Last day to sign up for the American Bible Challenge

Today’s the last day to sign up a team of three for the American Bible Challenge. Given that atheists tend to know more about the book than believers, I’d love to see an atheist team go in and mop the floor with believers for the lulz.  Who would your atheist dream team be? I’m gonna [Read More...]

Millenials turning the tide in the culture war

Just in time for SSA Week CNN has posted an article about the recent pew poll confirming that the youngest generation is really starting to say “wtf?” to religion.  The one that gave us this graph: Guess who’s square in the middle of this?  If you guessed the Secular Student Alliance, you guessed right. According [Read More...]

Listen to me on Dogma Debate

The episode of Dogma Debate with me is up.  I gave props to David Fitzgerald, PZ Myers, Richard Carrier, my sweetie, the SSA, the organizers of Skepticon V (specifically Jeff, Micah, and Katie), Darrel Ray, Kate Donovan, and Richard Haynes.  I was like a walking billboard. It was a lot of fun.  Dave, Daniel, and [Read More...]

So…I'm writing a book

I asked you guys for a collection of arguments for god’s existence you’d like to see rebutted, and you provided.  Thank you. As many of you have guessed, and due to pressure from people in my life like Greta Christina (and a healthy number who said they’d buy it), I decided to write a book.  [Read More...]

Lyz Liddell on the young atheist movement

My boss, Lyz Liddell, has written a guest post for Skeptic Money on the young atheist movement.  If you’ve ever trusted me on anything, trust me now when I say you need to drop whatever it is you’re doing and go read it.  It will renew your hope for the future. Here’s my favorite part. [Read More...]

What arguments for god would you like to see rebutted?

This is for a project.  Please help me out. I need to know what arguments you’ve heard for god’s existence.  Which one, in particular, would you like to see me take a swing at? Gonna leave this up all weekend. [Read more...]

A Case for Mockery

Since meeting him three years ago, I have been a big fan of Sam Singleton – not only for his presence on stage and ability to hold an audience in the palm of his hand, but also for his character off of it.  I’ve extended him the invitation to submit a few pieces to this [Read More...]


My old friend in the buckle of the bible belt continues to write about her recent deconversion.  Head over to her blog and lend her some props.  Let her know there’s a community that supports her. Difficulties … This blog has caused me some unforeseen difficulties. I have had many people express gratitude for keeping [Read More...]

What to do with this new toy?

My friend, Brian Sage, who is the most badass web developer alive, just registered the domain Now he just needs ideas for what to do with it.  :)  Any ideas? [Read more...]

Update on the Osteen situation. They lied even worse than we thought.

I’ve added the following update to the post on Joel Osteen and his wife visiting a public elementary school today. From one of the people keeping tabs on the goings on at Amidon-Bowen. I was lied to by the Vice principal. He told me to my face when I asked, “What will be read?” that [Read More...]