Whoever drove a car into the Oklahoma ten commandments monument is an idiot.

I’ve often said that while atheism is the rational conclusion, that is no guarantee that an atheist reached that conclusion rationally or that they will be a good or rational person (the same is true of Christianity, except that it’s not a reasonable conclusion).  Here’s my exhibit A: A controversial monument of the Ten Commandments [Read More...]

Interview with Andrea Desky of the P.A.S.T.A. Foundation.

At Apostacon this year I met a young woman named Andrea Desky,  She gave awesome hugs and was running around all weekend with an expensive-looking camera and a colander on her head.  I found out later that she was the head of a group called the PASTA Foundation which recently got their first blast in [Read More...]

American Atheists launches #AtheistVoter campaign.

I found a press release in my inbox this morning from American Atheists describing their campaign to get atheists out to vote.  Here are the deets: On Tuesday, American Atheists announced the launch of the #AtheistVoter Campaign, a two-week initiative on social media to encourage atheists, humanists, agnostics, and other non-religious U.S. citizens to voice [Read More...]

El Paso Atheists adopt a highway, receive hate.

Man, even when atheists do good shit it’s not enough for some people.  I saw this tweet about the El Paso Atheists cleaning up a highway (that Jesus was too busy to clean up with his all-powerfulness):   To be clear, the goal of this wasn’t to have atheists say “Oh man, Jesus does exist. [Read More...]

I gave CJ Werleman the benefit of the doubt and it seems he’s determined to blow it.

I don’t regret withholding judgment on CJ.  I think the atheist movement could do with a bit more of that.  However, CJ seems determined to self-destruct.  His apology on facebook read pretty much as “Sam Harris’ fans are unfairly attacking me for things I’m sorry about and won’t do again.”  It’s just weird. And Sam [Read More...]

Psychology Today: Secular societies fare better than religious societies.

We have to defeat secularism or else society will crumble!  Without god all kinds of terrible things will happen!  If we don’t make gays second class citizens and replace arithmetic with the 10 commandments everybody’s going to be miserable!  How can we have a cohesive society if we let women run marrying other women all [Read More...]

A constitutional law student’s take on Scalia’s recent comments on secularism

So while I’m running for office, I’m also a student at the University of North Texas, earning my BA in Political Science with an emphasis in Public Law. This means my focus of study has been on the judicial system and constitutional law. I consider myself very knowledgeable of the Supreme Court and the rulings [Read More...]

Pastor Bob Ripley: pastor (and Christian) no more.

Another member of the clergy project has outed himself.  While a pastor leaving religion is becoming old hat (every reliable poll confirms that the rate of people leaving religion is way higher than the rate of people entering it), and even though Hemant has already covered this, I feel compelled to blog about it to. [Read More...]

CBS rejects FFRF ad on separation of church and state.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation created an ad this year featuring Ron Reagan, son of the former President.  In the ad Ron calls for the separation of church and state and for people to support the FFRF.  The ad has run on youtube and Comedy Central. Recently the FFRF approached CBS about airing the ad. [Read More...]

Vote for the winner of the “Nothing fails like prayer” contest!

After the Greece decision the Freedom From Religion Foundation requested that atheists ask for equal time giving invocations before their local governments.  Well, the entries are in, and there’s money and vacation time on the line: Voting is only open for 72 hours so please vote now! (Voting closes at noon Central Time, Thursday, Sept. [Read More...]