Another damn fine holiday card.

I may actually print this out and send it to people: [Read more...]

The arithmetic apologist.

This cracked me up so hard. [Read more...]

Jibbers Crabst.

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. [Read more...]

I’ve found Lucien Greaves’ soul mate.

I’m not one to believe in soul mates…but if there was one out there for Lucien Greaves, the head of the Satantic Temple, I’m pretty sure it’s this young lady: Happy Holidays.  :)   [Read more...]

Obama takes over the Colbert Report, awesomeness ensues.

This is god damn brilliant.  Millions of conservatives gasp in horror at the President for daring to have a sense of humor. The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,The Colbert Report on Facebook,Video Archive [Read more...]

Even demons tremble at his name.

It turns out the presence of Lucien Greaves at the American Atheist conference didn’t resonate well with someone who found the link on my facebook wall. The three exclamation marks tell me she takes this demon business pretty seriously.  It’s a pity: she probably needs the American Atheist conference more than anybody who will be [Read More...]

Jesus & Mo: Speaking in Tongues.

The new Jesus & Mo made me smile. Mo, like so many believers, can be so reasonable when assessing the claims of other religions. [Read more...]

Kirk Cameron’s ‘Saving Christmas’ was so terrible he’s artificially inflating the rating

Kirk Cameron is back in theaters. Before you run away screaming at just the thought of that, it’s worth knowing what people outside of our little commune of godless heathens that just hate God, hate Christmas, and hate Christians (sarcasm) think of his latest… um… film. The LA Times called the movie, dubbed Kirk Cameron’s Saving [Read More...]

It’s all about the gays.

[Read more...]

Evangelical Darth Vader.

Apparently I’m late to this party, but this is just too damn funny not to share. For those who feel the need to cleanse their pallet of the bible verses, here’s a version with Samuel L. Jackson: And here’s Arnold if that didn’t do it for you: [Read more...]