenda: Duck Overlords

DrB-   Just so you know, if you tolerate “the gay,” than ducks will take over the planet.   You can find me on twitter, @DrDavidBurger I recruit in Kansas City, & [Read more...]

Can I gay marry Chris Kluwe?

He’s called out Matt Birk, and it’s every bit as wonderful as his first effort. The second flaw is that you’re actually arguing in favor of same-sex marriage. If children having a stable home is the main crux of your concern, then denying gay couples the benefits of 1100 federal laws can only harm the [Read More...]