New bible course in Oklahoma public school presents Adam and Eve as historical characters.

Who said that religion, specifically Christianity, has a tendency to make people more ignorant than they otherwise would be and keep them ignorant?  Oh, right, it was me, because it does.  The President of Hobby Lobby decided to design an elective course that high schools could theoretically pick up (theoretically, until they were sued back [Read More...]

High school principal comes out at his school’s pride assembly. Tony Perkins throws tantrum.

A high school principal and former college football player made waves recently when he came out at his school’s pride assembly. Cahall is the school’s principal, and has spoken in front of these very same students countless times before. But he had never given a speech like this before. In fact, he had never spoken [Read More...]

Yearbook pics at Utah high school edited to add more clothing, because shoulders are evil.

Oh Utah… What really kills me is this statement: “We only apologize in the sense that we want to be more consistent with what we`re trying to do in that sense we can help kids better prepare for their future by knowing how to dress appropriately for things,” said Terry E. Shoemaker, who is the [Read More...]

Wyoming is the first state to reject next gen science standards. Why? Global warming.

Wyoming’s state Board of Education just collectively told the world’s scientists, “Sorry, we know the science better than you do.” The Wyoming Board of Education decided recently that the Next Generation Science Standards need more review after questions were raised about the treatment of man-made global warming. Board President Ron Micheli said the review will [Read More...]

Christians don’t get to ban books.

I wrote a piece last month about a brave student who, after Christian parents convinced his school to ban an award-winning book because it had a line about masturbation, began distributing free copies of the book. Shortly thereafter I got wind of another book banning at a school district in Tennessee because the book The Curious [Read More...]

After book is banned to satisfy religious parents, student hands out copies for free.

A school in Idaho caved to religious parents who found a sentence in the book which challenged the notion that masturbation is a sin offensive. Mountain View High school had originally included “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian,” by Sherman Alexie as part of their required reading list, but some parents protested and [Read More...]

Public school paints over bible verse on its walls after FFRF sent them a letter.

In a legal victory for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a public school in West Virginia has decided to paint over a bible verse on their gymnasium’s wall rather than face a lawsuit: “We asked them to take it down,” Pat Law, the superintendent of the Wood County School District, told reporters. “We have to [Read More...]

Florida scraps plans to expand voucher program.

Man, you get a full night’s rest (and then some) and the world just gets brighter and full of joy.  Suddenly there are puppies sleeping with babies, creationists put out over not getting to include their pitch in a science program, and now the Florida state government scrapping a bill to expand their voucher program. [Read More...]

Alabama House Panel approves of prayer in schools bill.

Let’s face it: public education in Alabama sucks and must be fixed.  So how will the mostly Republican legislator rush to go about that task?  More money allocated for better teachers?  More money for supplies? Or they could take time away from educating children to proselytize to them during school hours.  Yeah, that will do [Read More...]

Lack of faculty adviser should not impede formation of secular club in NC high school.

Hemant has a good write up about what inevitably happens when public school administrators finally consult the school’s attorneys about blocking an atheist club: the attorneys usually tell them there’s no way they’ll win and suddenly the administrators change their tune. Hemant’s piece closes by saying: “For what it’s worth, no faculty member has stepped [Read More...]