Interview with @MrOzAtheist.

I follow a guy on twitter, as do well over 30,000 other atheists, who goes by the handle @MrOzAtheist.  However, nobody seems to know much about this twitter celebrity from Australia, so I asked him for an interview.  Lucky for me he accepted.  :) [Read more...]

Barna: atheism has shifted to be something the “cool kids are doing.”

Just saw the Barna research on the churchless in America (which doesn’t necessarily mean atheist) from 1993-2013 and this  paragraph caught my attention: Many of these ideas are initiated, promoted and reinforced by celebrity personalities and media exposure. There has arisen a new stratum of anti-religion celebrity apologists that includes Bill Maher, Sam Harris, Richard [Read More...]

GODLESSNESS: Siouxland Freethinkers reading their hate mail.

You want to talk about a group that gets things done in a pretty religious part of an already pretty religious country?  Look no further than the Siouxland Freethinkers: Siouxland Freethinkers was formed in June 2011. Since then SLFT has grown from 11 people in a coffee shop to nearly 700 Facebook members. Along the [Read More...]

GODLESSNESS: Study finds atheists more driven by compassion than theists when it comes to charity.

A new study has found that atheists, when being charitable, are more driven by simple compassion than their religious counterparts: Atheists and agnostics are more driven by compassion to help others than are highly religious people, a new study finds. That doesn’t mean highly religious people don’t give, according to the research to be published in the [Read More...]

GODLESSNESS: Madison, WI becomes the first city to recognize atheists as a protected class!

Here’s some happy news: In what is believed to be a first in the United States, the Common Council of Madison, Wis., has voted to amend the city’s equal opportunities ordinance “to add nonreligion as a protected class.” The legislation adds atheists to the categories of people who could potentially face discrimination. It was co-sponsored [Read More...]

GODLESSNESS: New study shows atheists as mentally healthy as believers.

A new study has shown that atheists are just as mentally healthy as religious folks: Is being a believer beneficial to one’s mental health? That’s the conclusion of much psychological research, which points to both the social support of belonging to a congregation, and the stress-reducing qualities of knowing that a larger force is looking out [Read More...]

HUMOR & GODLESSNESS: MST3K to riff on “God’s Not Dead” at American Atheist Convention.

I know I haven’t said it yet, but I’ll be at the American Atheist Convention in Memphis for like, five days this year.  I’ll be doing a workshop, giving a talk, hosting a panel…it’s going to be a big time and I hope to see some of you there.  :) One of the best parts [Read More...]

ACTIVISM & GODLESSNESS: Purpose-driven life and secularism.

The following is a guest post by Gleb Tsipursky (Co-Founder, President, and Chief Insights Officer at Intentional Insights, a new reason-themed nonprofit devoted to spreading rational thinking strategies to a broad audience). Purpose-Driven Life and Secularism Graphics by: Cerina Gillilan We need religion for a sense of purpose in life, at least according to the vast majority [Read More...]

GODLESSNESS: Liberty Institute lied about the FFRF too. FFRF delivers swift, emotionless metaphorical backhand.

I wrote the other day about how the Liberty Institute named the five most dangerous enemies (their words) to Christianity in the United States.  Rob Boston at Americans United pointed out how their claims about AU (not unlike many of their other claims) weren’t exactly true. Now the FFRF has jumped in as well: It’s [Read More...]

GODLESSNESS: Freethought advocate Avijit Roy has been murdered in Bangladesh.

Dr. Avijit Roy ran the website Mukto-mona, which connected freethinkers and atheists hailing from Bengali and South Asia.  He was also an accomplished author who was recently in Bangladesh celebrating the release of two of his books there: Avijit, a Bangladesh-born engineer, who was living in the United States, rose to prominence with his books on philosophy, [Read More...]