Public high school student won’t participate in class until ten commandments monument returns.

The superintendent of Harding High School in Marion, OH recently did something really smart: he removed a ten commandments monument from the school.  His reasoning was: According to Superintendent Gary Barber, he had watched other Ohio school districts face legal challenges and wanted “to make sure that [our] resources are directly aligned to our district’s mission and vision [Read More...]

Pastor who bragged online of leading public school students in prayer claims he never led students in prayer.

Two schools in Michigan have been allowing Pastor Russ Gabel of Freewater Experience Ministries to come onto their campuses and run the Freewater club, which is pretty much just him getting time with students (which is against the law, since religious clubs must be student led).  The good news is that after receiving letters warning of [Read More...]

AHA brings a lawsuit against Georgia public school for proselytizing through its sports/band programs.

A public high school in Georgia is about to face a lawsuit after it refused to stop using school programs to spread Christianity: The lawsuit is being brought on behalf of local citizens, including the mother of a child in the school system. Coaches at Chestatee High School have regularly led student football players in [Read More...]

School board which proselytizes during meetings dares the FFRF to sue them. The FFRF has obliged.

After giving them multiple chances to stop breaking the law, the Chino Valley School District is being sued by the Freedom From Religion Foundation: School board meetings open with a prayer, and often include bible readings and proselytizing by board members. Board President James Na injects Christianity into many of his official statements, FFRF’s legal [Read More...]

I love Lucien Greaves and the Temple of Satan.

For those following the situation in Orange County, FL (where public schools allowed groups to distribute bibles and then decided to allow atheists to distribute literature rather than lose a lawsuit), there’s some happy and amusing news courtesy of fellow Patheos blogger Hemant Mehta. The Temple of Satan has filed a formal request to share [Read More...]

Sacramento public school tells a student the law requires him to recite the pledge.

The AHA is about to legally slap a Sacramento public school back into compliance with the law after administrators told one of their students that the law required him to recite the pledge of allegiance: CBS13 first told you about Derek Giardina, 17, who says he’s been given detention and docked points after omitting the reference to [Read More...]

FFRF success: administrator at Hawaii public school makes the right call on church/state separation.

Sometimes school administrators are actually grateful to be made aware of legal violations so they can fix them.  When those administrators receive a notice from the FFRF, they actually work with the FFRF to make sure the law isn’t being broken.  Then religious clubs can still meet, students can still carry their bibles and enjoy [Read More...]

FFRF pushing to end multiple violations in Mt. Vernon school district.

The FFRF has caught wind of an administrator in Texas who is either too ill-informed to do his job or dishonest enough to play dumb.  Either way, he’s breaking the law – as are many of the teachers in his employ. Kaufman said the complaint made four specific charges that will be addressed by the [Read More...]

Next moderator of the Free Church of Scotland: keeping creationism out of science class is “militant atheism.”

The next Moderator of the Free Church of Scotland is a man named David Robertson and boy, is he unhappy with the Scottish Secular Society.  It turns out the SSS sent a petition to Scotland’s education secretary about stopping the teaching of creationism in public schools after it was discovered that a few were doing so. [Read More...]

AHA sues Denver schools over church/state violations after schools continue violations.

The American Humanist Association has issued a lawsuit against two Denver area schools for intermingling church and state with their fundraisers: Many details were left out of this story.  For the fundraisers such as Operation Christmas Child the teachers distributed empty boxes to the students to create and fill for the program. They also helped collect [Read More...]