Carl Sagan Day: The Pale Blue Dot

In honor of Carl Sagan Day, here is my favorite excerpt from the bounty he left us. There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world… The man was a poet. In his honor we shall continue to hold curiosity as a virtue, and [Read More...]

Devil Child

Mark sent this to me on facebook.  I see situations like this daily, it comes with the job. Then, on my 15th birthday (the day that my mum gave me a purity ring and announced that I had become a “wonderful woman of god”) I told my entire family that I was an atheist. The [Read More...]

Atheist Groups Operate Underground

One of the best things about atheism is that we want to play fairly.  We do not win by oppression – we win by making all beliefs equally open to criticism and trusting ours to be the ones standing when the smoke clears.  It’s called playing fair. But the high ups at Baylor University don’t [Read More...]

Rock, Chalk, Ownage

My friend and fitness buddy, Conrad Hudson, posted a note on facebook the other day. Here is an excerpt I just had to share. Was feeling feisty today so stopped to reprimand some street preachers who were giving out information on Jesus under false pretenses. If your message is that good, you shouldn’t have to [Read More...]

Day of Email: Death, Family, and Friends

Again, via facebook. I’m writing a little something about when atheists grieve after a tragedy or loss and they’re inundated with religious comments. A friend of mine is going through this right now, and I was wondering if you had any advice for how to deal with religious comments like “She’s in a better place,” [Read More...]

ACS Controversy: This Is God Damn Unacceptable

I am not generally one to flat out ask people to re-post something. Articles should go viral on their own merit. Let me assure you that Greta Christina’s recent Alternet piece on the continuing American Cancer Society controversy has merit, and it needs to be seen by people. Read it. Share it. Tell others to [Read More...]

Don't Pray For Me

If I had a nickel for every time a Christian asked me, rather pointedly, “What do your parents think of what you do?” Sometimes it’s even a sarcastic, “I bet your parents are so proud of you!” Perhaps this email exchange will answer the question of how my parents feel about my chosen lot in [Read More...]

Best of #ChurchTweet

Welcome back to another installment of the Best of #ChurchTweet! First, this week’s winner in the What Passes For Wisdom In Christianity category is… robynreneeriley – The Pastor just said in his sermon there are things we should stop doing & things we should start doing. #churchtweet Now that’s profound. Your reward is a 55 [Read More...]

#ChurchTweet Reminder

For most of us, being an atheist means getting to spend Sunday morning doing whatever we want.  Whatever it is, contribute your wisdom/thoughts to #ChurchTweet on twitter! If you are one of the unfortunate ones who is still forced to occupy a pew, share your frustrations/insights with the rest of us on #ChurchTwitter! For those [Read More...]

It Makes Atheists

C’est vrai. Encourage people to read the bible: it makes atheists. Encourage people to read about science: it makes atheists.  Essentially, encourage people to learn. It makes atheists. [Read more...]