Blogging mental illness: another sleepless night.

I didn’t sleep last night (so I apologize for what’s sure to be a myriad of typos), but I did get to see the sunrise.  It’s Kansas, so the only silver lining was in my head, but at least it was there.  Mostly it looks like a sunset, just muggier. I’d like to think I [Read More...]

Blogging mental illness: made the call.

Just did the intake call with a local clinic.  It was going well until we got to the questions about self-harm, at which point I was reminded of the first time I ever admitted to a doctor that I was having thoughts of self-harm.  I’m not having any such thoughts right now, but when asked [Read More...]

Blogging mental illness: back into therapy.

So…the last week has been rough for me.  My ordinarily firm grip on my mental state has slipped considerably.  I haven’t hallucinated, but leaving the house has been hard and it seems like everything triggers a depressive episode regardless of how fanatical I get about controlling my environment. During this time I’ve done all the [Read More...]

How “Thinspo” negatively effects self-esteem and self-perception

Christina here… Remember me! Sorry I don’t post here much anymore. I haven’t for reasons, but I’m posting now. Something on social media sites has been bugging me for awhile – Thinspo, or Thinspiration. So I made a video about it using my own body to highlight how easy it is to distort one’s appearance [Read More...]

Bus driver who said New Testament stopped bullets in gang attack staged the whole thing.

A while back the nation was briefly in love with the story of a Dayton bus driver.  Rickey Wagoner was reportedly shot at by gang members, with two of the bullets being stopped by a copy of the New Testament in his chest pocket.  Clearly, we were told (repeatedly), it was a miracle. Except after [Read More...]

Natural News…another group co-opting the Elliot Rodger tragedy for their cause.

The loathsome website Natural News has put out an article saying it wasn’t psychological problems that cause Elliot Rodger to go on a mass murdering spree, but rather the anti-psychotics he was taking: Time after time, mass murderers are found to have been taking psychiatric drugs Elliot Rodger now joins a long and ever-expanding list [Read More...]

Elliot Rodger was mentally ill. That conversation needs to take place.

There is a debate going on as to whether or not Elliot Rodger, the man who recently went on a killing spree in California, was mentally ill or if he was sane and driven by sexism.  Because mental illness is important to me, I feel the need to weigh in. Jaclyn Glenn put out a [Read More...]

Pro gamer who attempted suicide recovering and has realized he wants to live.

Back in March I wrote about one of the first major tragedies to hit professional gaming.  A young professional Korean team was essentially scammed out of their dreams and one of their players, identified by his gamer handle “Promise”, attempted to commit suicide by jumping from a twelve-story building. It’s two and a half months [Read More...]

The rest of my thoughts on Andrea Yates.

In talks I have often cited Andrea Yates, one of many women to have killed her children because god supposedly told her to do so.  I’ve done this to draw a parallel: Christians think Abraham was noble for obeying the voices he heard commanding him to commit filicide, but they think Andrea Yates was insane. [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: for every villain, a thousand heroes.

In the wake of professional League of Legends player Promise fallen victim to a fraud that could have (and may have) destroyed his career and his attempt to take his own life, the League of Legends community has swiftly pulled together. NA analyst and coach of Counterlogic Gaming, MonteCristo, is friends with representatives of AHQ [Read More...]