Teacher suing their own school for proselytizing Christianity.

A Colorado teacher is suing their own school on the grounds that the school exists largely to promote Christianity.  A Colorado teacher is suing his school district claiming the district’s only high school “operates largely to promote the evangelical Christian ideals” of a local church that operates in the school. Ok, no problem.  All the [Read More...]

West Virginia man sues school district for teaching the religion of evolution.

A West Virginia man is suing his child’s school district because they teach evolution which, he asserts, is a religion: “A parent of a Jefferson County student has filed a federal lawsuit against local, state and federal education officials claiming the teaching of evolution, which he says is a religion, violates his child’s Constitutional rights,” reports the Charleston, [Read More...]

Notre Dame loses its challenge to the contraception mandate in the 7th Circuit.

Notre Dame has lost its challenge to the contraception mandate as part of the Affordable Care Act.  The 7th Circuit has ruled that the compromise in which insurers administrate contraceptive coverage goes far enough to address Notre Dame’s religious concerns: A federal court again denied the University of Notre Dame’s challenge to the health law’s contraception [Read More...]

Chairman of Lincoln County BoC won’t let non-Christians pray, wonders what the big deal is with minorities.

The chairman of the Lincoln County board of commissioners in North Carolina recently found out that a federal judge had ruled against the county.  It turns out they were using government time to issue sectarian prayers, inviting people to know Jesus, and blocking out any other religion that wanted to be represented.  Carrol Mitchem, the [Read More...]

Nebraska woman has filed a lawsuit against all homosexuals.

A Nebraska woman has filed a lawsuit against all homosexuals.  Not joking: A Nebraska woman identifying herself as the “ambassador” for plaintiffs “God and His Son, Jesus Christ,” is suing all homosexuals on Earth for breaking “religious and moral laws,” according to court records filed Tuesday. Ladies and gentlemen, we have the plot for God’s [Read More...]

SCOTUS: You can contribute to politicians’ campaigns all you want, but not to judges’ campaigns.

The same court that gave us Citizens United now thinks ludicrously high campaign donations could constitute a conflict of interest: A Supreme Court that has given the green light to unlimited spending in political campaigns ruled Wednesday that judicial candidates don’t always have the same right to solicit contributions as other politicians. The justices ruled [Read More...]

Anti-gay side tells the SCOTUS we can’t alter the definition of marriage. We can, we should, and Clarence Thomas should know it.

Today the Supreme Court heard oral arguments for its first same-sex marriage case.  Justice Kennedy, widely believed to be the swing vote on this case, expressed reluctance to alter a definition that has been with us through millenia: Justice Anthony M. Kennedy said he was concerned about changing a conception of marriage that has persisted for [Read More...]

FAITH, LAW, & HIGH SCHOOL: Denver school settles with the AHA, ends program that incentivized evangelizing.

Last November I wrote about how a couple Denver-area schools were getting sued by the American Humanist Association for having teachers helping students to Evangelize.  One specific example was with Operation Christmas Child with the SkyView Academy: Many details were left out of this story.  For the fundraisers such as Operation Christmas Child the teachers distributed empty [Read More...]

FAITH, HIGH SCHOOL, & LAW: Bible distribution is a widespread problem in Oklahoma schools. The FFRF is putting a stop to it.

I recently wrote about an Oklahoma third grade teacher who handed out bibles to her students.  Would you believe this problem is more widespread in Oklahoma than this single teacher?  I know, get ready. The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter today to Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, who is offering support to Oklahoma schools to “defend religious freedom”—which [Read More...]

FAITH, LAW, & POLITICS: Canada’s Supreme Court rules no prayers before government meetings.

Back in 2011 a man sued  the town of Simoneau in Quebec over the town reciting explicitly Catholic prayers before city council meetings.  He was victorious in his efforts: In 2011, Quebec’s human rights tribunal ordered an end to prayers, demanded that a crucifix in the city council chamber be removed and awarded damages to Simoneau. [Read More...]