My prosthetic leg is made of Lego bricks

Christina here… As promised last week, here is a video of me making a prosthetic leg out of Lego bricks! I can even almost sort of kind of maybe a little walk on it. Enjoy, my pretties! Learn more about Christina and follow her @ziztur.     [Read more...]

How I feel watching Game of Thrones.

Michaelyn has gotten me hooked on Game of Thrones.  Our dates nowadays consist of getting me caught up (I just finished the first season). This is pretty much how I feel watching it: CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos [Read more...]

Best abstract in the history of science.

When preparing for a debate I have to plow through a good number of peer review articles in the various sciences.  As a layman, the jargon-heavy nature of these articles can pose a problem to me.  This is why abstracts fucking rock. And of all the abstracts I’ve ever read, this one is the greatest: [Read More...]

I don’t even know

Christina here… I’m in a really weird mood today. First I made a prosthetic leg out of Legos, and then I made this (unrelated to Legos*) video.     That is all. *The video about the Legoleg is scheduled for next Wednesday   [Read more...]

Can an angel be purple?

Thank you Married to the Sea. [Read more...]

Best news day ever!

This is the best news day ever.  I feel like the other shoe will drop at any point.  I seriously worry I’m being punked… But, in the meantime… [Read more...]

Homophobes should celebrate the Boy Scouts allowing gay boys.

Christina here… The following guest post has been written by my alter ego, Christina Christianphens, and should not be construed as the actual, non-satirical opinions of me, Christina Stephens: Hello Good homosexuality-opposing Christian parents! I know most of you are furrowing your ever-furrowed brows and pointing your ever-pointy fingers at the Boy Scouts of America, [Read More...]

I don’t condone theft, but…

…it’s really hard for me to blame this kid.  He was bored at church, so he stole his parents car to escape. Desperate times and all… If I had to guess, I’d say he was probably disgusted with the immoral lessons in the stories of Lot and Abraham and decided to could learn more about [Read More...]

Comments on the internet.

I’m very fortunate: I have a hugely intelligent and well-measured commentariat here.  However, back when I was on xanga, and when I’ve contributed elsewhere… It’s funny, actually.  My most well-trafficked talks and posts are often ones that just came together in ten minutes.  A lot of times when I have an hour or two to [Read More...]

Little girl ranting at the referees.

Michaelyn and I are both pretty big college basketball fans (and we’ve both been known to jump on the officials pretty severely for missing calls).  Given my genetic disposition to getting into trouble (if you knew my mom and dad, you’d understand) and our passion for basketball, should Michaelyn and I ever produce a child [Read More...]