It Makes Atheists

C’est vrai. Encourage people to read the bible: it makes atheists. Encourage people to read about science: it makes atheists.  Essentially, encourage people to learn. It makes atheists. [Read more...]

Matching Offer For The SSA

As of right now, the SSA’s facebook page has gone from 6.5k likes up to 14,045 likes. This is a valuable currency in the 21st century, which I’ll explain momentarily. Progression so far. Kenny Flagg, a leader with the Freethinkers of The University of North Dakota put this image on the r/atheism subreddit after 1am [Read More...]


The SSA gave FtBlogger Kylie Sturgess an award last year for Best Individual Activist.  Kylie is one thousands of students supported by the Secular Student Alliance.  Now that she is with FtB, and in the wake of the boost to SSA’s popularity this morning, she has written a lovely post giving us some love right [Read More...]

SSA Getting All Teh Loves

The SSA got some love on /r/atheism yesterday. The problem is well on the way to being fixed. w00t! Where we are now: this made the reddit front page, so there are a whole bunch of silly comments in the thread about atheism being a religion. I shall spank them later. The main thing is [Read More...]

Old Pictures Of Troublemaking

Admittedly, I have a bit of a (deserved) reputation as a good-natured troublemaker.  I was going back through some old pics making some last minute tweaks for my webinar tonight when I stumbled upon these images from several years ago. That was a fun and very interesting Sunday morning.  Pics below the fold. [Read more...]

Best Of #ChurchTweet

To recap: Dave Silverman, PZ Myers, and I have decided that the #ChurchTweet trend now belongs to us (#plunder). We are encouraging atheists in church, synagogue, or mosque to tweet their amusements/frustrations and then on Monday I will compile the Best of #ChurchTweet. There were some real gems Sunday. First, let’s see what religious people [Read More...]

#ChurchTweet Reminder

Our piratey atheist hordes have laid claim to the #ChurchTweet trend.  It essentially belongs to us now, though a few rebels remain.  If you are being made to suffer through church/mosque/synagogue, tweet your frustrations/amusing stories. Best of #ChurchTweet gets compiled on Monday.  [Read more...]

David Fitzgerald At Cal-Lutheran

It’s really too bad we won’t be around after 6pm today, because this Tuesday on the Cal-Lutheran campus, David Fitzgerald will be giving a talk about ten lies you’ve heard about Jesus. At least you should have your schedule cleared, just in case this crystal clear prophecy turns out to be false. Seriously, if you [Read More...]

Richard Carrier On The History Of Doomsday

Richard Carrier gave a great talk about the history of apocalyptic prophecy in May at the Rapture Day event in Wichita. Since today is going to be the end of the world…again, I think it’s a good time to share this gem. Y’know…before it’s too late. “…the rainbow shall be seen in the cloud and [Read More...]

It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Tomorrow it all comes to and end.  I wanted to learn how to play the piano, but alas, it isn’t to be. Instead, I’ll just be sowing around in my PJs awaiting the torment god created for failing to do what the brain he gave me is incapable of doing: believing the absurd.  I can [Read More...]