We should be ashamed.

What if you were in a prison cell facing possible execution for saying god didn’t exist?  Wouldn’t you want all the atheists, Christians, Muslims, and who the fuck ever back in the United States to pull out all the stops to try and help?  You bet your ass you would. We got 8,000 signatures on [Read More...]

"Separation of church and state isn't in the Constitution!"

It’s inevitable any time you point out that government endorsement of religion is against the law. It seems to be an instantaneous reaction of those on the right, like screaming when someone shouts “boo!” at them from the shadows: “Show me where the words ‘separation of church and state’ appear in the Constitution!” Let’s sort [Read More...]

The five best atheists

Recently, an article came out naming the author’s picks for the five worst public atheists.  I’d like to counter that with writing about the people who I think are the best public atheists.  These are the ones who I feel should be the public face of atheism, and who we should be the proudest to [Read More...]

When is it enough?

I asked for Christian arguments to tear apart, thinking doing something so familiar might help me square away my brain.  Unexpectedly, this is the first thing I got. JT- Emailing you in response to your latest post, to give you something to think about, and something I’ve been trying to work through in my own [Read More...]

Low-hanging fruit

Whenever I post a rebuttal, friends and fans alike often wonder aloud if I think the arguments to which I’m responding are low-hanging fruit. The answer is simple: yes.  Yes they are.  The arguments made by the theists I respond to are beneath me.  They’re beneath the people reading the blog (who are generally quick [Read More...]

Stop it! You're making me blush.

The religious right constantly tempts me to vanity! Here I am destroying god’s creation with my sinning, and god is so powerless to stop me that he sends swarms of paltry mortals who, incidentally, also can’t stop me. They make me feel so powerful, all for enjoying life.  Think what I could do if I [Read More...]

I miss Christopher Hitchens

Gotta keep working until I can debate half as well as Hitch. [Read more...]


Humans want to be special.  How many of us want to be a movie star as a kid?  Even as adults, we chase fame.  We want to be loved by someone we admire, not someone for whom we feel we’re settling.  We want to feel like our lives are somehow different from our next door [Read More...]

Ownership of your own life

I was stalking looking at Michaelyn’s facebook page the other day.  Under her quotes section she has a quote from me. “The good news is that this life you lucked into is your own, and the only rewards or  punishments, the only real heaven and the only true hell, are the results of your own [Read More...]

FtB podcast #2

Last night PZ Myers, Ashley Miller, Chris Rodda, and myself sat down to talk about education.  Enjoy! For help getting through it: Drink every time Chris Rodda says David Barton Drink every time PZ mocks me for video games Drink every time Ashley and I start laughing apparently unrelated to anything happening in the conversation [Read More...]