County Commissionar in Maryland defies judge, plays martyr at the thought of going to jail.

Back in April both Hemant and I wrote pieces about Carroll County (Maryland) Commissioner Robin Bartlett Frazier.  Frazier opened city meetings with sectarian prayers to Jesus.  Some members of the community felt it was inappropriate (including a local Catholic) and the American Humanist Association filed a lawsuit on their behalf, which they won.  Frazier twice [Read More...]

Could gay marriage be coming to Kansas?

Something I failed to note yesterday when I talked about Utah appealing the gay marriage ruling (in favor of equality) to the Supreme Court is how far the 10th circuit court’s ruling applied: Besides Utah, the June 25 decision applies to Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Wyoming, but the circuit court put its ruling [Read More...]

BREAKING: Colorado’s gay marriage ban is gone.

In my last post I wrote that one state per week is a good pace.  It allows us to drink in the shadenfreude of conservative tears. This week’s state is apparently Colorado: A judge in Colorado has struck down the state’s gay marriage ban. District Court Judge C. Scott Crabtree on Wednesday ruled the 2006 [Read More...]

Democrats propose bill that would reverse the Hobby Lobby decision.

Senate Democrats have drafted a bill that, if passed, would effectively reverse the Supreme Court ruling in the Hobby Lobby case and require owners of closely held businesses to provide birth control as part of health care coverage. Democrats on Wednesday, however, charged that the Supreme Court misinterpreted the law. The RFRA, Sen. Barbara Boxer, [Read More...]

Conversation: Utah appealing gay marriage ruling to the Supreme Court.

It’s just been announced that Utah will appeal its gay marriage defeat to the Supreme Court.  I’m excited and trepidatious.  The SCOTUS ruled in favor of equality for gays in striking down Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  Kennedy has shown he’s willing to throw in with gays in terms of equality, but after the Hobby Lobby [Read More...]

City of Rowlett denying atheists chance to give invocation.

After the SCOTUS ruled in Town of Greece v. Galloway that invocations before government meetings were constitutional provided they don’t discriminate, the Freedom From Religion Foundation announced an award for which atheist signed up and gave the best one.  The Metroplex Atheists in Texas signed up to give a secular invocation in the city of [Read More...]

Massachusetts lawmakers still committed to protecting women seeking abortions.

A while back the state of Massachusetts implemented a 35-foot buffer zone outside of abortion clinics to keep women free from harassment.  In McCullen v. Coakley the SCOTUS ruled the zone unconstitutional, which I actually agree with.  Protest is important.  Several times in my life I have protested churches, and I don’t want a buffer [Read More...]

The Hobby Lobby ruling gets worse and worse.

Immediately after the SCOTUS ruling on Hobby Lobby other religious organizations decided to see what laws they could get exempt from on religious grounds.  First up is non-discrimination laws: Fourteen prominent faith leaders — including some of President Obama’s closest advisers — want the White House to create a religious exemption from his planned executive [Read More...]

Louisiana sheriff organizing rally to oppose church-state separation.

Just add in enough Jesus and you can have a sheriff who couldn’t care less about the law. According to the Shreveport Times, Sheriff Julian Whittington and his supporters are holding a rally on Friday, July 4 to celebrate the Christian faith in “food, music, fun and prayer.” This will be the second “In God [Read More...]

Good news from the Supreme Court that got lost in the chaos yesterday.

During the Hobby Lobby hullabaloo yesterday there was actually a couple pieces of really good news coming out of the Supreme Court that were obscured by the maelstrom.  First, California’s bill that banned gay-conversion therapy on people under 18, had made it up to the Supreme Court.  Yesterday the Court declined to hear it. The [Read More...]