FAITH: Texas principal reading bible verses over loudspeaker & tips for setting up your case if your rights are being violated.

Hemant has reported on a situation at White Oak High School in Texas.  It seems the principal of the school reads a bible verse over the loudspeaker every morning.  We know this is happening because a student has recorded it happening on three different occasions. It’s a pity a student had to be the one [Read More...]

FAITH & HIGH SCHOOL: American Atheists gets school to end prayer after baseball practice.

American Atheists was tipped off that the head coach and assistant coach of the Leesburg High School baseball team were leading the team in prayer after practice.  They took the right first step – they gave the school an opportunity to end the practice on their own.  And it worked! On February 10, American Atheists’ [Read More...]

FAITH & HIGH SCHOOL: Archbishop wants Catholic school teachers declared “ministers” so he can control their private lives.

Meet Salvatore Cordileone, the archbishop that oversees San Francisco: Archbishop Cordileone has long been a leading opponent of same-sex marriage. In 2008, he was instrumental in placing Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage, on the California ballot. He is also chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage. Given his views [Read More...]

POLITICS & HIGH SCHOOL: Oklahoma Republican wants 10 commandments in History courses.

Yesterday I wrote about the bill in Oklahoma seeking to defund AP history courses for not always supporting American exceptionalism.  In the bill Rep. Dan Fisher provides the standards he wants, as he tries to override the standards academics in American History want: …the bill also requires students to read the Ten Commandments, three speeches [Read More...]

POLITICS & HIGH SCHOOL: Oklahoma GOP trying to eliminate AP History courses.

Those darn experts on the subject of American History have produced a curriculum for AP History classes in Oklahoma that dares to paint America as having imperfections: Since the College Board released a new course framework for U.S. history in October 2012,conservative backlash against the course has grown significantly. The Republican National Committee condemned the course [Read More...]

FAITH & PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Georgia teacher tells child not to listen to atheist parents.

Holy shit.  I just read the Freedom From Religion Foundation‘s most recent press release.  I thought I’d come across some shitty administrations in my time (remember, I used to joust with them for a living), but I’ve never, ever heard of anything like what’s going on in the Emanuel County School System, Swainsboro, GA. The parents [Read More...]

RELIGION & HIGH SCHOOL: Muslims demand a teacher be fired for showing Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

Muslim protesters are demanding a teacher in Washington state be fired after showing some of the cartoons featuring Mohammad to a class in a discussion of current events: A group of Somali Americans gathered outside the Refugee Women’s Alliance(ReWA) on Martin Luther King, Jr. Way to demand the resignation of a teacher who showed the cartoons to [Read More...]

Concerned parents sees Satanic symbol in school bus brake light.

In Cordova, TN a woman is pissed off because the school bus break lights are in the form of a star which, she says, screams Satanism: At least one Mid-South parent is concerned about what she says is a satanic symbol on a school bus. The Cordova, Tennessee parent snapped a photo when she noticed [Read More...]

Public high school student won’t participate in class until ten commandments monument returns.

The superintendent of Harding High School in Marion, OH recently did something really smart: he removed a ten commandments monument from the school.  His reasoning was: According to Superintendent Gary Barber, he had watched other Ohio school districts face legal challenges and wanted “to make sure that [our] resources are directly aligned to our district’s mission and vision [Read More...]

Pastor who bragged online of leading public school students in prayer claims he never led students in prayer.

Two schools in Michigan have been allowing Pastor Russ Gabel of Freewater Experience Ministries to come onto their campuses and run the Freewater club, which is pretty much just him getting time with students (which is against the law, since religious clubs must be student led).  The good news is that after receiving letters warning of [Read More...]