I knew it

Ok, so we were worried about Joel Osteen visiting a public elementary school.  Like Bradlee Dean, they said they were going to keep it secular.  However, for people who have a vested interest in converting children it’s just a difficult cheese to swallow that they’re going to the school just to pull weeds and read [Read More...]

School bringing in prosperity gospel anti-evolution preacher, Joel Osteen

Why? Why?  Why?  Why?  Why?  Why?  Why?  Why?  Why?  Why!!?? Ok, here’s the deal.  Joel Osteen is headed to DC to pray with some people.  Big whoop.  But beforehand he’s gonna swing by a local elementary.  I got this email from a concerned parent. So in advance of his crusade, he’s coming to the school [Read More...]

You ever get déjà vu?

Via the Christian Post. A Pennsylvania high school is facing a legal battle to keep its monument of the Ten Commandments, which it has had for decades, after an atheist group threatened to sue the school district for violating the separation of church and state. Wait a minute.  Didn’t we already plow this field?  Didn’t [Read More...]

Bradlee Dean is poison to the young, but he has help

Church leaders are fully aware that most converts to Christianity come between the ages of 4-14.  Once kids are past the point of being biologically programmed to reason on their own and to no longer trust adults, it’s much harder to convince them that someone rose from the dead. This is why there are so [Read More...]

Open letter to Cranston West banner committee

Tomorrow the banner committee will decide whether or not to appeal their loss in the case of the Cranston West prayer banner.  I have written them the following open letter. To the banner committee at Cranston West, I’m writing to you primarily in sympathy because I’m aware that you are in a difficult spot.  You [Read More...]

Thanks for bringing your displeasure to my blog

Oh my.  Someone by the name of Benito Ramirez is displeased with Jessica Ahlquist and made his thoughts known on a post I made about her. Never mind that the city of Cranston was founded by Protestants. [Read more...]

Good deeds: the perfect Trojan Horse

Here’s something that’s old hat by now. A global evangelical group that strives to place young missionaries in public schools has sparked concern among some Vancouver teachers who fear the Pais Project volunteers in their school are trying to convert students. Pais apprentices have been working in University Hill secondary for months, offering individual tutoring [Read More...]

The price of trying to break the law

When you lose a court case like the one in Cranston, you get to pay the opposing side’s court costs.  Well that bill just got handed to the school. The Rhode Island Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, which won a lawsuit against the Cranston School District for a religious display at Cranston High [Read More...]

Ahlquist in the NYT

Despite being drowned in documentation we’ve heard Cranston residents all the way to Michael Egnor squirm around whether or not Jessica Ahlquist is being bullied/harassed.  Perhaps they could take a peek at a headline from yesterday’s New York Times. Student Faces Town’s Wrath in Protest Against a Prayer Yeah… [Read more...]

Well Met, Provo Journal!

The Provo Journal ran a story on our Evil Little Thing shirts (that all of you are buying since the profits go to Jessica Ahlquist’s college fund).  I hope to see a bunch of these at the Reason Rally! Also, many of the more disagreeable commenters have scuttled off, leaving a refreshing number of sane, [Read More...]