Damn, that's a good feeling

The Susan G. Komen Foundation which recently was willing to cede ground to breast cancer to slake conservatives has changed its mind again.  They’re going to continue to give grant money to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer screening.  w00t! Let’s review what happened here.  Conservatives bullied the Komen Foundation into a decision.  Up until recently, [Read More...]

What the atheist and theist can do together

A friend left this comment on my facebook the other day.  It will get use from me in the future. Here’s the answer is to what theists and atheists can do together: secular work. If you’re really as committed to working together and finding common ground as you claim to be, then you have to [Read More...]

Cranston Found Our Shirts!

Tee hee hee! The Providence Journal has an article out about our Evil Little Thing shirts (buy one to look cool and to put a hero through college). Of course, the commenters in there don’t like it very much.  Don’t we atheists know we’re supposed to be dejected when they call someone who is less [Read More...]

There is a Madness to My Method

A friend of mine from high school has recently abandoned Christianity in favor of atheism.  She messaged me on gchat yesterday to talk about it.  The conversation made me smile.  She told me how now, instead of thanking god, her children thank other people.  No more grace, but completely unprompted her kids will thank the [Read More...]

Bravery Has Its Rewards

A while back I posted an email I got from Allie asking how to be an activist even when you’re afraid.  In the email she talked about wanting to have the atheism talk with her religious parents. I want to be able to ask my Christian parents – my good, kind, loving, amazingly supportive Christian [Read More...]

I Get Email: Religious Family During the Holidays

I received an email the other day detailing a scenario I’m sure several atheists find themselves in during the holidays. Greetings, I’m a 21 year-old college student majoring in pre-veterinary medicine and biology. Because of the wonderful pre-vet program at this particular university, I went there despite it being affiliated with one particular christian denomination. [Read More...]

Catholic League Took Down Their Contact Page

The Catholic League said they wanted to adopt all us sad, miserable, good-for-nothing atheists.  It turns out we wanted to be adopted!  We came to them, eager to participate…and they closed the doors when they saw us approaching. The Catholic League has taken down their Contact Us page.  Click yon link – it’s gone.   [Read More...]

Another Wayward Babe Ripe for Adoption

Jon Willis wants to be adopted so very badly, and he sent the Catholic League a great email (as should you)! Dear sirs, I recently got wind of the “Adopt-an-Atheist” program proposed by Bill Donohue and want to congratulate you on such a wonderful idea! As an atheist activist myself, I’d like to let you [Read More...]

Dear Catholic League

Well look what I found!  It’s a ‘contact us’ form for the Catholic League!  Squee!  And they want to hear information regarding incidents of anti-Catholic bias! Man, can I ever help them out. [Read more...]

Adopt me! Adopt me!

Bill Donohue has a great idea on how to win the culture war: adopt-an-atheist!  Oh, this guy is just a treat. Approximately 80 percent of Americans are Christian, and 96 percent celebrate Christmas. Of the 20 percent who are not Christian, non-believers make up the largest segment, though the number of self-identified atheists is tiny. [Read More...]