Mexico’s Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage.

Damn.  The United States was beaten to the punch by hella Catholic Mexico: In ruling after ruling, the court has said that state laws restricting marriage to heterosexuals are discriminatory. Though the decisions have been made to little public fanfare, they have had the effect of legalizing gay marriage in Mexicowithout enshrining it in law. “When [Read More...]

Pope says kids need heterosexual parents.

Pope PR is back at it.  This last Sunday he told a crowd of 25,000 people a thing or two about how kids need heterosexual parents: “They’re not scared of the differences!” the pope said. “What great richness this diversity is, a diversity which becomes complementary, but also reciprocal. It binds them, one to the [Read More...]

FOX News pundit says polygamy and child marriage will be allowed if SCOTUS doesn’t rule based on the bible.

Cal Thomas at Fox news wonders how we could stop polygamy or child marriage if the SCOTUS rules based on the Constitution rather than on his personal religious scriptures: Fox News contributor Cal Thomas argued over the weekend that polygamy and “adult-child marriage” could become legal in the United States unless the Supreme Court bases [Read More...]

45,000 people and 2 Presidential candidates vow to defy SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality.

Gay-hating pastor Rick Scarborough is collecting signatures (he has about 45,000) of people who are vowing to defy the SCOTUS if it rules in favor of same-sex marriage: But a group led by anti-gay pastor Rick Scarborough is vowing to defy any ruling by the Supreme Court that recognizes same-sex marriage. Scarborough announced the effort in a column [Read More...]

Pastor Steven Anderson: I hope Bruce Jenner dies and goes to hell, I hate him with a perfect hatred.

Remember Pastor Steven Anderson?  He’s the one I turned into a meme for saying that AIDS sucks so we need to kill all the gay people.  He’s a real winner. Well, he’s back.  This time he talks about being able to forgive all kinds of terrible people, but he wishes that Caitlyn Jenner would die [Read More...]

Christian couple promises to get divorced if gay marriage is allowed.

An Australian couple is saying they’ll divorce if Australia decides to allow gay marriage: Nick Jensen, who posed with his wife Sarah on the cover of the latest issue of Canberra City News, writes of the Christian couple’s decision to end their marriage under the headline, “Gay law change may force us to divorce”. “My [Read More...]

Franklin Graham has a master plan to defeat gay rights once and for all.

Franklin Graham is calling on all true Christians to stop doing business with LGBT-friendly companies.  That’ll show them. On Friday (June 5), Graham said it had “dawned” on him how to “fight the tide of moral decay that is being crammed down our throats by big business, the media, and the gay & lesbian community.” [Read More...]

Jason Rapert aghast that a gay pride parade could be held on a Sunday.

For those unfamiliar with Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert, let me fill you in. Oh the blog posts I’ve written on this guy.  There was the time that Rapert tweeted at someone that god and “people who honor him” are what made this country great (which probably comes as a shock to any atheists in the military): [Read More...]

I got to watch the son of Fred Phelps officiate the wedding of two lesbians.

It was a great weekend.  Those who have met Nate Phelps know he’s a pretty swell guy, the kind of guy you’d want performing the wedding ceremony for two of the nicest people you’ve ever met.  That’s exactly what Michaelyn and I got to watch this weekend. This is the bridge over the Missouri river [Read More...]

Wordsmith of the day: Ed Brayton on the Liberty Counsel asking Alabama to defy the Supreme Court.

The Liberty Counsel has asked the Alabama Supreme Court to reiterate that it will defy the Supreme Court’s forthcoming ruling on same-sex marriage (assuming the SCOTUS rules in favor of equality, if the SCOTUS rules the way Roy Moore wants then you can bet your ass off that ruling, just like the Hobby Lobby ruling, [Read More...]