Pastor: school saying he can’t go pray with football team is trying to turn him into an atheist.

Oh this old argument: if you’re not letting me trot onto a public school ground to evangelize you’re inhibiting my freedom of speech.  Gag me. A Florida chaplain on Thursday accused a secular group of trying to turn him into an atheist because he was no longer allowed to pray with students at high school [Read More...]

Teacher-led religious club at Texas middle school disbanded.

The law is very clear when it comes to school clubs: religious clubs can meet, but the faculty sponsor of the club cannot evangelize within them (just as an atheist teacher couldn’t tell a religious student they were wrong) and most certainly cannot use class time to preach.  A teacher at a Texas middle school [Read More...]

Tennessee Governor declares day of prayer over students.

Tennessee’s Governor, Bill Haslem, has declared a day of prayer over students in Tennessee.  This day was yesterday, when volunteers were urged to go to campuses and pray in order to help education in the state.  Unsurprisingly, today education in the state is exactly the same.  So education wasn’t helped, which I would tell the people [Read More...]

After school shootings, preachers being invited into public school for “comfort.”

Let’s be honest: evangelists know their optimal targets are not content, intelligent adults.  That’s why they go into prisons, or to the bedside of dying people.  It’s why they put so much emphasis on convincing children who cannot yet distinguish between fiction and fact (see belief in Santa Claus).  It’s insidious, but it’s what they [Read More...]

No more teacher-led prayers in Indiana school district. #ThanksFFRF

Another epic win for the FFRF.  They are on a roll: The Madison, Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) contacted the Vigo County School Corporation in Terre Haute last May after receiving a complaint from a parent after teacher Jeffrey Burress at Sarah Scott Middle School allegedly led prayer at an awards banquet. “Any prayers led by [Read More...]

Hilarious censorship by

I wrote the other day about the FFRF’s victory with the Orange County School District in Florida.  Christians wanted to dispense bibles in the school, so atheists won the right to hand out anti-Christian literature (even though we’d prefer all proselytizing be removed from public schools). wrote about it too.  We’ll get to the [Read More...]

Matt Barber twitter two-fer part 1: Public School Pornogogues.

Oh man, my special twitter list is paying some pretty hefty blog dividends.  Got two from Matt “they’re outlawing Christianity” Barber. First up is this gem: Flee from Public School Pornogogues Pronto: Public school pornogogues?  I feel like if that were the case that kids wouldn’t be so pouty about going to school in the [Read More...]

Arizona public charter school using books that say slavery was beneficial to African-Americans.

There is apparently a public school in Arizona giving its history students propaganda rather than textbooks: The nonprofit Americans United for Separation of Church and State is calling out one of the oldest public charter schools in Arizona for using two books from crank and Glenn Beck favorite Cleon Skousen that promote racism and a [Read More...]

SCOTUS refuses to hear appeal of a public school that held graduation in a megachurch.

The Elmbrook School District thought this was a suitable setting for a graduation: At the graduations, students received their diplomas underneath an immense Christian cross. Parents and children sat in pews filled with Bibles and hymnals, “Scribble Cards for God’s Little Lambs” and church promotional cards that asked them whether they “would like to know [Read More...]

South Carolina school board rejects “Teach the controversy” language. w00t!

Victory! South Carolina has forgone a proposal to have students learn “the controversy.” The State Board of Education met on Wednesday to discuss, among several issues, proposed language that required biology students construct scientific arguments that seem to support and seem to discredit Darwinism. Mike Fair was the state senator who introduced the idea (quick, [Read More...]