Heart of Glory's humble beginnings

At my debate in Michigan there was a piano in the hall.  A member of the University of Michigan SSA videoed me goofing around before the debate. Warning: I miss a chord toward the beginning and NSFW language ensues. Here’s your first peek into the future of Heart of Glory. [Read more...]

Karaoke suggestions

The Secular Student Alliance has hired a new development associate: Jessica Kirsner.  Jessica is in town this week to get some training done so I’m going to drag her to karaoke. What shall I sing?  I’m thinking definitely this, since I’ve had it on repeat all week (much to Michaelyn’s chagrin). What else would you [Read More...]

Tell me what to sing!

Karaoke tonight.  What songs do you guys want to hear? I already have some suggestions from my last post on singing: The Impossible Dream from Man of La Mancha Supertramp – The Logical Song I Believe from The Book of Mormon Stan Rogers – Northwest Passage Stevie Wonder – Superstition Leave suggestions/requests in the comments.  [Read More...]

I sing stuff

Pandeiacomic tweets: @jteberhard hey man! Ok, so I follow your blogging, sushi & what-not – but where do you sing opera on the internet? Also, a lot of the peeps from Alabama wanted to hear clips of me singing (particularly my rendition of Poor Unfortunate Souls from the Little Mermaid).  Welp, here are some clips [Read More...]

Moar Karaoke

Here’s episode five of karaoke outings.  In this video: I Don’t Know How To Love Him – Jesus Christ Superstar (as requested by Greta Christina) I’ve Been – Next to Normal (as requested by someone making an anonymous donation to Donors Choose) Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist – Avenue Q Feed Me! – Little Shop [Read More...]

Karaoke Tonight!

Me and some friends are headed to the karaoke bar tonight. As always, leave requests. If I know them, I’ll do them and put them in the next karaoke vid. Greta has been wanting me to do “I Don’t Know How To Love Him” from Jesus Christ Superstar for a while now. I haven’t done [Read More...]

Sweet Transvestite and Being Judas

Here is the vid from my last two outings. I got in some requests like Long December, Rocky Horror, and Phantom of the Opera. I spent one night pretty much only doing musicals, and the other night everybody else was doing musicals so I followed suit. I’m a baritone, but I like to occasionally play [Read More...]

Karaoke Night

I’m gonna head off to karaoke with my roommates tonight. I will be checking this post as well as my twitter (@jteberhard) for song suggestions.  The suggestions I like best will get recorded and uploaded in a video similar to this one. If you’re a music nerd, I’m a baritone with a performing range of [Read More...]

Feed me!

It’s Saturday.  Nothing in the world is pissing me off too much.  On top of that, I’m feeling pretty good – which is the first time since the incident a few weeks ago.  Self-image is good, and I’m just laying around like an unshowered sow listening to music. So let’s get some conversation going, since [Read More...]

Karaoke excursions episode 1

Had a fun outing with Rose and Andrea. [Read more...]