God doesn’t use his powers like he loves us.

Ugh…I’m sick.  And Michaelyn is getting sick too.  So today I’m going to write my zombie article and do some quick hits out of the news and then go back to sleep. In the meantime, here’s this: [Read more...]

Hemant Mehta rocking faces on CNN.

Hemant recently went on CNN to discuss why millennials are leaving the church.  There was an evangelical on the show as well for a counterpoint.  Hemant, as he tends to do in these situations, thrived. [Read more...]

Walker Bristol says atheist conferences kill critical thought. I firmly disagree.

Oh how I hate linking to Chris Stedman’s blog, but sometimes things just can’t be helped.  Walker Bristol has a post up over there expressing his cynicism about atheist conferences. Our movement, centered around critical thinking and challenging dogmatic authority, is grossly quick to defer to the interests and ideas of the powerful and subvert [Read More...]

Daniel Moran endures sickening statements from Rep. Michael Burgess and his church-going followers.

Daniel Moran is an atheist activist down in Texas.  He recently went to an appearance by House Rep. Michael Burgess at a Texas church.  Daniel asked how Burgess would represent atheists, humanists, etc..  Burgess responded that he represents everybody equally.  Daniel then pointed out that Burgess has voted twice to deny humanist chaplains in the [Read More...]

Chris Kluwe to headline American Atheists 2014!

This is awesome! American Atheists revealed details on Wednesday about its 2014 national convention in Salt Lake City, announcing that speakers will include NFL Raiders punter Chris Kluwe, Survivor®: Philippines winner and sex therapist Denise Stapley, and Grammy®-nominated Spin Doctors bass player Mark White. The convention will also feature an art show, workshops, childcare, and [Read More...]

Percentage of atheists in federal prison is even lower than we had thought.

I’ll start off by saying that Hemant Mehta is the straight up shit.  Why do I say that on this occasion? For starters, the “atheists are 0.2% of the prison population” statistic is unreliable.  Even though it gets used everywhere, Hemant caught wise: The 0.2% number has also been cited in book after book after [Read More...]

God’s burning orphanage and the problem of divine hiddenness.

A while back, while I was preparing for a debate, Matt Dillahunty turned me on to a youtube channel called Theoretical Bullshit.  The guy behind the channel is solid, amusing, communicates well, and has produced arguments I’ve never heard before.  You should definitely check him out. [Read more...]

Documentary “Refusing My Religion” coming soon.

At the American Atheist convention this year I was fortunate enough to be interviewed for an upcoming documentary by Michael Dorian and Marc Levine called Refusing My Religion.  The documentary focuses on the Clergy Project and addresses the trend of even ministers becoming convinced that their religion is untrue. Here’s the preview: Yeah, I might [Read More...]

Richard Haynes’ 7 clarifications about “new” atheists.

I’m a little late to the party on this one, but Richard Haynes has a post up with seven important clarifications about the “new” atheists.  I love concise responses that hit all the major points, and Haynes lives up to that standard magnificently. My favorite was: Clarification #4: People do not become atheists because of [Read More...]

How to lose a lawsuit.

There is a Good News Club that meets at the local 4th and 5th grade building here in Mountain Home.  My father called me when he was made aware of it to ask what should be done.  I told him the same thing I tell everybody else in those situations: contact the school and tell [Read More...]