Judge rules against proposition 8

Prop 8: still unconstitutional. In the appeal case of Perry v. Shwarzenegger, the Ninth Circuit has held Judge Vaughn Walker’s previous decision and maintains that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional and in violation of California’s due process and equal protection rights! Details follow Don’t get too excited.  The baddies have said they’ll appeal it all the [Read More...]

Want to make a better world for LGBT? Destroy religion.

It never fails.  Whenever you’re explaining to a religious person why their beliefs are absurd, you always get asked the question. “Why do you care what I believe?  Why does it matter to you?” This is why it fucking matters. A gay California teenager killed himself after his Christian parents performed an exorcism on him [Read More...]

Tony Perkins and his sad devotion to that ancient religion

There’s a lot of reasons to be a little wary of MMOs.  They’re huge time sinks, addictive (as are most things that are tons of fun).  None of those seem to bother Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, but he’s got another reason for why you should eschew Bioware’s recent foray into the [Read More...]

Glenn Stanton whines about bad manners billboard

Christina here… Oh look, the Glenn Stanton is offended by this billboard…           I’m so sorry! I know they didn’t mean to offend your poor sensibilities… [Read more...]

Realizing Horrors in One Place, but not the Other

It’s a good thing I already take SSRIs, because I need them after reading the news on some days. The Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch said today that 19-year-old Edmund Padilla was left with burns and blisters after his father, Erano, attacked him with boiling water. Erano Padilla reportedly told police he attacked his son [Read More...]

Delaware and Hawaii bring same-sex unions to 2012

I heard on the Facevine that Delaware and Hawaii allowed the first same-sex couples in their respective states to get married today, January 1st, 2012. What an awesome way to ring in the new year! With Hawaii and Delaware joining the list Sunday, five states now recognize same-sex civil unions, while six other states and [Read More...]

Being Gay is worse than Smoking

Hi guys! Christina here. Ever since I attended a 3-day seminar by Brad Harrab and wrote about a gazillion posts in response, he and I have shared a friendship of sorts, occasionally bumping into each other on Facebook (Edit 1/1/12 Aww, he defriended me!) and in real life. The other day, he posted a most *ahem* intriguing post to [Read More...]

If You're Not Gay, Why Do You Stand Up For Them?

Gah!  I could be saving the galaxy from the Sith, but instead I can’t pull myself away from people saying silly things! Here I was this morning, powering through the blogs I read in order to take up my lightsaber and go play some Huttball, when I read a perfectly legitimate gripe by the Skeptical [Read More...]

The Ultimate Flip-Floppers

Ed Brayton wrote a great post this morning about how NOM is increasingly financially fucked (yay!).  He excerpted a bit from the mailer they sent out trying to make up the difference. And they’re looking for advice on how to spend their money more efficiently: Should I abandon a state like Maryland, New Jersey or [Read More...]

Explaining Gay Rights to Idiots

My mother posted a wonderful link to a post which explains how to discuss gay rights with an idiot. [Read more...]