BREAKING: Alaska Supreme Court rules same-sex partners entitled to survivor benefits.

Because of the ban on same-sex marriage in Alaska, the surviving partner in same-sex couples were not entitled to survivor benefits.  The state’s Supreme Court just ruled unanimously that this is unconstitutional: The Alaska Supreme Court today ruled unanimously that the same-sex partner of a person killed on the job should have access to the [Read More...]

Mayor being sued by the FFRF compares atheists to Nazis and the KKK.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is back at, this time they’re suing Jim Fouts, the mayor of Warren, MI, for allowing Christian groups to dispense literature in the City Hall building, but denying atheists who wish to do the same: The American Civil Liberties Union in Michigan and two secular groups are suing the city [Read More...]

No more teacher-led prayers in Indiana school district. #ThanksFFRF

Another epic win for the FFRF.  They are on a roll: The Madison, Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) contacted the Vigo County School Corporation in Terre Haute last May after receiving a complaint from a parent after teacher Jeffrey Burress at Sarah Scott Middle School allegedly led prayer at an awards banquet. “Any prayers led by [Read More...]

IRS settles with the FFRF, agrees to start cracking down on churches that play politics.

This is a huge win for the FFRF! The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has reached a settlement with a prominent atheist organization, agreeing to crack down churches and religious groups for infringements of its prohibition against  ‘electioneering.’ As previously reported, the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF), headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, sued the IRS in 2012, [Read More...]

Bryan Fischer is not happy about Obama’s equality order.

Bryan Fischer took to twitter to express his outrage about Obama’s anti-discrimination order which prohibits companies that work for the federal government from discriminating against gay people.  Apparently if you don’t let Christians discriminate against gay people, you’re oppressing the Christians. Sexual deviancy?  Deviant in regards to what?  How Bryan Fischer thinks people should have [Read More...]

Family Research Council not happy with Obama’s anti-discrimination order.

I’ll just post the FRC’s press release about the executive order Obama signed today forbidding companies who work for the federal government from discriminating against LGBT people.  My thoughts, as I read the release are in red: Today, President Obama issued an Executive Order mandating that all federal contractors and subcontractors grant special treatment to [Read More...]

Hilarious censorship by

I wrote the other day about the FFRF’s victory with the Orange County School District in Florida.  Christians wanted to dispense bibles in the school, so atheists won the right to hand out anti-Christian literature (even though we’d prefer all proselytizing be removed from public schools). wrote about it too.  We’ll get to the [Read More...]

BREAKING: Federal court rules Oklahoma’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional.

In January a district judge in Oklahoma ruled that Oklahoma’s gay marriage ban ran afoul of the Constitution (with a spectacularly worded ruling).  The state appealed, and yet another federal judge (what is this, 19 in a row?) has ruled that the state’s ban on gay marriage is incompatible with a Constitution that calls for [Read More...]

BREAKING: Florida’s gay marriage ban falls.

Yet another falls. A judge in the Florida Keys has overturned the state’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage after a legal challenge by six gay couples said it effectively made them second-class citizens. The ruling was issued Thursday by Circuit Judge Luis M. Garcia and applies only to Monroe County, which covers the Keys. The [Read More...]

This week’s edition of “Be careful what you wish for,” brought to you by the FFRF.

When I read the first sentence of this release I was ready to be all sad: Judge Kendall Sharp of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida has dismissed FFRF’s free speech case against the Orange County School District… God dammit!  Why? …because the district has agreed to let FFRF distribute all [Read More...]