Vote for the winner of the “Nothing fails like prayer” contest!

After the Greece decision the Freedom From Religion Foundation requested that atheists ask for equal time giving invocations before their local governments.  Well, the entries are in, and there’s money and vacation time on the line: Voting is only open for 72 hours so please vote now! (Voting closes at noon Central Time, Thursday, Sept. [Read More...]

Jaclynn Glenn: Christians vs. Atheists raising money for the same charity.

Jaclynn Glenn just released a great video that both highlights the stigma atheists face in public and the general kindness of atheists that makes the stigma even more inappropriate.  Well done. Jaclynn and some friends spend two days raising money for the same charity, one day as representatives of a church (not really, but for [Read More...]

Hugh Laurie must be from the North Pole…

…because this tweet from yesterday was cold. [Read more...]

Incoming freshman survey at Harvard gives hopeful outlook of the future for atheists.

1,172 incoming freshman to Harvard responded to their freshman survey, which included questions about religious belief.  The results made me smile ear-to-ear: Eighteen percent of respondents identified as Protestant, 19 percent as Catholic, 10 percent as Jewish, 3 percent are Muslim, and just percent as Buddhist and Hindu, respectively. About 35 percent said they are [Read More...]

Take this magic pill and you’ll see the ghost spiders

Pictured left is a yellow ghost spider. I was going to make a joke about ghost spiders, but apparently they’re real. They, however, aren’t what I’m actually talking about. There are invisible ghost spiders… and they keep all matter glued together. [Read more...]

Atheist TV coming to Roku.

I never thought I’d see the day when an atheist TV channel would exist, but ‘lo, here it is: American Atheists is excited to announce what is believed to be the first atheism-dedicated television channel, Atheist TV.  In partnership with internet-streaming service Roku, which offers devices similar to cable boxes to bring hundreds of channels [Read More...]

Why Sunday (or whatever day) gatherings for atheists are awesome.

In a few hours I will once again attend KC Oasis.  They meet every Sunday morning.  There’s music, donuts, people telling their stories about leaving religion, a message (last week it was an Egyptologist talking about King Tut), and hanging out with like-minded people.  And shit ain’t free, so they even pass a basket at [Read More...]

Yes, I Can Hold Public Office as An Atheist

For years, the atheist movement has been making the claim that atheists in America can’t hold public office in seven states. We have almost all seen the graphics and posts people have made decrying this as discriminatory and unjust. The most recognizable might be this one to the right: Many news outlets keep repeating this [Read More...]

My Reasonfest talk: Godless Joy.

Here’s my opening talk from this year’s Reasonfest.  Hope you enjoy it.  :) [Read more...]

Guest post by David Silverman: Preach. Proselytize. Convert.

Preach. Proselytize. Convert. These words all have associations with the religious world, eliciting visions of people in ties knocking on doors at 8am Sunday Morning, or adults preaching to other people’s children in the schools, or street pastors scaring passers by about such concepts as Hell (or in some cases, personal grooming). It’s a good [Read More...]