From the Vault #2: How Do Atheists Deal With Death?

We scattered my grandmother’s ashes today.  She was a magnificent woman who denied herself better things to save nickels and dimes, yet never hesitated to eagerly dump thousands of dollars on us.  It is to her enduring sense of selflessness for those she cared about that I owe my education.  She was always happy, exceedingly [Read More...]

From the Vault #1: The Perfect Mirror

Since I’m going to be on the road this weekend, you’ll be getting some posts from the vault.  Here’s the first.  We’ve all heard the phrase “there are no atheists in foxholes”.  It’s a condescending set of words telling us that even though there’s no good reason to believe in god, that atheists will be [Read More...]

Coming Out In America

Troir Films is coming out with a documentary about the difficulty atheists in America have coming out of the closet and living as they truly are.  Part of the film will focus specifically on how uniquely difficult life as an atheist teen can be. Looks like I get my fifteen seconds of fame. Coming Out [Read More...]

Be Honest, Even If They Call You A Dick

The following piece was sent to me by an astronomer friend of mine. This past weekend I had an experience I wanted to share with everyone. In the past, I would have simply done so on my own blog, but as I’ve become a public person and my chances of finding and keeping a job [Read More...]

We're still winning

Like boy bands, religion stopped being as prominent in the 21st century.  The most recent Hartford Seminary Study confirms the extension of that trend. American congregations have grown less healthy in the past decade, with fewer people in the pews and aging memberships, according to a new Hartford Seminary study. Specifically… The percentage of congregations [Read More...]

Open Thread: Living Closeted

“When I found out you were an atheist, it didn’t change how I felt about you, it changed how I felt about atheism.” ~ Adam Brown, Atheism Resource/We Are Atheism Religions do not win by playing fair.  They do not win by having better arguments.  In fact, in arguing with religious people you’ll find that [Read More...]

Skepticon IV poster released

Skepticon IV is coming up!  Skepticon is an annual conference in Springfield, MO that is one of the biggest every year.  Last year over 1,000 people attended and this year looks to be even bigger!  They just released this year’s poster and it kicks every ass in the barn. Among the lineup of exceptional speakers [Read More...]

Individuals do make a difference!

My friend Christina recently wrote a post about discrimination in her local area. Last week I stopped at a local Lion’s Choice fast food restaurant (a Franchise in the St. Louis area and Oklahoma) to grab a bite to eat, and saw this:   Churchgoer discount My reaction to this was much like that of Jeff [Read More...]

Skepticon 4, this year with 500% more cute

Skepticon is coming up.  Like last year, the registrations are already through the ceiling, which means if you plan on attending you need to get on the ball. Like last year, it’s in Springfield, MO in the middle of November.  Like last year, it’s going to be one of the biggest events of the year. [Read More...]

We're winning slowly, but surely

We’ve hit a milestone. 29 is the percentage of 1,018 adults polled who say they would like to see organized religion have less influence in the United States. The same percentage would like to see religion have more influence. Another 39 percent are happy with the status quo. The good news: 68% of the United [Read More...]