Jon Stewart on the third debate.

Oh Jon Stewart.  You catch parts of the debate that I missed, and make me wonder how I could’ve glanced over something so obvious. Mitt Romney spent much of the third debate trying to paint a vacuum in leadership…all while agreeing with the President on policies. The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political [Read More...]

Doraleous and Associates.

As an old table-top gamer I have an affinity for fantasy…well…anything.  That’s why when I was first shown the web cartoon Doraleous and Associates I was immediately hooked.  Within a week I had watched every episode and was left salivating for more of them. Behold the first episode when Doraleous sets off in pursuit of [Read More...]

How the debates should go.

Not gonna lie, I’d be ok if the second debate ran like this. [Read more...]

A meme I made.

Lucifer was totally the hero of that one book… [Read more...]

Jesus doesn’t give a damn.

What…the….? Whether it’s a joke or not, I can only imagine two responses from believers. 1.  They’ll love it, because those believers endorse all the things encapsulated by this toy. 2.  They’ll consider it a sad derision of their savior and blame the toy-maker for mocking their religion instead of blaming all the people in [Read More...]

Cranky manager?

Michaelyn sent me this.  Some hotel manager got up on the wrong side of the bed. [Read more...]

How did I not know about Bo Burnham???

How did I not know about Bo Burnham?  I live on the internet!  Why did nobody tell me of this man? [Read more...]

Reddit: sometimes it’s a force for awesome.

IMDB prioritizes actors in films based on the page views those actors get.  Well, when Alexander Rhodes put his IMDB profile on reddit, the readers made him a star. In all fairness, his performance was probably superior to Cruise’s. [Read more...]

Porn getting in the way of my blogging.

So…if you’re ever writing a blog trashing some dude’s ideas, as I am wont to do, don’t run a google image search for “This guy sucks.”  Just don’t do it. Also, avoid google image searches for “Faith sucks” or “Faith blows.” Unless you’re into that stuff…and not at work.  Unless you work at a porn [Read More...]

The JT signal.

Someone on facebook noticed I got tagged in threads with arguments a lot as a means to summon me to the conversation.  That prompted him to make this image, which cracks me the hell up. Sadly, I must ignore most online arguments.  There simply isn’t enough time to combat every crime against rationality, and certainly [Read More...]