That name is already in use.

I post this without any further comment.  None is needed: [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer: gays responsible for Rick Perry’s indictment.

I wasn’t even done having a good ol’ fashioned chuckle at this whole situation when I saw this tweet from Bryan Fischer in my special feed: Funny story about your “credible information,” buddy: no District Attorney indicted Rick Perry.  Perry was indicted by a grand jury.  But that’s just how insidious these gays are!  They [Read More...]

Glenn Beck: if you don’t tune in tonight it could spell the end of America.

Oh man, I’m glad I came across this.  It turns out that Glenn Beck is giving a final warning about…something…tonight!  And if you don’t tune in tonight it could spell the end of America.  That was close.  Why isn’t this being announced everywhere???? Don’t worry, Right Wing Watch and I have your back: Convinced, as [Read More...]

Robin Williams, dead at 63.

Robin Williams has died of apparent suicide.  Robin Williams was a huge part of so many films that made up a huge part of my youth, so I’m finding a load of thoughts running through my mind.  The most prominent is that mental illness, with which Williams always fought (clinical depression and addictive personality) doesn’t [Read More...]

John Oliver on the payday loan industry.

Still waiting for this guy to do something that isn’t bursting with excellence. [Read more...]

The Buddy Pope…Catholic Church has officially killed satire.

I was pointed toward this tweet from the Religion News Service this morning: While Catholics protested the movie Dogma, it seems they’re taking some cues from it now: Satire is dead.  Get your Buddy Pope keychains!  Now who’s up for a miracle? Getting married to another man?  Get ready to burn in hell, buddy.  Don’t [Read More...]

John Oliver on native advertising.

I. Love. This. Show. [Read more...]

Washington Post demolishes Sarah Palin.

Hrm…a post about Sarah Palin.  Do I tag it as “politics” or “humor”? Sarah Palin has a habit of poking the “mainstream media” to appeal to her fan base, which tends to blame a news outlet when Sarah Palin crashes and burns in an interview with them – as she is wont to do. This [Read More...]

Steven Colbert eviscerates Sarah Palin’s new internet channel.

This may be my favorite Colbert clip of all time. The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,The Colbert Report on Facebook,Video Archive It will be such a travesty when he goes to take over The Late Show.  John Oliver is doing a great job though and should inherit Colbert’s throne. Also, even though [Read More...]

Colbert on child immigration.

Having lost its ass on Obamacare and gay rights, the GOP has shifted its focus to immigration.  Last week Obama requested 3.7 billion dollars to augment our border security, presumably to appease the Republicans…and the Republicans in the House shot it down.  Dude just can’t win. But one of the main points of focus right [Read More...]