Judge allows plaintiffs in the Hall County School District lawsuit to remain anonymous.

The American Humanist Association is suing the Hall Count School District over violations of the separation of church and state: Three people in the Hall County School District filed suit against the school district, its Superintendent Will Schofield and Chestatee Principal Suzanne Jarrard on Dec. 1. The humanist association sent a letter on Aug. 12 [Read More...]

Zack Kopplin investigates, finds even more creationism in biology classes in Louisiana than we thought.

Get ready to be depressed. Zack Kopplin ia a fuck-mothering beast.  He does more to fight creationism than just about everybody in this country, and he’s done it again.  He’s been digging in Louisiana to find the extent to which many biology teachers are brazenly including creationism and…it ain’t good.  Some teachers are even including [Read More...]

Valedictorian told he couldn’t speak at graduation because he planned to come out as gay.

A Colorado high school student, Evan Young, was the valedictorian of his class and wanted to come out as gay in his graduation speech at the Twin Peaks Charter Academy High School.  The school refused to let him: A Colorado charter school refused to let a class valedictorian deliver a graduation speech in which he [Read More...]

Teacher suing their own school for proselytizing Christianity.

A Colorado teacher is suing their own school on the grounds that the school exists largely to promote Christianity.  A Colorado teacher is suing his school district claiming the district’s only high school “operates largely to promote the evangelical Christian ideals” of a local church that operates in the school. Ok, no problem.  All the [Read More...]

West Virginia man sues school district for teaching the religion of evolution.

A West Virginia man is suing his child’s school district because they teach evolution which, he asserts, is a religion: “A parent of a Jefferson County student has filed a federal lawsuit against local, state and federal education officials claiming the teaching of evolution, which he says is a religion, violates his child’s Constitutional rights,” reports the Charleston, [Read More...]

Breitbart says Americans United bullied a school by telling a teacher not to distribute bibles during class time.

Oh Breitbart, you are just a peach of a website.  You get the award for the most ridiculous headline ever: Government entities like, say, public schools are forbidden by law from endorsing religion.  That means this headline makes about as much sense as saying, “Police bully bank robbers into halting redistribution of wealth.”  Telling someone they [Read More...]

Judge rules a California school denied kids right to appropriate sex education by having abstinence-only programs.

A judge in California has ruled that abstinence-only education programs don’t adequately provide realistic information about sex.  Duh. A judge in Fresno County, California, has ruled against an abstinence-only sex education program, saying a school district violated state law by failing to provide adequate instruction on sexual health and HIV prevention. Fresno County Superior Court Judge Donald [Read More...]

The devil went down to Georgia to make a teacher say racist things.

A Georgia educator recently made the mistake of ending her school’s graduation ceremony before the valedictorian was allowed to speak: Footage of the event at TNT Academy showed Gordeuk criticizing crowd members after she mistakenly ended the ceremony before the valedictorian made his speech. Hey, no prob.  Mistakes happen.  Easy fix: “Hey guys, my bad. [Read More...]

HIGH SCHOOL & POLITICS: California bill that would remove religious exemptions to vaccine laws advances.

In California if a child is not vaccinated they cannot attend public school.  That makes sense: you wouldn’t be allowed to send a child to school carrying a container of serious, highly infectious diseases, and I don’t see how that concern changes when the child himself is the container.  There is a notable exception though: [Read More...]

FAITH, LAW, & HIGH SCHOOL: Denver school settles with the AHA, ends program that incentivized evangelizing.

Last November I wrote about how a couple Denver-area schools were getting sued by the American Humanist Association for having teachers helping students to Evangelize.  One specific example was with Operation Christmas Child with the SkyView Academy: Many details were left out of this story.  For the fundraisers such as Operation Christmas Child the teachers distributed empty [Read More...]