Evil in our midst

Mare Lacrimarum, reader/commenter of the site, sent in this touching email and a picture. Big guys can be Evil Little Things too!  Jessica inspired me to finally come out to my family about who I am.  I am proud to support her future education. Thanks Jessica! And thank you too, JT.  Rational voices are heard, [Read More...]

Come lobby with us!

After Michaelyn and I get to Washington DC for the Reason Rally, and after our three-way atheist date at the Smithsonian, she and I will be learning how to lobby congress on Friday, March 23rd along with hundreds of other atheists. You can join in!  It won’t cost you a dime and you’ll get training [Read More...]

Conversations on the road

On the flight from Memphis to Fayetteville on Friday I wound up next to another die hard Razorback fan.  We had a good chat about sports and eventually he asked me… Neighbor on plane:  What brings you back to Arkansas? Me:  I’m giving a talk at U of A. NOP:  What about? Me:  Atheism and [Read More...]

He says "abomination" I hear "absolute success"

Muahahahahahahahahahahaha! A guy in a Jesus hat and waving a bible just interrupted Greg Epstein’s talk by shouting that this is an abomination and that Jesus loves us.  I’m jealous!  Skepticon has never had anything like that. The rest of his yelling was lost beneath a harmony of applause, laughter, and snickering.  Everybody bound together.  [Read More...]

I may get to make some new friends

I’m at my gate waiting to fly off to Reasonfest. There is an elderly man and a young woman across from me talking about working at their respective churches.  I hope I sit next to one of them. I’m wearing my Friendly Neighborhood Atheist hoodie and reading The End of Christianity.  It’ll be a great [Read More...]

Why do I post about atheism so much?

My father has written another good one. Some time ago, my good friend Kevin asked “Why do you post about atheism all the time?” Valid question. I have pondered it at length.  So, for my theist facebook friends, here is why. [Read more...]

Other conversations while traveling

Last weekend I was flying into Kansas City and I sat next to two very engaging people.  It was one of those flights where the conversation was great the entire time. At one point they asked what I did and I told them I was an atheist for a living.  The man proceeded to tell [Read More...]

Conversations while traveling

On the shuttle to the airport yesterday I wound up sitting next to a pastor who told me he admired Christopher Hitchens.  He gave me his card and I may swing by his church sometime. On the plane into St. Louis I was sitting next to a middle school teacher from Memphis.  On our descent [Read More...]

Damn, that's a good feeling

The Susan G. Komen Foundation which recently was willing to cede ground to breast cancer to slake conservatives has changed its mind again.  They’re going to continue to give grant money to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer screening.  w00t! Let’s review what happened here.  Conservatives bullied the Komen Foundation into a decision.  Up until recently, [Read More...]

What the atheist and theist can do together

A friend left this comment on my facebook the other day.  It will get use from me in the future. Here’s the answer is to what theists and atheists can do together: secular work. If you’re really as committed to working together and finding common ground as you claim to be, then you have to [Read More...]