Voices Of Sanity

At the meeting to decide whether or not to appeal, there were some voices of sanity.  Here’s Daniel Ciora. “You should not appeal this case because you’re unlikely to win an appeal. Nor should you.” Yup. Then the students. [Read more...]

Two Great Points From Two Great Men

Good points from two of my heroes on the Jessica Ahlquist situation.  The first from Dr. David Burger. Funny how theists are quick to attack Ahlquist with threats of violence. It’s not like she forced the school to take the banner down, a judge did that. She was just the one who asked the judge [Read More...]

Michael Egnor: Champion Of The Faithful

The contents of this post represent the opinions of JT Eberhard, not the Secular Student Alliance. Michael Egnor, Expelled martyr and biology know-nothing, has decided to drop by the blog and grace us with the fruits of his religion of compassion. As you know, there has been a bit of a kerfuffle in Rhode Island where a [Read More...]

Peter G. Palumbo Needs to Get Some Emails (and Voted Out of Office)

The contents of this post are the opinions of JT Eberhard, not the Secular Student Alliance. Up until recently a Rhode Island high school had a prayer hanging in a government building.  When they were asked to take it down the administrators lied about the prayer repeatedly.  While it was being hammered out in court, [Read More...]

Cranston Commenters #8

This post (and all posts on the Cranston Commenters) contains the opinions of JT Eberhard – not the Secular Student Alliance. Someone find me a dump truck full of pacifiers for the commenters in the Providence Journal. harley0011 adds to the cacophony: This state disgusts me more every day. It is rulings like this why [Read More...]

Cranston Commenters #5

They’re like an energizer bunny if he was fueled by obliviousness. SpencerE says: Seperation of Church and State is regarding LAW(read: Iran and a reigious based GOVERNMEMT) and not hanging a prayer in a school. If someone was a true “athiest” why do they even care that the prayer is hanging there? I’m personally agnostic [Read More...]

Cranston Commenters #4

They’re like locusts. From Frankie 4496 we get: Jessica has been used by her parents….They should be ashamed of themselves for exposing their daughter as a renegade. The judge’s decision is also in error and he only shows that he is not friendly to the religions.. What a terrible situation…. She was used by her [Read More...]

Cranston High School Administrators – You Weren't Heroes Then, You're Not Heroes Now

I was sent an article today that I wrote (and forgot about) for Atheism Resource last year.  It was back when Cranston residents were admonishing the banner committee to be heroes by fighting a losing fight. Jessica Ahlquist is a sophomore at Cranston High School West in Rhode Island, where a Christian prayer has been [Read More...]

Cranston Commenters #3

More delightful Christians lining up to have their wrists slapped! Matt D says: Hopefully, Jessica and her family will rid themselves of all those evil pieces of paper in their pockets and wallets that contain the phrase “In God We Trust”. I’m not a religious person and see no issue with it, it’s a piece [Read More...]

Cranston Commenters #2

Onward with comments from the Provo Journal. HeatMiseR says: “The banner has been hanging for 50 years! Who is this girl to come along now and demand it’s removal? Take it down and when she leaves the school put it right back up!!” It was there for fifty years!  And how long had segregation been [Read More...]