Alabama House Panel approves of prayer in schools bill.

Let’s face it: public education in Alabama sucks and must be fixed.  So how will the mostly Republican legislator rush to go about that task?  More money allocated for better teachers?  More money for supplies? Or they could take time away from educating children to proselytize to them during school hours.  Yeah, that will do [Read More...]

Lack of faculty adviser should not impede formation of secular club in NC high school.

Hemant has a good write up about what inevitably happens when public school administrators finally consult the school’s attorneys about blocking an atheist club: the attorneys usually tell them there’s no way they’ll win and suddenly the administrators change their tune. Hemant’s piece closes by saying: “For what it’s worth, no faculty member has stepped [Read More...]

Todd Starnes’ newest lie: humanists want to stop aid to starving children.

Todd Starnes is a reporter for Fox News who repeatedly lies to make Christians seem persecuted.  His deceptions are so egregious that even Christian bloggers here at Patheos have ripped him over it.  His most recent outright lie comes from his article “American Humanist Association demands students stop feeding starving kids.”  The very first line [Read More...]

Alabama legislator introduces bill that would require 15 minutes of prayer each school day.

So, Alabama isn’t exactly great when it comes to education.  Yes, the GOP is all about the fetus when it’s in the womb, but after that they’ll begrudgingly help the kid as much as they’re made to.  For instance, Alabama ranks 46th in the nation (probably 47th, since Oregon wasn’t ranked) in teacher quality.  Since [Read More...]

Creationism is Better than Evolution

At least, that’s what at least one 7th grade social studies teacher at the Lakewood Middle School in North Little Rock, Arkansas, has spent three days teaching her class. Want proof? Examine the Power Point that went along with her lecture. It’s full of misrepresentations and bad science. This same school last year was the [Read More...]

California principal of public school tells students their dead classmate can be revived through prayer.

The most capable con artists have a simple formula: find out what a person wants more than anything in the world and promise it to them, even though the con artist cannot deliver.  Most people aren’t gullible on their own, but for many there are some things they want so bad they’ll suspend their ordinary [Read More...]

Establishment Clause Win in Mississippi

Remember those school assemblies in Mississippi that were specifically intended to tell the high school students to accept Jesus into their othwise shallow and meaningless lives? I wrote about the situation when those assemblies happened last spring. In an agreed judgment entered of record Friday, the Rankin County School District administrators admitted that the students’ [Read More...]

Kansas student suspended for wearing a purse.

Ok, last post for today, then I seriously need to get on the road.  A middle school student in Kansas has been suspended for wearing a purse to school: A 13-year-old boy in Kansas was suspended on Wednesday for wearing a Vera Bradley purse — and officials say he can’t come back until he takes [Read More...]

Texas student suspended for tearing pages from his bible.

Isaiah Smith, a Texas high school student, was getting bullied by other Christian students on account of his homosexuality (shocking, right?  There’s that Christianity making people better human beings again).  He was taunted by these students by being told he was going to hell for his sin.  Isaiah had a perfectly reasonable reaction – he [Read More...]

Middle school principal loses his moxy when the bill for breaking the law comes in.

Remember when the principal of Southern Ohio Middle School said of a portrait of Jesus he had hanging in the school: The local school district’s superintendent of schools says he won’t remove the picture with an order from the school board or a judge. He says the display comes from a student’s initiative, which makes [Read More...]