Trailer: God Loves Uganda.

Since the passage of a bill which promises harsh penalties (life in prison) for homosexuality and anybody who aids and abets homosexuals, Uganda has become a nightmare for LGBT people.  This nightmare exists, quite simply, because Christianity is getting its way. I just saw this trailer for a documentary by Roger Ross Williams called God [Read More...]

Ex-gay activist: America isn’t free because homosexuality isn’t criminalized.

If you’re arguing that America isn’t free because you’re not allowed to throw your enemies in jail, you probably have pretty shit definitions of “freedom” and “equality”. Ex-gay activist D.L. Foster appeared on Linda Harvey’s radio show over the weekend where he declared that the United States is no longer the “land of the free” [Read More...]

Glenn Beck: 65 years from now gay activists will be arresting Christians.

The paranoia train is going off the rails with Glenn Beck as of yesterday. Right Wing Watch also goes ham on Beck’s assertion that nobody today would echo the sentiment that homosexuality is a criminal offense: Maybe Beck ought to take a look around our archives featuring post after post of contemporary Religious Right leaders [Read More...]

Oklahoma citizens learn that the will of the majority doesn’t usurp inalienable rights.

Judge Terrence Kern just handed down a pretty tough cheese to swallow for the state of Oklahoma: their ban on marriage equality is unconstitutional.  And Kern didn’t do this with language that could be called coddling.  Speaking of the plaintiffs, Kern said: “The Bishop couple has been in a loving, committed relationships for many years,” [Read More...]

Another Catholic school fires a great teacher because he wants to get married.

Brian Panetta was, until recently, the music teacher at Sandusky Central Catholic School in Ohio.  In his five years there he “vastly expanded the entire music program, with the school’s band expanding from 18 to 50 members.”  The school just fired him because he’s in love with a man and not a woman, which apparently [Read More...]

Arkansas Tech needs to disavow comments by homophobic teacher.

A teacher at Arkansas Tech, Wayne Helmer, recently penned an editorial in Prism, the journal of the American Society for Engineering Education.  In the piece Helmer insists that diversity should not include the LGBT.  The kindest thing I can say about it is that it’s factually errant.  Click here to see the excerpt I got [Read More...]

Utah man starving himself until gays aren’t allowed to marry.

This story is both funny and said.  It’s funny for the man’s self-aggrandizing impotence and sad, well, because it’s an example of just how pathetic human beings can be.  A Utah man has said he will starve himself until gay marriage is forbidden throughout the United States. His goal is to draw attention to the [Read More...]

Gay wedding in the Rose Bowl Parade. First rant of the new year.

Happy New Year everybody!  Or, as many on the right wing call it, Merry Christmas!  I’m planning on celebrating with the family today with oodles of champagne, hugs, and board games.  But I did want to pop in to talk about a football game we’ll be watching today and why. The Rose Bowl is preceded [Read More...]

Gays and ice cream.

My bro posted this to facebook and it rang all too true. Dat sad face. EDIT:  Original artist was Natalie Dee.  Thanks to Anne on facebook for the heads up. [Read more...]

Uganda passes massive anti-gay bill.

Uganda passed a massive anti-gay bill last week.  Christians in America responded by caring more about one bearded bigot’s “freedom of speech” than about the right of gay people to not spend their entire lives in a fucking cage for loving a consenting adult. Uganda’s parliament has just voted (Friday) on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill (also [Read More...]