Anne the legal analyst locking horns with local elementary school on separation case.

Contributor to this blog, Anne Orsi, is doing some activism in Northwest Arkansas.  Here’s the back story. A longtime holiday show, beloved by children, inadvertently sparked a controversy in Little Rock over the separation of church and state. It happened when some teachers at Terry Elementary school sent letters home offering to shuttle first and [Read More...]

School Choir Sings Religious Songs

So, I’ve got my first legal question to answer for WWJTD.   Question: Our children, Chris and Meg, are participating in a choir at school. All the songs in their upcoming recital are religious songs. I want to complain and raise a huge stink, get the media involved, and sue, but my wife, Lois, urges [Read More...]

Kountze cheerleaders cheering in cross tshirts.

Remember yesterday when a frustrated parent sent me the picture of a pro-Jesus sign on the wall of a Kountze district kindergarten? That was followed by another reader who is spying on the “Support Kountze Kids Faith” facebook page who sent me this picture. It was shared to the group by someone saying, “KOUNTZE MIDDLE [Read More...]

I say, that’s not very legal.

There’s a great deal of hullabaloo going on with the Kountze school district down in Texas surrounding the obviously Christian banners the cheerleaders hold up at football games, as well as the community’s vocal insistence that it’s somehow not illegal.  It has the same feel as the Jessica Ahlquist case, where the religious people in [Read More...]

Texas school expanding corporal punishment.

What do places more governed by the ancient tenets of America’s favorite religion look like? Well, like ancient eras worming their way into this one. But when two teenage girls there reportedly suffered bruises after being paddled by male assistant principals, some parents complained. They weren’t upset about the punishment itself, but instead that the [Read More...]

Lack of forethought.

Many students and parents at Cranston High School West , the school once attended by Jessica Ahlquist, were shocked last week to find that the school is nixing the math team, the Academic Decathlon team, and the National Ocean Science Bowl team. When a handful of people got angry, one of the members of the [Read More...]

Thirteen years of hard work means less than a pseudo-curse word.

The Valedictorian of an Oklahoma high school is being denied her diploma.  What crime did she commit?  She had the unrestricted gall to utter a word with a universe of impropriety stuffed into a single, wretched syllable during her graduation speech: “hell.” Kaitlin Nootbaar graduated from Oklahoma’s Prague High School back in May of this [Read More...]

It's cheaper than sex education

Why do we need to place more focus on high schools in the atheism movement?  Because neither collegiates or adults have to put up with shit like this. One Louisiana public school’s no-nonsense approach to preventing teen pregnancy is “in blatant violation of federal law and the U.S. Constitution,” the American Civil Liberties Union says. [Read More...]

Letter update: delay again

Hey gang.  I know this is frustrating. The post is written.  It’s been vetted by legal experts to make sure anybody launching a defamation suit would be laughed out of courts.  I’m waiting on a few more people to give their ok. As soon as I get the thumbs up from them, it goes live. [Read More...]

Letter update: delay

I know, I’m such a tease.  But there are some developments going for which I need more time.  Big post will be up tomorrow.  Sorry guys. Be ready though.  The outcome is…different than what we expected.  The part of his letter bragging about the faculty at the school conspiring against the burgeoning secular club was [Read More...]