FAITH, HIGH SCHOOL, & LAW: Bible distribution is a widespread problem in Oklahoma schools. The FFRF is putting a stop to it.

I recently wrote about an Oklahoma third grade teacher who handed out bibles to her students.  Would you believe this problem is more widespread in Oklahoma than this single teacher?  I know, get ready. The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter today to Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, who is offering support to Oklahoma schools to “defend religious freedom”—which [Read More...]

FAITH & HIGH SCHOOL: Parent receives threat after complaining of public school bringing in Bible Man.

A parent has contacted the Freedom From Religion Foundation over her son’s public school in Tennessee bringing in a guest speaker named Bible Man (not joking) to evangelize to the students: The Christian-themed superhero character played by Horace Turner has been visiting Grundy County schools for nearly 40 years, but the atheist mom contacted a national [Read More...]

FAITH & HIGH SCHOOL: A depressing science test.

An Ohio student posted this test to reddit after his science teacher showed it to him: Unless the teacher is going for ten total points out of twenty question, I’m amazed these answers are worth half a point (including the one the student left blank). But it paints a picture of one of the primary [Read More...]

FAITH & HIGH SCHOOL: Third grade teacher handed out bibles to her students.

When you’re in a job you’re given certain guidelines for that job.  Often employers leave out the obvious things you should know counting on you to be minimally competent, since they wouldn’t have hired you otherwise.  For instance, if you get a job at Subway they tell you that you must wear gloves while making [Read More...]

HIGH SCHOOL, FAITH, & POLITICS: California advances bill that would remove religious exemptions for vaccinations.

As of right now in California you cannot send unvaccinated children to school, thus endangering the rest of the kids.  Well, unless you’re religious.  Then endanger away.  But that may be coming to an end: California lawmakers on Wednesday advanced a bill that would require schoolchildren in the state to be vaccinated amid impassioned pleas [Read More...]

FAITH & HIGH SCHOOL: Public school nurse refused to treat a student when the student did not recite the pledge of allegiance.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen an article that makes me verbally exclaim “what the fuck?”  Well, we can reset that counter.  A nurse at a Pennsylvania public school has refused to attend to a student because the student didn’t stand and recite the pledge of allegiance: Yesterday, the American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist [Read More...]

FAITH & HIGH SCHOOL: Georgia middle school teacher tells students their parents aren’t real Christians if they support Obama.

Hum dee dum dum, what’s the first article I open say? A Georgia teacher told her middle school students that if their parents support President Obama they aren’t real Christians. Then she wanted the kids to prove their Christianity to her. Wait, what?  Welcome home, me… Nancy Perry is somehow still an employee at Dublin [Read More...]

Choosing one’s own cap and gown

Generally, when it comes to graduation ceremonies, the males get the black robes, and the females are assigned the white robes. This creates friction with some transgender people. [Read more...]

FAITH, HIGH SCHOOL, & LAW: Texas superintendent has a change of heart after receiving a letter from the FFRF.

Just last week I wrote about how Michael Gilbert, the Superintendent of the White Oak School District in Texas, said he wouldn’t be stopping a high school principal from reading scripture over the loudspeaker every day (to read my rebuttals to all this, follow the previous link): He argued that the FFRF should be ignored [Read More...]

FAITH, HIGH SCHOOL, & LAW: Texas superintendent won’t stop bible verses over loudspeaker.

Want to see what it looks like to fail at your job?  Superintendent Michael Gilbert is defiant: he won’t stop the principal of White Oak High School from reading bible verses over the school’s loudspeaker: The superintendent of a Texas school district recently criticized by “Friendly Atheist” Hemant Mehta and the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) for allowing a principal [Read More...]