Not impressed with the Boy Scouts of America.

It’s been rolling around the internet that the Boy Scouts of America are ending their ban on homosexuals participating in the scouts.  While that’s true, I’m not that impressed. Boy Scouts of America is considering ending a longstanding national ban on gay youth and adult members and leaving policies on sexual orientation to its local [Read More...]

Alex Jones: they’re not just coming for your guns, but also your children’s heterosexuality.

Alex Jones is onto “them”.  You see, the nebulous “they” (*cough* the government) are putting chemicals into the foods you buy to turn your children gay. This is exactly the kind of rational person that needs a full arsenal. Life is short, so anybody who values happiness (read: everybody) needs to figure out how to [Read More...]

Hetero awareness month. Really?

Here is a meme from the facebook page attempting to establish a heterosexual awareness month. Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck these people.  Especially fuck them for the image of the straight family, as if they (with two presumably married parents) are the victims of bigotry at the hands of those evil, evil gays.  They seem to think that [Read More...]

The Week in Review: Law and Atheism 1/17/2013

Reproductive Rights News Update This week, Pew Research Center released new polling data that seems to indicate that even among pro-life people, support  for reproductive rights is at an all-time high.  There seems to be more acceptance that abortions should be safe and legal when they do occur, even if these people would not choose [Read More...]

Anti-gay preacher withdraws from the inauguration.

Anti-gay preacher Louie Giglio has withdrawn his acceptance to say the prayer at Obama’s inauguration.  Good.  Sarah Posner says about what I’d say on it. In it, the pastor essentially places the blame on the gays, saying he is withdrawing because his prayer would “be dwarfed by those seeking to make their agenda the focal [Read More...]

Bill Blankshaen: gays are like pedophiles.

Bill Blankshaen has a post up comparing homosexuality to pedophilia.  Apparently two adults deciding who to consensually love is indistinguishable, in his mind, from adults who want to be allowed to have sex with kids who have yet to reach puberty. Oh boy. No one’s being harmed. Not really. They can’t help it. Not really. [Read More...]

Pope warns of attacks from “intolerant agnostics”.

Awwww, the Pope is upset about Catholicism being attacked by intolerant agnostics. Pope Benedict said on Sunday that Roman Catholic leaders must have the courage to stand up to attacks by “intolerant agnosticism” prevalent in many countries. Hell, if you think that agnostics are harsh, check out what atheists are saying about the Catholic church.  [Read More...]

Catholics don’t like gay marriage in Illinois.

The Illinois legislature is moving rapidly toward marriage equality.  Though this will not alter a single Catholic marriage in any way, the Catholic church is greatly displeased. Chicago Cardinal Francis George has launched a last-ditch campaign to convince the lame-duck Illinois legislature not to legalize same-sex marriage, saying that government “has no power to create [Read More...]

Church fights gayness with bestiality.

I thought this was a joke. An American church is promising gay men they will be cured of their homosexuality if they stroke horses. The Cowboy Church of Virginia, led by chief pastor Raymond Bell, believes homosexuality and other ‘addictions’ can be cured by Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Horse therapy, in the right hands, can be [Read More...]

Fired for the most horrible of crimes.

At a university in Virginia, a volleyball coach is being fired for the crime of being gay. Just three days before Thanksgiving, one of the most loved and most successful coaches at Virginia Commonwealth University was fired — my friend Coach James Finley. After delivering a 25-6 winning season and graduating every one of his [Read More...]