Berlin grants humanist students a holiday – with the day off and everything!

Berlin has enshrined World Humanist Day as what would pretty much amount to a federal holiday here in the States: Schools in Berlin have recognized World Humanist Day as a holiday on a par with All Saints’ Day, Yom Kippur and Eid al-Fitr. The decision means Berlin pupils who subscribe to humanism — a philosophy [Read More...]

Kirk Cameron thanks atheists for rating ‘Saving Christmas’ worst movie ever

Despite being widely received by critics and the public as simply a terrible movie, Kirk Cameron is trying to spin the negative media around his new movie, Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas, as a positive and would like to thank us godless heathens for all the free attention he’s getting from it. From the Saving Christmas website: To quote Barnum [Read More...]

Austin City Council candidate on her attack ad against ‘self admitted atheist’ opponent

In the run-off race for Austin City Council District 4, religion was the last thing most people thought would be brought up. That was until Laura Pressley released an infographic comparing her and her opponent, Gregorio Casar. The infographic alleges, among roughly a dozen other comparisons, that Gregorio Casar is a “self admitted atheist” while [Read More...]

Austin City Council candidate attacks supposedly ‘self admitted atheist’ opponent

The run-off race for Austin City Council District 4 is probably not something most people, especially outside of Austin, will pay much attention to, including myself. The race is between Laura Pressley and Gregorio Casar. Casar led Pressley with an impressive 39-22 lead in the November 4th election, commencing the run-off that is set to [Read More...]

American Atheists “blessing” the South with some wisdom-bearing billboards.

The American South will be getting a message from American Atheists starting today and running through Dec. 24th: Continuing its tradition of “firebrand-style” billboards at Christmastime, American Atheists launched a new campaign in Bible Belt cities, beginning Monday. The billboards feature a young girl writing a letter to Santa; her letter reads, “Dear Santa, All [Read More...]

Maryland councilwoman declines to be sworn in on bible, is sworn in on the Constitution instead.

Hemant pinged out a councilwoman in Maryland who gave a great quote when swearing in for her new position.  Ordinarily I’d just let it slide since Hemant already saw it, but this is just too good not to blog. Jessica Fitzwater just won a seat on the Frederick County Council in Maryland.  When swearing in for [Read More...]

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, lone nonreligious member of Congress, selected for leadership position

Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) is the only member of Congress that does not claim a religious affiliation. According to a press release on the Congresswoman’s House website, she has been selected as the Chief Deputy Whip, a key position within the minority party’s leadership. The Chief Deputy Whip is the leading aid to the Minority Whip, [Read More...]

US Senate candidate David Alameel thinks blacks and Latinos are “all devout Christians”

David Alameel, the Democratic candidate for US Senate that lost miserably to incumbent Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), said at an election watch party last week that Texas’ blacks and Latinos are “all devout Christians.” Posted on his campaign website, Dr. David Alameel, a dentist by trade and now dentist mogul, called for “an uprising in [Read More...]

Whoever drove a car into the Oklahoma ten commandments monument is an idiot.

I’ve often said that while atheism is the rational conclusion, that is no guarantee that an atheist reached that conclusion rationally or that they will be a good or rational person (the same is true of Christianity, except that it’s not a reasonable conclusion).  Here’s my exhibit A: A controversial monument of the Ten Commandments [Read More...]

Interview with Andrea Desky of the P.A.S.T.A. Foundation.

At Apostacon this year I met a young woman named Andrea Desky,  She gave awesome hugs and was running around all weekend with an expensive-looking camera and a colander on her head.  I found out later that she was the head of a group called the PASTA Foundation which recently got their first blast in [Read More...]