How to lose a lawsuit.

There is a Good News Club that meets at the local 4th and 5th grade building here in Mountain Home.  My father called me when he was made aware of it to ask what should be done.  I told him the same thing I tell everybody else in those situations: contact the school and tell [Read More...]

2013 EVOLVE Award winners.

American Atheists has started an annual tradition.  They are giving out a series of awards called the EVOLVE awards to people who are representing atheists positively.  I think they made spectacular picks. This is what they sent me: American Atheists announced Thursday a new series of annual awards honoring podcasters, musicians, bloggers, and others who [Read More...]

Chris Stedman doesn’t get that conflict is inevitable and necessary.

Chris Stedman has an article in USA Today that, surprise, I find gut wrenching.  It starts with: Last Tuesday, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer interviewed Rebecca Vitsmun, asking her if she “thank(ed) the Lord” for the fact that she lived through a disastrous tornado in Oklahoma. Holding her infant child in her arms, she replied, “I’m [Read More...]

American Atheists to unveil a secular monument to counter ten commandments.

Wow!  Is today ever a red letter day!  I woke up to the story that Michelle Bachmann is history (or would be if ethically dubious people confined to obscurity were “history”).  And then I found a press release from American Atheists in my inbox that just made my day. The Bradford County Courthouse in Florida [Read More...]

Arguing with people makes a difference (156).

This is the 156th such email I have received and will be saving.  Name withheld. Hey JT, I remember trying to argue with you about good Christians vs bad Christians a few years ago. I’ve really done a 180 since that time. I have read your blogs and read your parents posts. I’m coming around [Read More...]

The Perspective Test

Christina here… Here is a method one might employ to determine whether some argument you or someone else is making seems reasonable. This is best applied when thinking about your own perspective or when talking to people who tend to scoff at more logical arguments. It’s what I call The Perspective Test, or the What-if-someone-did-that-to-you? [Read More...]

Atheist in Arizona congress getting it done for non-believers!

Ok, I’m officially a fan of Juan Mendez, a state rep in Arizona.  He got to do the opening prayer for a legislative session recently and this is what he did. An atheist state lawmaker tasked with delivering the opening prayer for this afternoon’s session of the House of Representatives asked that people not bow [Read More...]

I can’t wait to move to Kansas!

Oh man, I’m reading the articles on Reasonfest.  You know how some people say to never read the comments because it’s depressing?  Oh, not me.  These are our opponents. Take this one from the Lawrence paper: More than the defectives calling themselves ‘open-minded’. After all, how open-minded can one be if they deny the existence [Read More...]

Camp Quest Oklahoma fundraiser nixed by Christian business owner.

Camp Quest Oklahoma was running a fundraiser with the help of a restaurant called Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ.  The organizers of CQ OK met with the restaurant a full month ahead of time.  In that meeting, the representatives of the restaurant signed off on this flyer. And it’s not like Camp Quest makes their mission a [Read More...]


I received this message on facebook yesterday from a person I used to get into long religious debates with back when my blog was on xanga. JT – I was perusing my old stomping grounds on Xanga the other day when I came across your old site on there and was reminded of all the [Read More...]