What my dogs were doing

Christina here… Here is what my dogs were doing when I came home from work today.     That is all. Learn more about Christina and follow her @ziztur.   [Read more...]

Republicans, get in my vagina!

Finally, the Republican party has produced a modicum of honesty! Wait…I’m told this was a joke.  It’s hard to tell sometimes. [Read more...]

Someone thought I was witty!

Rogi, who runs a pro gender queer facebook group, made this from a quote of mine.  I love it.   [Read more...]

I lol'd

lol’d. [Read more...]

Put a caption on this one too

There were a lot of captions submitted for the last pic of me and Matt from out Texas debate.  Someone just put a new one up that also screams for a caption. I can’t tell if it looks like we are about to make out or if he’s telling me not to fuck this up… [Read more...]

Put a caption on this

People are putting pics from the Texas debate up on facebook.  Most of them show me and Matt either looking completely nonplussed or looking bored shitless (with some exceptions).  I’m also pretty sure that if I ever looked over and saw Matt Dillahunty giving me this look that I’d immediately apologize for my hubris and [Read More...]

We ate Neil deGrasse Tyson

Christina here… The other day my friend Sarah had a birthday party, and our friend Ellen brought over this:   [Read more...]

A pic for your amusement

Christina here… Here, I got u dis:     Ashley and I are such SEXUAL PERVERTS… and atheists… and we’ve lied and stolen once or twice, and been drunk once or twice. Hm. I think we fall short on the religious hypocrites part. I guess we’ll have to work on that.   Learn more about [Read More...]

Will the real Romney please stand up

Whoever made this video deserves a medal. [Read more...]

Where's Waldo trailer

This is brilliant. [Read more...]