Racism blog touches on atheism.

This made me laugh.  That is all. [Read more...]

Star Wars Call Me Maybe

Hey all you nerds out there…I got u dis. [Read more...]

The best thing about new atheists

I have frequently giggled at the term “new atheists.”  In my eyes, the atheists nowadays are a lot like the atheists of ole, there’s just more of us. Of course, there is one distinction that really tweaks the devout… [Read more...]

Let there be smite!

Maybe we’re too hard on god.  The dude’s got a killer hard job. Think you can fill his shoes?  Here’s your chance to find out. [Read more...]

Hogwarts Express

Seems legit. [Read more...]

Dark Knight reimagined

Here are some videos to get you all pumped for The Dark Knight Rises. [Read more...]

Dr. House on religion

Tell ‘em, Dr. House. [Read more...]

Captain America challenges Todd Stiefel

A while back I made an image in which Captain America challenged Todd Stiefel. Apparently, while I was away in the woods this last week, Todd was getting interviewed for the Humanist Hour podcast when he was interrupted by none other than Captain America throwing down the gauntlet. Captain America challenges Todd Steifel from Triangle [Read More...]

Talk atheisty to me…

A friend of mine has been visiting her deeply conservative family in Florida for the last week.  She texted me the other night to make sure I was still picking her up from the airport. My responses come from the fact that I spent all of yesterday answering texts with my magic 8-ball. Friend:  You’re [Read More...]

Must be god (Blogathon 48/49)

Look, here’s the deal.  I’ve been up for 24.5 hours.  I have the flu.  I doubt I have the cognitive capacity to fart at the moment. I’ve stayed out of the great cat war here on FtB, but if I can throw up a cat picture real quick and then fall asleep, right now it [Read More...]