Love the sinner

While I’m justifiably ragging on Texas, let me show you the product of nursing a discriminatory and hateful culture. In a possible gay hate crime, two teenage girls in a relationship have been found shot in the head with one dying from her injuries. If you go around saying that people being happy in the [Read More...]

vote with your dollars

DrB- Recently Oreo cookies released a rainbow ad in support of LGBT rights & solidarity. It looked kinda like this, but just the rainbow cookie and date: (not actual ad, but close enough)   Facebook and twitter exploded in support for Oreo. 1. Oreos are delicious. 2. Rainbow Oreo is a clever ad, with a [Read More...]

What about the rights of Christian haters?

I love it when a wave of believers finds my blog.  It gives me something to do. A while back I wrote a post ranting on the legislature in Kansas for passing a bill that would allow discrimination against LGBT people.  Someone left this comment. I hope whoever wrote this article realizes that by blatantly [Read More...]

Christians: the real victims

The city of Jacksonville, FL is considering a new measure that would, “ban discrimination against individuals based on sexual orientation and “gender identity or expression.” Sounds keen.  It sucks some people get discriminated against, so we should probably stop that from happening.  Of course, whenever discrimination receives a remorseless backhand, you can guess who rushes [Read More...]

Colbert nails it on gay rights (Blogathon 47/49)

Saw this on facebook as well.  Also loved it.  This is post 47 of 49 for Blogathon. Total donors is at 255 (if we hit 300 by 7am tomorrow, even if those donations are just the $5 minimum, 20 campers at Camp Quest Ohio will get to pie Michaelyn or JT in the face)! There [Read More...]

Praying the Gay Away (Blogathon 17/49)

Update: Due to the support that came pouring in at the last 15 minutes, I am extending my offer to answer questions about JT or myself for one more hour. We still need $9. If we reach that goal by 4pm (EST), I will go ahead and answer anything you ask! JT thought he was [Read More...]

Discrimination, lying, and faith, a polyamorous marriage made in heaven (Blogathon 2/49)

JT again! Last week PZ pointed out that, in response to a marriage equality bill getting passed in Washington, the faithful were turning to petitions as a means to display their love for the sinner through discrimination. And look at this: faith in Jesus isn’t keeping some of them from lying. The secretary of state [Read More...]

Does the president influence public opinion or does public opinion influence the president?

Christina here… So question: If the president changes his mind or comes out in favor of some issue (such as President Obama coming out in favor of marriage equality) does his opinion influence public opinion? This study hypothesized, with regard to the War on Drugs:  It is hypothesized that the more attention presidents give to the [Read More...]

The It Gets Worse Project

Christina here… You’ve heard of the It Gets Better Project, the project created by Dan Savage: The It Gets Better Project was created to show young LGBT people the levels of happiness, potential, and positivity their lives will reach – if they can just get through their teen years. The It Gets Better Project wants [Read More...]

What we call courage, they call immoral.

Saw this paragraph nestled amongst this article. Also in Boston this month, the Profile in Courage Award was given by the John F. Kennedy Library to three former justices of the Iowa Supreme Court who were part of the unanimous court establishing same-sex marriage in Iowa as a constitutional right under state law, and who [Read More...]