Can we expect legal action on the $18 million tax break Kentucky just gave Ken Ham’s ministry?

The internet is rightly abuzz with the state of Kentucky giving an $18 million tax break to Answers in Genesis (which is bad grammar, they have only one answer, “god,” and even that isn’t really an answer).  Patheos’ own Dan Arel has already covered this brilliantly, but here’s the short version (<—this whole article is [Read More...]

Texas court rules you can’t absolve your children of education for religious reasons.

This is a big win for Americans United as well as for children everywhere in Texas: Texas families do not have a religious freedom right to home-school absolutely free of any regulation, a state court of appeals ruled last week. The decision is a setback for Michael and Laura McIntyre, who removed their nine children [Read More...]

Andrew Seidel on ending Christian privilege.

The FFRF is on a roll lately, and one of their attorneys, Andrew Seidel, just wrote a spectacular piece about how Fox News treats Christian privilege.  The FFRF just won another big victory, this time forcing the Navy to remove bibles from guest rooms at naval hotels.  Of course, Fox News thinks this is a [Read More...]

BREAKING: 4th Circuit denies stay in marriage equality ruling. Marriage equality could come to multiple states.

Hot damn!  This is great. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit today denied a request to delay implementation of its ruling striking down Virginia laws denying marriage to same-sex couples.  The court’s action means that, unless the Supreme Court intervenes, couples may begin marrying and having their out-of-state marriages recognized in Virginia [Read More...]

In 1968 a restaurant owner went before the SCOTUS to say racial discrimination was ok because of religion.

It’s relevant to know, for all of us fighting for gay rights, that in 1968 a South Carolina restaurant owner did argue before the SCOTUS that he shouldn’t have to serve black people on account of his religious beliefs.  The man was Maurice Bessinger who owned Piggie Park BBQ. The attorney representing the petitioners suing Piggie [Read More...]

BREAKING: Marriage equality winning streak snapped, TN state judge rules marriage ban ok.

It had to happen eventually.  After a long string of victories from appointees from each recent President, conservative and liberal alike, one judge in Tennessee has placed his personal beliefs over clear legal precedent (and equality for that matter).  And he did it for about the dumbest conceivable reason (religion aside): Circuit Court Judge Russell [Read More...]

Mary’s Diner may start the praying in public discount back up (includes poll that needs crushing).

Lately the internet has been abuzz with the story of the North Carolina diner that was offering people a 15% discount for praying in public.  I say “was” because the Freedom From Religion Foundation pointed out to them that this was discrimination.  You can’t charge people more based on their religious position.  It’s against the law, [Read More...]

Fourth consecutive county judge in Florida rules state ban unconstitutional.

Unlike other states, many of Florida’s lawsuits challenging the state’s gay marriage ban were filed in county courts.  That means the decisions in some of those cases are only binding to the county until they’re appealed to the state.  The good news is that the pro-equality crowd has won every suit that’s been ruled on, [Read More...]

UPDATE: Big gay marriage case to be decided in the 6th Circuit today.

The appeal of Michigan’s pro-marriage equality ruling will be decided today in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals today.  This ruling will hold jurisdiction over four states: Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio.  Tennessee and Kentucky won’t be happy if the legal winning streak of pro-equality advocates continues. On Wednesday, the historic civil rights case that [Read More...]

BREAKING: federal judge blocks Alabama law restricting access to abortion.

This is a huge victory for Planned Parenthood, which filed a lawsuit last year after a law was passed that would require abortion clinics to have admitting privileges to a hospital.  Everybody knew the actual reason: the restriction would cause three of the state’s five clinics to shut down.  The reason given for the law [Read More...]