An Example of how Scientific Journals are in Trouble

Merely being published in a “science” journal is quickly becoming nothing worth mentioning. Creationists are diluting the concept in the same sense that they create modern “Universities” that have no accreditation. [Read more...]

Naturalistic Regress of Design

Frequently, when discussing topics with Apologists, the topic of whether DNA is designed, or not comes up. It brings up an interesting question about the nature of design itself. What if DNA was designed… but it’s not anymore. [Read more...]

Atheists who were not the cream of the crop

Bored with Christianity, I’ve been poking around Muslim channels, curious as to what they’re saying. I always love the anecdotes where the religious person talks to atheists. This commenter discusses what’s basically a mini textual Muslim Chick tract. [Read more...]

The Qur’an is true. We can all go home now.

Do you know what a mathematical proof is? Typically, they use axioms from Math-world to prove (absolutely) other things in Math-world. This can often be helpful in guiding us in reality, but that’s not precisely what a mathematical proof does. [Read more...]

Mouse Cursor Morality

Over the weekend I became aware of a little multiplayer game called “Cursors”  You move your mouse cursor around, and there’s other peoples’ cursors as well. [Read more...]

The Moral Ineptitude of Children

Can we judge the god character’s morality and justice? As some followup thoughts on Chapter 6 of “The Holiness of God”, I’d like to discuss a better analogy. [Read more...]

The Holiness of God: Chapter 6 – Holy Justice

I should have gone straight to this chapter. Here’s an index of reviewed chapters. I was planning on doing a speed-run through the rest of the book, plucking out interesting bits, but then I started reading the chapter on “Holy Justice”. It’s going to get it’s own post. [Read more...]

Guest post: Helen Stringer on the identity of Oasis.

Helen Stringer is an up-and-comer who you will hear more of in the next few years, mark my words.  She is the founder and leader of Kansas City Oasis, a group for which I have spoken and attended again this last weekend.  Because she is so quickly becoming a go-to voice for atheist community building that [Read More...]

God as a basis of morality – a flowchart

Because I’m on a morality kick, I decided to create a flowchart to encapsulate the unintelligibly of the theistic argument. [Read more...]

Guest post: fundraiser for the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Cory Johnston is a reader, podcaster, and mental health advocate who contacted me about doing a guest post here about a fundraiser he’s doing for the CMHA. ­­When I was around 9 years old, my mother spent some time away from home. I don’t remember anyone actually telling me why. What I do remember is [Read More...]