National Organization for Marriage supporter threatens violence if marriage equality is realized.

The National Organization for Marriage held a rally in DC the other day which, admittedly, had better turnout than Operation American Spring (which isn’t saying much).  Mike Huckabee gave a talk, and so did NOM President Brian Brown who boldly stated that the meager assembly would continue to stand up for “the truth of marriage.” [Read More...]

Presbyterian Church decides gay marriage is ok. w00t!

This is a huge victory.  It speaks to the immense progress that the gay rights movement has made. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) voted at its General Assembly on Thursday to change its constitution’s definition of marriage from “a man and a woman” to “two people,” and to allow its ministers to perform same-sex marriages where [Read More...]

There’s homophobia even in opera. :(

As somebody who has done theater, musical theater, and opera at all levels from amateur to professional, I can personally assure you that the stereotype of gay people being in theater is…true.  It’s so true.  Theater is a welcoming place for gay people as a general rule.  It’s easier for them to come out there [Read More...]

35 years later military changes lesbian’s discharge to “honorable.”

Army vet Lisa Wiszmiller describes how gay people were treated in the military back in the day.  It turns out some people are just too gay to fight for their country: “Back then, the treatment was barbaric,” Weiszmiller said, recalling that soldiers who were thought to be gay were interrogated for hours and punished with [Read More...]

BREAKING: Obama will issue executive order to protect LGBT workers.

Hat tip to Zack Ford for breaking this one: The White House announced Monday that President Obama will issue an executive order requiring that all companies who contract with the federal government must not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. The order, expected to be finalized in the coming weeks, is [Read More...]

Pastor John MacArthur: you must alienate gay kids and turn them over to Satan.

A California pastor has said on his show that the answer to gay children is to ostracize them and “hand them over to Satan.”  Here’s the video:   Pastor John MacArthur, host of the Grace to You show, has a solution for the whole gay…thing. Parents struggling to reconcile their faith-based bigotry with the news [Read More...]

NA LCS open thread.

For those who play League of Legends (and watch the pros) here’s a thread to chat today. The only game that shouldn’t be an all-out romp today is the first game between TSM and C9.  C9 hasn’t been on top of their game, but I think they’ll come back strong.  TSM just looks lost.  Everybody [Read More...]

Rick Perry compares homosexuality to alcoholism.

For bonus points he even conflates lifestyle with disorder: The Texas Republican Party this month adopted a platform supporting access to “reparative therapy” for gays and lesbians, a widely discredited process intended to change sexual orientation. In response to an audience question about it Wednesday night, Perry said he did not know whether the therapy [Read More...]

Researcher of most popular “Gays can’t form stable relationships” study recants.

This is actually pretty big.  Brad Wilcox was one of the researchers behind the Regnerus study, the most frequently cited bit of “research” on how LGBT people don’t for stable relationships or raise well-adjusted kids.  Now, even he has to admit that’s all bullshit. Buried in a National Catholic Register report on the biannual meeting [Read More...]

Oklahoma politician says cities should be able to decide whether or not to kill gay people.

Last post for the day, gang.  Michaelyn heading back home has put me in a crappy mood that only video games can solve. Scott Esk is running for Congress in Oklahoma and believes that cities should be able to decide on an individual basis if they want to stone people to death for being gay. [Read More...]