Arguments against Gay Marriage via Children

I thought we had some interesting (if not frustrating) debate about why the LGBT community generally shouldn’t be allowed to marry. Instead of allowing those discussions to be lost in the endless noise of the Disqus universe, I thought I’d catalog those arguments here (and their rebuttals) in a slightly less endless-noise realm of a [Read More...]

Think of a Color that Doesn’t Exist

I’ve seen this question pop up here and there. My eye twitches, because people often miss an obvious candidate. Magenta. Magenta doesn’t exist. [Read more...]

An Attitude Problem

WWJTD’s current stationed preacher, Larry, in the inevitable digressions of any discussion with a theist, started talking about meaning and purpose. As usual, it’s difficult to even get across what our position tends to be. [Read more...]

Why I Feel Left Out in My Own Party

My name is Daniel Moran. I am the stepfather of an eleven-year-old girl who just celebrated her birthday yesterday. I am a student at the University of North Texas, majoring in Political Science, specializing in Constitutional Law, and currently enrolled in the Pre-Law program. I am the founder of the Secular Student Alliance at UNT [Read More...]

Keep it Classy Erick Erickson

The former CNN contributor had this to say about today’s Supreme Court ruling on Hobby Lobby [Read more...]

The Bachelor Party: ‘Till Undeath Do We Part

David, one of the groomsmen, here. JT and Michaelyn are safely wed, though at great peril. JT had long told us that he wanted his bachelor party to be a low key affair, just him and his closest friends playing board games in a cabin rented for that purpose. And so it was, until an [Read More...]

Philosophy is not Dead

Dishearteningly, I hear frequently from my fellow godless hominids that “philosophy has nothing more to add to learning about the world. Science has taken over“. I don’t agree. Hopefully, it doesn’t take being hit by a car to convince you of this. [Read more...]

Maybe Sex Toys Will Convince You We Need Gun Safety Laws

This may very well be the one commercial to convince you we need stricter laws that regulate the storage of firearms. [Read more...]

A Complete Rebuttal of Presuppositional Apologetics

The following is an exhaustive manifest of topics and subtopics will encompass the sum total of important materials rebutting what is known as “Presuppositional Apologetics”. [Read more...]

It doesn’t alway go down like in God’s Not Dead

Though I think he did mess up – evolution is at theory… and a fact. [Read more...]