Jon Stewart on the hypocrisy of Sean Hannity as he “investigates” Spring Break.

The sheer hubris of Hannity as well as the people on his panel.  First, they’re investigating what goes on during Spring Break, which is a list of details nobody is trying to hide (in fact, they’re advertised).  Second, well…the double standards.  You’ll just have to watch: The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision [Read More...]

“Come to me and I will give you rest…for a price.”

My friend Angel sent me this: Which leads one to ask…there’s an Atlanta, TX? Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and not to my competitors for you are potential profit.  It’s like they put the scripture on there to say “See this?  We don’t give a shit about this.” [Read more...]

Glenn Beck rebutted by his own site.

Right Wing Watch has dug up the most gloriously ironic thing I’ve seen in a while.  So the White House’s executive pastry chef (there’s more than one?) is leaving the White House.  He announced his reasoning in a public statement: Mr. Yosses has also been inspired by the White House garden, where he has chosen [Read More...]

Every time Paul Ryan lies, Jon Stewart gets new material.

Paul Ryan knows how video cameras work, right? The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook What got me was even in the fib, when he talked about the kid wanting a lunch in a brown paper bag because that means someone cares about him…does he think a free school [Read More...]

Mayoral candidate in Long Beach uses picture of the wrong city in her mailer.

This has to be one of the more amusing political gaffs in history: The photograph attending a mailer sent out by Bonnie Lowenthal’s campaign earlier this week shows much of what’s good about Long Beach. Above the message/motto “Getting things done in Long Beach” is a city-selling shot of lazy sailboats and other watercraft plying [Read More...]

Colbert gets on O’Reilly for his “There must be downsides to a woman president” episode.

Bill O’Reilly is sure there must be something wrong with having a woman president.  And once he has that conclusion he’s going to go exploring for evidence to support it… Colbert eviscerates him. [Read more...]

Colbert on the difference between angels and balrogs.

This made me laugh. But then Colbert remains a Catholic (a liberal Catholic, but a Catholic none the less).  He obviously understands how silly angels are, so I just do not understand the allegiance to the book and the faith that insists they are real. [Read more...]

Seth Andrews gives us a video that will make you facepalm.

It made me facepalm. [Read more...]

Bo Burnham: a song from god’s perspective.

This is glorious. [Read more...]

Fox News presents “It’s A Wonderful Life”.

Ok, I’m gonna level with you people.  Michaelyn’s finals are next week, which means there’s no school today.  Also a new champ just came out in League of Legends.  This puts me in a remarkably cheery mood (but still very grumpy, because that’s my M.O.).  I’m in the mood to post some happy stuff and [Read More...]