Update on the Osteen situation. They lied even worse than we thought.

I’ve added the following update to the post on Joel Osteen and his wife visiting a public elementary school today. From one of the people keeping tabs on the goings on at Amidon-Bowen. I was lied to by the Vice principal. He told me to my face when I asked, “What will be read?” that [Read More...]

This Beautiful Life, part I

I have a friend from high school, Michele.  We grew up in BibleLand, Arkansas.  Michele went to college there.  She married there and she has lived there her entire life.  She kept the faith.  I did not. Recently she messaged me to tell me that at 31 she had left Christianity. She has now started [Read More...]

Skepticon, always pushing the limits

We all know about Skepticon, the monster in-your-face, take-no-prisoners atheist convention right smack dab in the middle of the bible belt.  It’s the place where people like me, PZ, Greta, and Rick Carrier (look at all those FtBers!) go to haul out the claws and shred anybody who conjures the audacity to look us in [Read More...]

My weekend at the North Texas Secular Student Convention

What a great time this weekend at the North Texas Secular Student Convention!  So much good, I’m going to jump right in. 1.  The organizers This conference ran very smoothly.  It was a great group of students, very personable and tons of fun.  I would love to return to this event next year for the [Read More...]

Happy day of fertility!

Me:  “Good morning sweetie!  Happy Easter!  I love you!” Michaelyn:  “Glumph.” Me:  “I love you like god so loved the earth that he gave his only be-gotten son…” Michaelyn:  “Really?” Me:  “I’d torture and brutally murder my only son for you!” Michaelyn:  “That’s not ok” And right, she was! Happy Easter everyone!  It’s a day [Read More...]

Signing stuff

Christina and I got asked to sign a bible at American Atheists 2012.  So disrespectful, so irreverent (yet so true…).  Blasphemy is, well, a blast. Thanks to Steve Groesbeck for the pic.  Doesn’t it seem like his pictures are always the ones that retroactively define big conferences? [Read more...]

The woman who continues to mean so much to us

In college there were three blogs I read every single day: Pharyngula, Dispatches from the Culture Wars, and Greta Christina’s Blog.  My father, too, was a big fan of Greta’s.  It was kind of ironic that in defense of the rational Greta seemed to be magic.  It was the only way somebody could say so [Read More...]

The Scarlet Letter

At Skepticon IV I got asked to do an interview for an upcoming documentary: The Scarlet Letter.  They just put out a trailer and it’s looking really good.  I’m flattered to be asked to give my opinions along with the company in this film which includes Richard Carrier, PZ Myers, Dan Barker, Dave Silverman, Greta [Read More...]

Critical thought and kids

Below is a guest post on parenting from sex blogger Kendra Holliday. Where Did I Go Right? My Heathen Daughter by Kendra Holliday, of The Beautiful Kind I didn’t become atheist until I was 12, when I dropped my baby sister headfirst on a hardwood floor and realized that praying wasn’t going to save her [Read More...]

Review of de Botton

Alain de Botton is touring around speaking at various places.  He’ll be at the University of Kansas (where Michaelyn goes to school) this weekend and I hope the atheist communities in and around Lawrence show up to hold his feet to the fire in the Q&A. Anyway, he was in Philadelphia last week where Shaun [Read More...]