Disproving Evolution – Part 2

[Index of series posts] Continuing the rebuttal of the article,  “9 Scientific Facts Prove that “The Theory of Evolution” is wrong.” I read the next sentence, and I knew it’d consume the whole post. [Read more...]

Disproving Evolution – Part 1

I’m going to spend probably a good deal of posts going through an article, “9 Scientific Facts Prove that “The Theory of Evolution” is wrong.” I’m unclear why “The Theory of Evolution” is in quotes, but sure, okay. Maybe it’s a movie title. It’s a lengthy article, so I may only address a few paragraphs [Read More...]


Over at the AXP blog, a theistic commenter made a post that might qualify as a “wall of text”, in all the implicated glory. I thought I’d go through and add to the wall, but inserting my thoughts as I went along. [Read more...]

Atheism and Stalin

Unless you’ve been living under an atheistic rock, you’ve probably encountered assertions from theists, such as “tens of millions of people were murdered in the name of atheism“, or “atheism is the cause for a hundred million deaths.” I’m going to analyze and address it here, but mostly it’s for another project that I’d like to [Read More...]

Free Will via Word Games

I haven’t hidden the fact that I consider myself a “determinist”, when it comes to free will. It seems to me that the difference between my position, and the “compatibilist”, is largely one of definitions, and we actually essentially hold the same position. What they call “free will” I call deterministic decision making. That’s not [Read More...]

A riddle

Before I head off to a mostly-secular Easter family gathering, I’ll leave you with this, which came across my Facebook feed: It occurred to me that it’s a riddle. How could it be that those who believe don’t need evidence/proof, but those who don’t, no amount of evidence/proof is possible? Because it’s false. If you’re believing [Read More...]

An Agnostic And Atheist Argue About Atheism And Agnosticism

We get into these little debates about atheism vs. agnosticism. They’re annoying, but they seem to suck me right in. This rolled through my Facebook feed: I do see atheism as a religion, me. An active believe in the LACK of a god figure (or equivalent mysticism revolving around the origin of things) is as [Read More...]

Choosing one’s own cap and gown

Generally, when it comes to graduation ceremonies, the males get the black robes, and the females are assigned the white robes. This creates friction with some transgender people. [Read more...]

I’m a Sinner

My local grocery store has a stand where also-local businesses can put their brochures. Most of the brochures are professionally printed, large and colorful. Then, one day, I looked over and saw this small, bland brochure barely peeping over the rim of the shelf. All I could see is “If you died right now do [Read More...]

Evolution destroyed in under 5 minutes: The Ad-Hoc Constraint – Pt 2

Last time I looked at the first three points against evolution, utterly destroying it. Now, we continue. [Read more...]