Happy day of fertility!

Me:  “Good morning sweetie!  Happy Easter!  I love you!” Michaelyn:  “Glumph.” Me:  “I love you like god so loved the earth that he gave his only be-gotten son…” Michaelyn:  “Really?” Me:  “I’d torture and brutally murder my only son for you!” Michaelyn:  “That’s not ok” And right, she was! Happy Easter everyone!  It’s a day [Read More...]

Signing stuff

Christina and I got asked to sign a bible at American Atheists 2012.  So disrespectful, so irreverent (yet so true…).  Blasphemy is, well, a blast. Thanks to Steve Groesbeck for the pic.  Doesn’t it seem like his pictures are always the ones that retroactively define big conferences? [Read more...]

The woman who continues to mean so much to us

In college there were three blogs I read every single day: Pharyngula, Dispatches from the Culture Wars, and Greta Christina’s Blog.  My father, too, was a big fan of Greta’s.  It was kind of ironic that in defense of the rational Greta seemed to be magic.  It was the only way somebody could say so [Read More...]

The Scarlet Letter

At Skepticon IV I got asked to do an interview for an upcoming documentary: The Scarlet Letter.  They just put out a trailer and it’s looking really good.  I’m flattered to be asked to give my opinions along with the company in this film which includes Richard Carrier, PZ Myers, Dan Barker, Dave Silverman, Greta [Read More...]

Critical thought and kids

Below is a guest post on parenting from sex blogger Kendra Holliday. Where Did I Go Right? My Heathen Daughter by Kendra Holliday, of The Beautiful Kind I didn’t become atheist until I was 12, when I dropped my baby sister headfirst on a hardwood floor and realized that praying wasn’t going to save her [Read More...]

Review of de Botton

Alain de Botton is touring around speaking at various places.  He’ll be at the University of Kansas (where Michaelyn goes to school) this weekend and I hope the atheist communities in and around Lawrence show up to hold his feet to the fire in the Q&A. Anyway, he was in Philadelphia last week where Shaun [Read More...]

Nathalie is back

Nathalie Rothschild, who doesn’t think you should come out for the Reason Rally, got spanked pretty hard after her last salvo both on various blogs and in the comments of the article itself.  Well, she’s back and traipsing along the same lines.  Credit to her for having the moxy to venture out again.  Demerits for [Read More...]

I'm a goat

Atheists live cold, terrible, miserable lives. Michaelyn and the little one are undoubtedly thinking about how this is all meaningless without believing someone rose from the dead 2,000 years ago. The only heavens are the ones we make in this world.  It’s a pity when people lose out on a moment of heaven in this [Read More...]

Nudist revolutionary calendar

Via Maryam Namazie. the Nude Photo Revolutionaries Calendar is being launched in homage to Egyptian atheist, student and blogger Aliaa Magda Elmahdy who posted a nude photo of herself, announcing the post on Twitter under the hashtag, #NudePhotoRevolutionary. Apparently the Muslims powers that be in Egypt didn’t care for Elmahdy’s immodest and openly defiant actions, [Read More...]

Evil in our midst

Mare Lacrimarum, reader/commenter of the site, sent in this touching email and a picture. Big guys can be Evil Little Things too!  Jessica inspired me to finally come out to my family about who I am.  I am proud to support her future education. Thanks Jessica! And thank you too, JT.  Rational voices are heard, [Read More...]